Russian dealers clean up the remains of the great wall

Российские дилеры подчищают остатки Great Wall crossovers

Today, Russian auto dealers of the Chinese brand Great Wall have practically no ready-made off-road vehicles of this brand. And the point is not that they disperse like hotcakes, just the opposite. It’s just that the Chinese stopped supplying them to us, as it turned out, back in December last year, and both finished cars and vehicle sets for their local assembly.

In order for everyone to know about the withdrawal of the car brand from the Russian market, it is required, at a minimum, an official statement to this effect Great Wall manualshowever, no such statements were made. It means that the Chinese office itself is not going to leave us. General Motors at one time decided this question literally in a matter of days and left our car market without much drama. Therefore, if the Chinese wanted to leave, they would leave in the same way. What is the problem? And the problem, most likely, lies in the fact that the Chinese and the Russian importer, the company Irito, did not share something. Российские дилеры подчищают остатки Great Wall crossovers Straight from the Middle Kingdom to us already ready to deliver only the model Great Wall M4, and other models - Great Wall H3, H5 and H6, as well pickup Great Wall Wingle collected locally from the supplied vehicle sets. Irito in the Lipetsk region has its own assembly plant, but for a year nothing has been supplied to it from Chinese business partners. This cannot be called a good partnership, which means that a significant crisis has ripened in the relations of the Russian importer with the Chinese.

Probably, the root of evil must be sought in the fact that the Chinese did not make any price discounts, although the economic crisis should have forced them to go for it. Yes, and dealers were stingy with discounts. In addition, the Chinese, bypassing Irito, brought a sub-brand of Haval to our car market and started building a plant for assembling this brand's off-road vehicles. Российские дилеры подчищают остатки Great Wall crossovers On direct questions about further work in Russia, representatives of the Great Wall eloquently kept silent. Most likely, they will not leave, they did not come, but they will definitely replace their Russian partner.

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By the way, in January-November of the current year, Russians bought only 3,149 Great Wall crossovers. This is a landslide value for the brand. In 2014, these machines were purchased by almost eighty percent more. In November, the Russians bought seventy cars altogether, which is one thousand one hundred less than last November.

It is also worth saying that some of the Haval models are the "reincarnation" of the Great Wall under a different name. For example, Haval H8which strongly resembles Great Wall H6however, the price is twice as high. And very soon Hawale will bring three more models to us.