The best cheap car with good sound quality


It is important to correctly choose your own audio system for the car, so that it satisfies the sound quality and fits into the available budget.

budget recorders in the car

Budget car with good sound

Некоторые забывают, что просто покупка дорогой автомагнитолы – мало для получения великолепного звучания. Магнитола выступает только частью всей аудиосистемы, которая в итоге формирует звучание, чистоту звука и прочие характеристики. Потому, помимо хорошей магнитолы, вам необходимы соответствующие колонки, акустическая система, надёжная проводка и грамотное подключение.Читать далее о бюджетных магнитолах с хорошим звуком-->

But you need to start small. We bring to your attention the rating of budget tape recorders, which, although they are quite cheap, can offer a decent sound with an appropriate connection.

Rating Representatives

Choosing a cheap audio system, you should understand that you can not meet their expectations. Because the best quality audio system can cost little by definition. But in combination with good acoustics, your inexpensive audio tape recorder can demonstrate a decent level of sound.

Build quality, functionality and sound shaping characteristics are key when we choose low-cost car radios. Therefore, it is better to trust trusted manufacturers and models that have gained popularity and positive consumer reviews.

Among the companies that produce devices with good sound, we include:

  • Mystery;
  • Alpine;
  • Pioneer;
  • Sony;
  • Supra;
  • Kenwood;

Now let's go through the models that deserve their place in our top. The rating took into account the main characteristics and reasonable price. On average, devices cost from 2.2 to 3 thousand rubles. The exception was one device, representing a full-fledged multimedia center.


cassette player supra sfd-108u

Low cost for radio with good sound and bass

The rating is opened by a rather interesting model from the Supra company, which is among the budget ones, since such a radio tape recorder costs about 2,000 rubles.

It's amazing that for that kind of money you get great sound, tight bass. One of the best budget tape recorder with a maximum power of 4x50 watts.

There are certain drawbacks when playing the upper ranges of sound, where there is a decrease in quality. But at the same time, the device has an attractive design, reliable and slightly tough buttons. However, many noted the convenient rotary encoder.

If we talk about the functional, it is quite simple here. But there was hardly anyone else for that kind of money. In addition, all the additional functionality is rarely used among motorists, and there are more than enough available functions.

With a very limited budget, but if you want to get the highest quality sound, choose this device from Supra.


radio cdx-gt575ue

Interesting tape recorder from Sony

Interesting tape recorder manufactured by Sony. The functionality is much wider than the previous version, it reads formats of CD and MP3 media. The display is equipped with a dynamic light illumination.

It is noteworthy that the radio supports work through applications for the iPhone, simplifying playback and inclusion of audio tracks available on the smartphone. Effectively catches radio stations.

It looks outwardly stylish, attractive and modern. If you compare the appearance and close your eyes to the price, it seems that in front of you is one of the expensive tape recorder Sony. But no, the device costs about 2.5 thousand rubles.

As for the sound quality, only people with professional good hearing can have complaints about it. Especially great on such a tape recorder sound guitar compositions and basses.

Dee-Squeeze 00 Wii

cassette player l dehx 3500 ui

Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% One of the advantages of this radio - clear sound

The device from the company Pioneer sample 2013 model year. An important advantage of the device is excellent sound. Built-in amplifier allows you to get a sound with power indicators 4x50 watts. You can also connect an external amplifier if you want to create a new level of music in your car.

To play using CDs, connects the smartphone, regardless of the operating system. The screen displays information large and clear, the interface is simple and accessible even to beginners.

Unlike many competitors, this radio is completely Russified, because it does not work so that some of the information is displayed in Russian, and the other in English or other untranslatable language.


Radio with great sound quality

This tape recorder with excellent sound quality has already been taken out of production, but you can still find it. Here is the result of the work of the Alpine company, released in 2013.

The device is easy to manage, has a clear interface, a fairly rich set of really useful functionality.

A distinctive feature of the radio model is a high-precision equalizer, with which real music lovers can adjust the sound to suit their needs or preferences.

USB ports connect flash drives and other media to play music. But one serious drawback makes you put the radio in the last contenders for leadership in the ranking. The fact is that the radio does not support connection with a smartphone.


autogamma mystery mdd-6240S

Mystery radio cassette player, supplemented by a TV tuner

The device from the company Mystery, supplemented by a TV tuner. If you need this additional functionality, but you do not want to spend a lot of money on the purchase of a car radio, then the Mystery brainchild will be the best choice.

The device is equipped with a 6.2-inch widescreen touchscreen. There are no complaints about the quality of the picture. The controls are simple, accessible and intuitive. Sound tuning is carried out using a four-band equalizer.

Also, the system is supplemented with an input for connecting a rear-view camera, buttons with variable multicolor backlighting, and memory functionality for 30 radio stations. Reproduces through external media virtually any audio formats.

This is not an ordinary radio tape recorder, since it has a large screen and a number of additional functions that are not available in other devices in question. But the price of 6 - 7 thousand rubles looks more than affordable for such an audio system. The most expensive, however, the most functional option.



One of the most affordable car stereos from Pioneer

One of the most affordable car, manufactured under the brand Pioneer. At a low price, the device is distinguished by good functionality.

Also, the device supports work with gadgets based on the Android operating system, allows you to connect up to 4 speakers with a total power of 200 W (4 speakers of 50 W each).

Attractive stylish design, reasonable price make the device a very worthy candidate for installation in the car for those who need high-quality sound. But the model does not support SD cards, which can be a critical drawback for some users.

The estimated average price of MVH-190UBG is about 2.6 thousand rubles.


tape recorder mar-919U

Simple and very reliable radio mar-919U

Another tape recorder manufactured by Mystery. If you need a simple and very reliable device with a maximum power of 200 W (for the average car owner this is more than enough), then choose this system.

Provides high-quality sound of radio and music from external media. Easily switches tracks, comes with a remote control.

You can connect flash drives to the radio. But in practice it turns out that it is not capable of supporting work with flash drives with a volume of more than 2 GB. What is the reason, the manufacturer did not specify.

The main advantages are the shallow depth of the case, simple and intuitive control and memory system when the power is turned off. That is, if the car stalls and the audio system is turned off, the next time you turn on, the radio tape recorder will begin to play from where it stopped.

The current price for the model of the radio is about 2.2 thousand rubles.


receiver kmm-102AY

Kenwood Audio System

Device for car audio from Kenwood.

A good device, designed for long life and work in non-stop mode. That is the ideal budget car for those who have to travel long distances.

The device is equipped with a radiator that does not allow overheating. Supports the most popular and most commonly used formats, including FLAC. A wide range of settings provides the ability to adapt the sound to a different type and power of the speakers.

The only drawback is considered to be a difficult to understand beginner interface. But you can quickly get used to it, and everything will become clear.

Such a device costs about 2.7 thousand rubles.


prology cmu 307

Quality recorder from the company Prology

Cheap, but well-assembled tape recorder from the company Prology. The controls are incredibly simple and intuitive. Memorizes the place of playback when disconnected, supports work with SD cards and flash drives. Plus remembers up to 24 radio stations.

A distinctive feature of the competition is the ability to support speakers with power up to 220 watts.

This is a tape recorder at a low price with a good build. But for music lovers and lovers to customize the sound for themselves, the model will not work, since it does not provide for an equalizer. Although the default sound quality is high enough, no complaints.

CMU-301 costs about 2.3 thousand rubles and more than justifies its price tag.

Depending on important musical preferences, requirements and wishes for sound, as well as financial possibilities, you can choose a tape recorder from among a large number of available budget systems.

But if you plan in the future to organize really powerful acoustics, basses and a full-fledged multimedia complex, you should not base the whole system on a too cheap and frankly-functional car stereo.

Among the budget models there are a number of devices that can guarantee high-quality and clear sound. But it will depend on a number of factors.

Write in the comments, what are the car stereos in your car, and what price range they belong to. Are you satisfied with the sound quality, and what features your audio system lacks. It will be interesting to read your stories and answer current questions.

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