Renault captur: specifications, descriptions, photos

Renault Captur was introduced in Geneva in 2013. It was then that the French company for the first time demonstrated a serial model of the new line of mini-crossovers.

Renault Captur

Renault Captur is an ideal vehicle for the metropolis and trips to the tourist base or in the countryside. And there are reasons for this: Renault Captur has small dimensions and streamlined shape.

Because of this, a miniature crossover is easily controlled, just parked and fuel consumption is also minimal.

On the other hand, the passability of such a baby is quite normal and the clearance allows not to be afraid of light irregularities.

Renault Captur

Of course, such versatility, coupled with a pleasant, non-aggressive design of the machine could not go unnoticed. Pictures of the new crossover, photo salon - all confirms that the designer, Lawrence van den Acker, has achieved complete and unconditional success. The new car went to the people, right from the conveyors of the Spanish factory Renault.

At this stage, Renault Captur just left on the real route, so that it is difficult to determine its shortcomings. Naturally, the cost of more than a million rubles does not add positive, on the other hand, the car is fully equipped, literally, everything.

Renault Captur

Of course, even despite the presence of all-wheel drive and low weight, the parameters of this crossover do not correspond to the conqueror of extreme off-road. But, Renault Kaptur 2016 was not created for the hard off-road.

Its ideal driver is a resident of a megacity, sometimes traveling out of town to visit or to a picnic. And all that is necessary for such a driver for this car is: starting with fuel economy in traffic and ending with guaranteed cross-country traffic on a primer.

So only time will tell how well this model will fit into the Russian market. However, looking at the photo and description of the new Renault, it becomes clear: the prospects are very bright.