Chinese crossovers in ukraine continue to fill the market

Ukraine is an interesting country. It has its own automobile industry, the auto market is flourishing, which is 20 years old or more, cars from Russia are popular, there is a whole category of “Japanese” lovers. This country is the main global consumer of very expensive executive cars. So on the streets of Kiev you can meet some elite cars such as the Range Rover Sport 2014 or the tuned Brabus.

Chinese crossovers in Ukraine

At the same time, the Ukrainians are not averse to trying out on their roads Chinese vehicles, in particular, the 2013 Chinese crossovers. If five or six years ago, except Foton tractors and trucks drove here from China, now thousands of cars drive through the streets of Ukrainian cities.

What is the secret of the new Chinese crossovers? What they won the popularity of Ukrainian motorists?

Chinese crossovers in Ukraine at low prices

China has always taken prices, and the Ukrainian market is no exception. Many drivers chose between the local "Tavria", which produces the famous ZAZ, VAZ products and used cars from Europe. When inexpensive and fairly good-looking cars from China appeared in the country, the choice was widened by 2014 Chinese crossovers.

Now buy a Chinese crossover in Ukraine easier than ever. Dealers of major Chinese car manufacturers are fully represented here. Of course, not all makes and even car models make their way to this market. And not all cars get popular. If we talk about crossovers, then the leaders of Ukrainian sales can be called the Great Wall and SsangYong.

Chinese crossovers in Ukraine

On the official Ukrainian website of the Great Wall company H3, H5, H6, M2 and M4 are presented. The latter, for a long time in public view, is one of the most affordable crossovers.

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Another company that is firmly hooked on the Ukrainian market is Chery. Officially, the company SI-Automotive represents the company in this country. The distributor has been working in Ukraine for 8 years and does a good job with its task. In addition to the popular Chery Amulet in Russia, the Tiggo crossover is also selling well. Buy a brand new Chinese crossover-SUV at a price of 128 thousand hryvnia. This is about 515 thousand rubles. Good price for a very decent crossover.

new cheri tiggo

Another interesting model is the miniature Chery IndiS, which has been sold in Russia for a long time, while in Ukraine it almost never occurs. On the official website in Ukraine, he is not listed in the model range of cars sold. There are separate models of cars from China, popular in Russia, but completely unrepresented in the Ukrainian market.

Если говорить о количестве продаж, Chinese crossovers in Ukraine– не самые ходовые машины. Хотя, по городам ездит достаточно много машин китайской фирмы SsangYong. Украинцам предлагают сразу 4 кроссовера. Это Korando, Actyon, New Korando, Kyron и Rexton. «Кайрон» на украинских дорогах попадается так же часто, как в России Chery Amulet. Так что можно смело говорить про успех китайских производителей и региональных дилеров в Украине.

buy a chinese crossover in ukraine

The updated Kyron costs 182 thousand Ukrainian hryvnias. If you translate it into rubles, we get something in the region of 732 thousand. Too much for the Chinese? What to do. There are generally quite high prices for foreign cars. This is due to the duties, which, in comparison with Russia, or neighboring Belarus, are very high. However, this company specifically even for Russians sells cars quite expensive.

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In Russia, all-wheel drive Kyron, with a 2.3-liter gasoline engine and manual transmission will cost 830-850 thousand rubles and 750-800 thousand for the front-wheel drive.

Sales of Chinese cars in Ukraine over the past five to six years have increased significantly. This also applies to Chinese SUVs and crossovers. There are new players in the market. FAW is going to present its famous FAW X80 to the Ukrainian public. The cost of this car in China is about 20 thousand dollars. It remains to hope that for Ukraine the price will not be much higher. Among the fellow countrymen, the novelty has two competitors - Geely Emgrand X7 and so far less well-known JAC S5 and Changan CS35 in the country.

Geely Emgrand X7 in Ukraine

Rumor has it that Taiwanese with their famous Luxgen 7 also gathered in Ukraine. Moreover, they lowered prices quite significantly. This Chinese crossover in Russia now costs less than a million rubles, which is approximately equal to 250 thousand Ukrainian hryvnias. At this price, he may well compete with the South Korean Santa Fe.

Meanwhile, Ukrainians are waiting for the onset of another Chinese crossover on their market - the JAC S5. The car is assembled in Ukraine, and received five stars for safety. Moreover, it is according to European requirements. So Duster, who received only three stars, has a worthy competitor. At the same time, the price of the car starts with a mark of 154 thousand hryvnia.

Chinese crossovers in UkraineJac S5

With such characteristics and price, the Chinese crossover Jac S5 has all chances to oust even Koreans. The company has already opened 20 dealerships in the country, so you can seriously talk about the readiness to conquer the market. In general, the prices of Chinese crossovers are really low compared to European crossovers.

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Sedan J5 managed to become the most popular car from the entire range. Let's wait, what will happen next. In the meantime, Jac is ranked 36th among all car brands in Ukraine and overtakes all other Chinese cars. A little unexpected, but true. Soon the production of cars of this company will start at the Cherkassy plant "Bogdan".

By the way, thanks to Ukraine, Geely has become the largest Chinese car exporter. And now cars, and in particular Geely Emgrand X7, are assembled in Kremenchug.

But test drive the Chinese crossover Jac S5: