Nissan patrol - suv legendary and large

Our review is dedicated to the car Nissan Patrol - one of the most popular full-size SUV in the world along with the Land Cruiser. The Japanese company Nissan began production of the model in the already distant 1951.

nissan patrol характеристики

At various times, a shortened (SWB) and an extended (LWB) wheelbase were produced. The first option was a three-door, the second - a five-door.

A bit of history. Generational change

The modern name of the car was not immediately, and in some countries used other marking model. For example, the Ford Maverick name was used for the Australian market by agreement with Ford, and in Europe it was sold under the TM Ebro Patrol.

Excellent technical characteristics of the Nissan Patrol made this car one of the most "male", harsh and brutal jeeps of XX - XXI centuries. A machine with a powerful frame and a reliable engine was often used for the needs of the army. For example, in Ireland, the military ordered the 4th and 5th generations for many years on the Y61 and 62 platforms.

nissan patrol y61 specifications

The car was used by UN departments, including civilians, for the transportation of personnel. The Nissan Patrol y61 specifications are quite relevant even for 2017. Therefore, the platform is available for the military in Asia and the Middle Eastern states.

In 1951, the first generation appeared at home, where it was first sold as the Nissan Store, and then the Nissan Bluebird Store. Externally, the car largely copied Willys, was equipped with a gasoline engine, which was previously installed on buses Nissan NAK. Capacity 75 liters. with., volume - 3,7 liters. The car received all wheel drive and 4-speed manual gearbox.

In 1955, the model was updated. Improved performance of the Nissan Patrol - 92 l engine appeared. with., and by 1959 there was a model with a shortened base and a 4 l / 125 l engine. with.

From 1959 to 1980, the second generation Nissan Patrol 60 series was produced. This car was able to cross the Simpson Australian desert. In North America, and, in particular, in the United States, the car brought the brand Datsun.

If before the car looked like a Jeep, now its design was closer to the Toyota Land Cruiser. With each generation, military features disappeared from the appearance of a car, turning it into a modern SUV for the city.

sizes nissan patrol y61

By the appearance of the Series 60 in the Nissan Patrol characteristics have changed. The car was produced with three types of base (long, medium and short). It was all-wheel drive, equipped with a 4-liter engine, a two-stage razdatkoy and two types of transmission - first 3-speed and then 4-speed.

Like the early models, the third generation, produced in the 80s, was actively used for the needs of the army and UN units. Series 160 was produced under different brands. In particular, Australian dealers sold it as MQ Patrol.

For this car were available not only 4-speed manual, but 3-speed automatic transmission. The entire series was produced on a spring suspension.

By 1983, production began 3 generations with a recycled gearbox. Now it has fifth gear. Also produced wagon Super Roof with a high roof. A turbocharged diesel unit of 110 liters was placed on it. with. With the new unit under the hood, the SUV got a speed of up to 145 km / h.

In the 3 generation Nissan Patrol dimensions depended on the length of the base. Suggested 2 options:

  • D / W / B - 4690x1689x1980 mm .;
  • D / W / B - 4230x1689h1980 mm.

A year later, a historic event happened - the Datsun brand, under which some of the cars were produced, changed owners. Therefore, the Y60 series was already produced under the trademarks Nissan Safari, Ford Maverick and Nissan Patrol. It was one of the first "jeeps", officially trapped in the USSR.

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By the appearance of the new series, the manufacturer radically reworked everything he could. For example, I developed a spring suspension, began to use stabilizers and power steering. On the wagon set disc brakes on all wheels. In the reverse gear set synchronizers.

Nissan Patrol dimensions

The Japanese version, called Safari, had several differences, the most specific of which was 24 V. The model for Europe and the USA was 12 V.

In total 4 engines were available:

  • RD28T and RB30 with mechanics 5th century;
  • TB42 and TD42 with 5-st. Mechanics / 4-st. automatics

From 1997 to 2010, 5th generation cars were produced - the same Y61. The new cars have significantly improved performance. More powerful engines and modern gearboxes appeared.

The Russian buyer for a long time could not get this SUV directly from Japan. It was first realized in the UAE, and from there it was already shipped to the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

The following types of power units were available:

  • Diesel 2.8 l. / 116 hp;
  • Diesel 2.8 l. / 125 hp;
  • Diesel 3 hp / 160 hp;
  • Diesel 4.2 liters / 145 hp;
  • Gasoline 4.5 l. / 200 hp;
  • Petrol 4.8 l. / 248 hp

nissan patrol y61

PPC available 5-st. off-road mechanics, and 4 and 5 - range automatics for powerful V8 engines. The connection of the front axle is hard.

Dimensions and weight of Nissan Patrol Y61 - D / W / H - 5080x1940x1855 mm, 2473 kg. Wheelbase - 2970 mm.

Modern Patrol

In 2010, the new Y62 platform appeared, replacing the landmark 61st, which many still consider the best in the history of the famous model. The appearance of the 6th generation was awaited by many, and when it was presented to the public in the capital of the UAE, the public highly appreciated the novelty.

Simultaneously with the regular version of Patrol, the Infinity QX56 is released - a more luxurious version for the rich. Changed and the dimensions of the Nissan Patrol. Now its length is 5140 mm, width is 1995 mm, and height is 1940 mm.

Nissan Patrol sizes

In the US, by 2016, the Nissan Armada appeared - essentially the same car on the Y62, only with a new name. He was introduced to motorists and critics in Chicago a year ago.

Since 2014, the new “Patrol” has been produced with a modified exterior. In particular, he changed the rear optics, installed LED headlights. The interior also has interior changes.

For a massive five-meter SUV from Nissan Patrol, the average weight is 2695, up to 2795, depending on the modification. It would be unfair to call it heavy and, even more so, cumbersome. It is exactly what a modern jeep should be for a man, or a self-confident woman. It can also become a replacement for the family wagon.

The Nissan Patrol size is quite adequate for driving, even in the city. This is not for you the Hummer H1, which is parked directly on half the parking lot, and not even some brutal RAM. Technique was originally created in such a way that you could ride on it everywhere, without fear of trite not to pass on any street, or not be able to turn around at the intersection.

Характеристики Nissan Patrol

About the technical characteristics of the Nissan Patrol Y62 can talk for a long time. But we will touch on the key points:

  • the power unit has a volume of 5.6 liters. This is a V-shaped eight for 400 horses and 560 Nm of torque, with direct injection and a modern gas distribution system;
  • box 7-speed automatic;
  • four-wheel drive, which has 4 options of work for the usual road, rocky terrain, driving on snow and sand;
  • there is help at the start and descent from the hill;
  • installed electronic locking rear differential.

A nice addition - clearance Nissan Patrol. Offered 275 mm. enough for everyone. The suspension feels good on the roads of any quality, therefore, skeptics who believe that in Russia you can only drive UAZs, Nivas and homemade products on the basis of GAZ 66, can calm down.

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As for pyatidvernik at 6 generation saloon cabin dimensions are decent. They allow you to place quite comfortable seven people and a certain amount of luggage. If you want a nice big jeep that will fit your whole family with your parents together, this car is the perfect choice.

Why is Patrol popular?

To be surprised at the success of this model is as strange as wondering why people like Japanese equipment in general. If in the nineties they bought a car for the sake of prestige, then with the departure of that particular era, people appreciated the main advantages of the car - reliability, good maneuverability, ease of maintenance.

Dimensions Nissan Patrol

We mentioned that Patrol was often used for the needs of the army, rescuers, special forces. It can be made from both a command car and a support car. With some reinforcement and booking, it turned out a mobile firing point. Civilian modifications, of course, are not designed for such specific uses, but withstand operation.

The weight and dimensions of the Nissan Patrol directly indicate that the car is ideal for use in traveling. There are many examples of how the “Japanese” were exploited in the taiga and tundra, making their way through forests and swamps. In the USA, where there are no less wild and deaf places than we do, rangers, foresters, rescuers often use it for their tasks.

Everybody knows about the Japanese cult of quality. And for companies such as Toyota and Nissan, who are veterans and market leaders, the question of reliability is paramount.

How much is Patrol

The cost of the car depends on the generation, mileage, condition, configuration, year of manufacture. If you go to the official Russian website of the company Nissan, then you will see that for our new car in our country require from 3, 965 million rubles. There is a handy configurator that allows you to assemble your dream car and immediately see how much it will cost.

specifications nissan patrol

High grade - basic. That she is worth the specified amount. It is equipped with a 5.6-liter engine with a capacity of 405 liters. with. and a 7-speed automatic transmission. Drive on all four wheels, even in the initial configuration. The maximum speed with this engine is 210 km / h, acceleration 0-100 km / h in 6.6 seconds. Considering that you have a five-meter jeep in front of you, whose curb weight is almost three tons, the numbers are impressive. After that, questions about the price no longer arise. Auto fully fulfills its value.

And now let's see what you can buy in the secondary market. We are interested in the Y62 platform, that is, the new generation. The very first link, which fell on the Internet, led to the 2011 model, with a mileage of 112 thousand km. All the same engine 5.6 l. / 405 hp, with automatic transmission. It is worth 1.77 million rubles. If the car is fine, the savings are obvious. Of course, here we are not talking about warranty, brand service and so on. But the difference between 1.7 and 3.9 million makes you wonder.

Restaylin Y62, released in 2014, will cost you 2,449 million rubles. The run of the jeep we got is 72 thousand km.

If you are a fan of the classics, and you want the V generation - Y61, then you can find a car in good condition with a mileage of less than 200 thousand km., Released in 2004 for 690 thousand rubles. Ponder this figure. For the same money they offer you "Chinese" and UAZ.

Nissan Patrol

You can find an analogue after restyling. We came across an ad with the car in 2005. Mileage147.5 thousand. Km, engine 3.0 l. / 160 hp, automatics. Such pleasure will cost 848 thousand rubles.

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Older machines, released in 1995, can be taken for 550 - 580 thousand. But buying such a jeep is a lottery. Your luck depends on how many owners were up to you, how they handled the jeep. Yes, and much depends on the conditions. Moreover, not only driving conditions, but also maintenance. If there were sudden changes in temperature, the car would wind up without warming up, etc. It is unlikely that it is in good condition.

There are also representatives of the 4th generation, released in the early nineties. For example, Y60 1992 with mileage of 213 thousand km. sell for 800 thousand. This is a diesel 4.2 l. / 116 hp with manual transmission.

клиренс nissan patrol

Which is better - Y61, or Y62?

If the question does not rest on the acquisition of an exclusively new car from the passenger compartment, a large selection of options appears. Which generation is better to buy? The question is not entirely correct. It should be understood that Y 60 -61 and Y62, these cars are completely different not only technically, but also for intended use.

Cars of the sixth generation are more suitable for smooth urban roads, but they can take you to the country, without breaking on the first bump. As for the 4th and 5th generations, you can go anywhere on them. These cars are SUVs in the truest sense of the word. Behind the wheel of such a vehicle, you can drive through the mud, in which ordinary crossovers get stuck.

What is a clear plus for Y61 and earlier platforms is the ability to absorb the unevenness characteristic of pavements in our country. Of course, we are not talking about the perfect smoothness even though the lunar craters, but you no longer jump, as in a tank, hitting it with your head, then your tailbone.

Main competitors

If the price, or the technical characteristics of the Nissan Patrol does not suit you, take a look at its main competitors.

Most often, the 200th Land Cruiser falls into the list. These jeeps are powerful, beautiful and prestigious. True, the price of them, even for b. y - more than 4 million rubles. For example, restyled all-wheel drive "Kruzak" in 2016, with almost no run (5 km), with an engine of 4.6 l. / 309 l. with. and automation costs 4.5 million rubles. Machine warranty until spring 2020. There are not many such cars on the market, but they are found.

Audi Q7

The next option - German Audi Q7. It costs from 2.76 to 5.43 million rubles. We have to admit that even in the basic configuration the frisky "German" is very good. Acceleration to hundreds of km / h in just 7.9 seconds, and top speed of 222 km / h. Only one minus - this machine is not off-road. For 3.55 million, you can buy a second-generation diesel Mercedes GL. 249 liter engine with. impresses with its capabilities. There is also a petrol unit of 3 l. / 333 l. with.

So think for yourself which car in this price category to buy. All options have their pros and cons.

Further, the video on the roads, but in the new Patrol tires are not off-road: