How to change the ball joint

Replacing ball bearings is a fairly common procedure. Though not everyone wants to do it, but it is easy to perform the replacement work, and the wear of the ball bearings is not the worst thing that can happen to a car when it is constantly used on a broken asphalt surface.


  • 1 What is a ball bearing
  • 2 How does the ball
  • 3 What is needed to replace
  • 4 Preparatory work
  • 5 Replacement of supports
  • 6 Final stage

What is a ball bearing

What is a ball bearing

Schematic illustration of the ball bearing

By and large this is a metal pin threaded at one end and machined with a ball at the other. The ball is placed inside the body in special polymer liners in which it moves without play. To reduce wear, a special lubricant is put in the housing, which is usually enough for the entire service life of the ball. To prevent water, dirt and sand from entering the body, a special rubber or silicone boot is provided.

How does the ball

На шаровые опоры автомобиля приходятся значительные нагрузки, особенно это касается нижних опор. При движении и в поворотах сферическая часть вращается в корпусе в некотором диапазоне. Во время эксплуатации по дорогам с неровным покрытием значительные нагрузки приводят к преждевременному выходу из строя этого элемента. Основным признаком неисправности шаровых опор является металлический стук при преодолении препятствий и люфт колеса при вертикальном покачивании. Дефекты в этом узле могут привести к вырыванию пальца из корпуса и как следствие серьёзным повреждениям автомобиля. При этом ball joint replacement достаточно простая процедура, которую можно провести собственными руками в условиях гаража.

What is needed to replace

For work on the replacement of the node will require:

  • level ground;
  • a set of metalworking tools;
  • jack;
  • recoil devices;
  • stops for fixing the car (trestles);
  • new ball bearings complete with nuts and cotter pin;
  • съёмник;
  • WD-40;
  • rags.
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If there is a malfunction of the ball, then it is better to change the whole set or at least a pair on the wheel. After the work will require adjustment of the collapse and convergence of the wheels, and it is better to do with the new ball.

Preparatory work

ball joint replacement

Ball replacement procedure

Before changing the ball bearing, the car is installed on a flat platform and securely fixed with the help of the parking brake and wheel chocks for the rear wheels. Wheel nuts (bolts) of the front wheel where replacement work will be carried out are loosened. With the help of a jack the car is hung out and installed on the stops. Loosened wheel nuts (bolts) are removed and the wheel is removed. For convenience of work the steering wheel is turned in side as far as it will go. Removable parts are cleaned of dirt, and mating surfaces and threads are machined with WD-40.

Replacement of supports

It is better to start the replacement from the upper support, for which it will be necessary to unscrew the nut by 22. With the help of a special puller, we press out the finger from the eye. Remember that this unit is exposed to the active influence of the environment and as a result of significant corrosion. We process the WD-40 three nuts securing the ball bearing and unscrew them with a wrench for 13. And remove the support. It should be noted that some manufacturers use special pressure plates of the anther, which should be removed and replaced with new ones. The installation of a new ball bearing should be carried out in reverse order. It must be remembered that the ball bearings are supplied with grease lubricated and only adjacent surfaces and threaded connections need to be lubricated. Additional grease embedded in the boot can cause damage. Replacing the bottom support is similar to the top.

Final stage

Upon completion of the replacement, we install the rims in place and tighten all the bolts on them. After carrying out such procedures with the car's suspension, it is highly recommended to adjust the camber and toe-in of the wheels. It, by the way, can also be spent by the hands

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