How to get the rights of category m

Operation of scooters (small mopeds) was until recently possible without having a driver's license. However, legislative changes took place and new categories appeared in the certificate, one of which implied scooter control. She was assigned the index "M". After that, more young drivers were puzzled by how to get the rights of category M.

The changes are due to the fact that the technical parameters of such mopeds did not fall under the existing classification. At the same time, the drivers were completely unprepared or very young citizens at the wheel of the new two-wheelers.


  • 1 Current status
  • 2 Driving Schools for Young Drivers
  • 3 Necessary conditions for obtaining a certificate
  • 4 Common questions

Current state of affairs

Driving schools are engaged in training young drivers for category M on separate programs. For those who have open higher points in the certificate from A and above, there is no need for special training in this profile. The assignment of M in such a situation occurs automatically.

You need to know that a driver's license of category M should not be obtained separately if the category “A”, “B” or “C” is already open, for example.

where to study for a driver's license category M

Obtaining this certificate makes sense if this document is the first one from the driver. If there is no driving school in the region that has courses for moped drivers in the program, then the citizen has the right to study for any of the available programs, and “M” will open automatically.

Often for such an operation they use motorcycle driving training, point “A”, at the expense of cheaper cost and less time. However, in this situation you will need an educational institution that accepts applicants under 18 years old.

Driving schools for young drivers

Current monitoring of modern driving schools gave unexpected results. Not so many of them, especially in the regions, specialize in a dedicated course for driving mopeds. In most cases, there are three types of programs that have a cost:

  • Price 7 ... 12 thousand rubles. Only theoretical studies are offered. The time of completion of full training will be 1-2 months.
  • Price 15 ... 25 thousand rubles. The driver will be offered to go through a theoretical program and attend practical driving lessons. Additional services in the process are not offered. The term of the course is up to 2.5 months.
  • Price 25 ... 35 thousand rubles. The price includes an advanced package of services consisting of theoretical lectures, practical driving, an exam at a driving school, preparation for passing to the traffic police, payment of the medical board and state fees. All procedures take 2 ... 2.5 months.
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what is category M in rights

The validity of the high cost of full training is a rental vehicle, the time of instructors, training sites. Therefore, for those who are interested in what category M is in the rights, you can answer that a driver’s license gives a full right to drive a moped.

how many years to get the rights of category M

You need to know that until 2014, mopeds are not legally classified as motor vehicles. Thanks to this, no rights were required for them.

Necessary conditions for obtaining a certificate

For young drivers, an urgent issue in this area is, for how many years the rights of category M can be obtained legally. The legislation provides for permission to control a moped from the age of 16.

what does category M in rights mean

In addition to studying at a driving school, you will need to prepare a package of documents. It includes the following items:

  • a completed application form for obtaining a driver's license in the traffic police;
  • identity card (civil passport or equivalent);
  • medical reference certificate of a state of health;
  • 3x4 photos on request;
  • A receipt confirming payment of state duty (details for payment are provided in the traffic police).

It is advisable to submit all documents personally in order to resolve possible misunderstandings or shortcomings on their own, without losing time.

how to study for a driver's license category M

General issues

Driving schools do not always provide year-round training opportunities for obtaining the rights of category "M". In most cases, you have to wait for the warm season or go to schools that have their own indoor circuit. However, in this case you will have to pay significantly for this service.

When driving a moped, you will need to use a helmet for safe driving. Otherwise, the inspector has the right to issue a fine to the driver. You also need to follow all the rules of the road, as no privileges for drivers of scooters are not provided by law.