Starting a diesel engine in winter

In winter, when the air temperature is below - 10 degrees Celsius, the start of the diesel engine becomes a real headache for some motorists. In modern diesel internal combustion engines to help the driver began to install glow plugs. They are designed to heat the combustion chambers. Glow candles glow at a temperature of minus 15 degrees should be several times.

how to start a diesel engine in the cold

In some models, at startup, the characteristic lye of the glow plug relay is heard, after 10–15 seconds, the same click will be heard, which means that the glow plugs are turned off. Now turn off the ignition, wait 5 seconds, and start the engine. Repeat this process several times. It is necessary to wait until the glow plug sensor (it looks like this) goes out. Now start the engine. You can start the movement.

If in your car, the glow plug relay does not make clicks when the ignition is turned on, then focus on the sensor - an indicator that shows the glow of candles. It should be noted that not all cars have a glow plug. Such cars are much more difficult to run in a bitter cold.

how to start a diesel engine in the cold

There are glow plugs fail, and the compression in the engine is not sufficient, then the engine can be started using the special “Easy Start” ether. It should be sprayed into the intake manifold (first remove the fuel filter housing). There is another way - use a more powerful battery. He is able to pump the right pressure in the engine, while increasing the compression. So it is also very important to pour winter diesel into minus temperatures.

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