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Чтобы выбрать лучший дизельный автомобиль для России, следует протестировать не одну сотню интереснейших вариантов, представленных отечественному потребителю многими ведущими зарубежными автокомпаниями. В рассмотренном списке приведён перечень автомобилей 2017 модельного года, имеющих лучшие отметки относительно своих характеристик.Читать далее о рейтинге лучших дизельных авто-->

2017 Audi Q5

2017 Audi Q5

The cost of the Audi Q5 reaches 2.5 million rubles

Top diesel cars, perhaps, should start with a brutal German, not the first year endearing the hearts of many motorists. Audi Q5, released in 2017, is a mid-size crossover. This car is a little bigger than its predecessors, besides, it is somewhat lighter than them. In the German handsome a lot of technical innovations have appeared, the model has expanded with respect to a new line of motors.

Appearance of the updated Q5 is similar to the exterior of a more expensive fellow Q7. Manner brutality of the vehicle is underlined by a hexagonal grille, as well as original faceted headlights. Attractive powerful bumper and neat taillights. The body found a falling roof line, elongated hood, wide wheel arches. The weight of the car was reduced by the introduction of a variety of aluminum components.

The interior of the Audi Q5 represents severity, the front panel has a concise and very elegant look. The only thing that does not fit a bit in the overall beautiful picture is the 8.4 inch screen. The finish is dominated by genuine leather. Salon allows you to arrange up to five dimensional passengers. Only a tall floor tunnel located in the second row can interfere slightly with comfortable movement.

A remarkable number of diesel power units, in Russia, you can find models with a 4-cylinder engine of 2 liters. and returns of 150, 163 and 190 liters. with. and with 3 p. device capacity of 286 liters. with.

In Russia, the cost of the Audi Q5 reaches 2.5 million rubles.

Jaguar F-Pace

2017 jaguar f pace

Jaguar F-Pace costs at least 3.5 million rubles.

Few motorists know for sure which diesel car is best to buy in 2017. Of course, there are a lot of high-quality and very attractive models: but which one is better?

Jaguar presented its F-Pace model, which, in fact, is the first crossover of this company. The novelty of the concern that has been loved by many attracts with its design. Exterior F-Pace, oddly enough, received extremely positive reviews, even from discerning autoexperts. If the Russians decide to buy this bright compact car, the original body of which is made of aluminum, its passengers will be safe. The fact is that the developers spent a lot of time to ensure that the car had extra strength.

Appearance F-Pace attracts customers with a wide sloping hood, overall bumper, unique air ducts, as well as an exclusive brand grille. The back of the body is equipped with a massive bumper, spoiler visor, as well as attractive exhaust pipes.

The interior is devoid of thoughtless innovations and wrong design solutions. In F-Pace, any long trip will be comfortable. The car provides modern technology, leather upholstery and a spacious luggage compartment.

Particularly popular models with diesel engines. The basic version has a 2 liter motor. and a return of 180 liters. with. For those who want to buy a more productive car, a 3 liter engine is provided. with a return of 300 liters. with.

For an attractive Jaguar F-Pace, produced in 2017, Russians will have to pay at least 3.5 million rubles.

Mazda CX-9

mazda cx 9

Reliable Mazda CX-9

The practical and reliable Mazda CX-9 cannot fail to enter the rating of diesel cars. If a motorist wants to buy a large family car Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% for 7 seats is an ideal option. Universal all-terrain vehicle suitable for trips around the city, and for long country trips.

Externally, the car looks elegant and beautiful. The exterior of the CX-9 is daring and rigorous, which is underlined by LED headlights and a chrome grille. The body has incorporated a lot of attractive elements from a rough minivan and a beautiful sports car.

Many motorists who will be pleasantly surprised by the external elegance of one of the best diesel cars of 2017 will not upset its interior. The internal design of the car further emphasizes the grace of the model. Noteworthy finish of high quality plastic and aluminum inserts. It is worth noting that in the most expensive version of the CX-9, decorative elements of rosewood are used in the manufacture of guitars. In the upholstery of the seats is "involved" very soft leather Nappa.

Noise isolation rating diesel cars enhanced by a special glass coating that reduces noise by 2 times.

Mazda CX-9 is equipped with a 4-cylinder power unit of 2.5 liters. and a return of 250 liters. with.

In the Russian market, the CX-9 model, released in 2017, is sold for 915 thousand rubles.

Skoda Kodiaq 2017

skoda kodiaq 2017

Kodiaq 2017 will cost at least 2 million rubles

The best diesel cars could not do without the sophisticated Skoda Kodiaq. This vehicle attracts the attention of a huge internal space, as well as an unusually catchy exterior. An interesting fact is that after the debut the car began to literally snapping up residents of different European countries.

Particularly noteworthy is the impressive appearance of the Skoda, as the car has the appearance of a powerful crossover, decorated with a muscular body, which was given a very angular and predatory outlines.

As for originality, here it is worth emphasizing expressive stamping, level optics, strong wheel arches, wide bumpers, as well as acute-angled lights located behind.

The cabin feels conservative and attractive, German quality and practicality. Particularly interesting is the instrument panel of steel, equipped with a computer display.

Skoda Kodiaq, released in 2017, has a 2 liter diesel engine. with a return of 150 liters. with.

В России маневренный и весьма симпатичный Kodiaq 2017 will cost at least 2 million rubles.

Toyota C-HR

toyota c-hr

Model C-HR will go on sale for 1 million rubles.

The top diesel car continues to the European market newcomer - Toyota C-HR. Externally, the subcompact crossover resembles a muscular strong man with an attractive appearance.

The originality of the appearance is underlined by every minor detail, everything is attractive in the exterior: from the fancy bumper, daring appearance and optics to the secret door handles and blown wheel arches.

Remarkable is the interior, which provides a color screen, an extraordinary three-spoke steering wheel, and an asymmetric console. The interior equipment is perfectly emphasized by high-quality finishing materials, in particular, Nappa genuine leather.

Toyota C-HR will be equipped with both gasoline and diesel engines. The Russian motorist has not yet seen the C-HR model, but in the near future the car will go on sale for 1 million rubles.

Volkswagen Tiguan

volkswagen tiguan diesel

Tiguan worth about 1.7 million rubles

Rating diesel cars completes the popular pet Volkswagen Tiguan. This car stands out for its novelty, a variety of embedded "lotions", style, spaciousness and comfort.

The exterior of the car stands out from the rest of the models with a wide air intake located under the front bumper. Noteworthy hood updated Tiguan, which has a unique mechanism (at the time of the collision with a person, he rises, making the pedestrian suffer less). The back of one of the best diesel cars has horizontal marker lights, an attractive trunk lid and a neat bumper with reflectors.

Changes are noticeable not only in the exterior of the Tiguan, the internal space is changed almost beyond recognition. The front panel has changed noticeably, it has acquired a new architecture. Now in front of the owner of the vehicle is the center console, which has much in common with the model Turan. The basic version of this vehicle is equipped with multimedia with a 5-inch screen.

As for the line of diesel power units, the Tiguan can be equipped with a 1.6 liter engine. with a return of 115 liters. with. or a volume of 2 liters. with a capacity of 150, 190 and 240 liters. with.

The version of Tiguan, provided for the Russian consumer, costs about 1.7 million rubles.


The list lists only the best vehicles of 2017, which can be equipped with diesel powertrains. All considered models gained their popularity due to unique and very interesting features. According to experts, these cars are the best in their class, because of this they received such high recognition.