Chinese crossover x 80 from faw and other crossovers from

The market for Chinese cars in Russia is 400 thousand cars per year. And this is only based on the results of 2013. How popular Chinese crossovers of 2013 can be judged only by the number of them on the roads.

Chinese crossover x 80


There are several cars that really waited in Russia. These machines include the Chinese X80 crossover from FAW. The car was noticed at the motor show and according to the latest news, its presentation and the start of sales in Russia are scheduled for the end of the summer of 2014.

Chinese crossover X 80 from FAW will be on our roads soon

У нас ожидается этот китайский кроссовер 2014 года как в переднеприводной, так и в полноприводной версий. В России цена на BEFORE XO0 ожидается от 650 тысяч рублей. Что же предлагает FAW за эти деньги? Двигателей для переднеприводного автомобиля предлагается два. Оба бензиновые, дизельных версий китайцы выпускать не планируют. Первый двигатель имеет объём 2 литра и 146 л.с., а второй оказался мощнее – 154 л.с. при объёме 2,3 л. Коробок предлагают тоже две на выбор и обе 6-ступенчатые.

А теперь подробнее о кроссовере ФАВ. Полное название этой модели FAW Besturn X80. Это классический пятидверный китайский кроссовер-паркетник, представленный впервые на шанхайском авто-шоу весной прошлого года. Элементы дизайна достались машине от концептуального FAW X, а платформа от японского собрата Mazda 6. Кроссовер BEFORE XO0 получился достаточно внушительным. Длина – 4,58 метра, ширина – 1,82м., а высота 1,66 м. При этом, китайский кроссовер Х 80 не кажется слишком большим.

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FAW Besturn X 80 Crossover

The filling, depending on the configuration, can be supplemented by side airbags, ABS, air conditioning, keyless engine start system, a powerful audio system, dynamic stabilization. By the way, for skeptics - the engine at the FAW Besturn X80 crossover from the same Mazda. So, reliability of units at height. There is also a native, 1.8 liter Chinese engine, only until it is installed on the machines.

Chinese JAC S5 crossover

Another interesting novelty is the JAC S5 Chinese crossover. This company is very active in the Russian and Ukrainian markets. In Ukraine, JAC Chinese crossovers managed to become the best-selling Chinese brand. Not so long ago, their sedan has become the most secure Chinese car. If the crossover gets the same reliability, they have every chance of becoming popular. Interestingly, in the domestic market the car is called Ruifeng S5.

chinese jac s5 crossover

This five-door car, which belongs to the “K1” class, was presented in 2012, but it reached us only a year later. Technically, the Chinese have come to the picking quite well. You can buy this new Chinese crossover not only with ABS, but also with traction control, dynamic stabilization and lift assistants.

Body rigidity indicators can be set as an example to other Chinese manufacturers. For now, only the front wheel drive version is offered. But, perhaps, in the future, a version with all-wheel drive will be available.

Three engines to choose from. All units are gasoline, with a capacity of 136 to 176 hp Moreover, two more powerful engines (163 and 176 hp) - turbocharged.

Chinese BYD S6 crossover

The next car I would like to talk about is the Chinese BYD S6 crossover. This car can hardly be called new, because it was presented back in 2010 in Beijing.

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chinese crossover byd s6

The machine, 4.8 meters long and weighing just over two tons, came out quite elegant. Technical performance is also well managed by the Chinese. Three engines are offered:

  • 4-cylinder, with a volume of 1.9 liters, 138 hp. It is completed with a five-step mechanics. Gasoline consumption in the city - 10.7 liters. (A92);
  • volume of 2.36 l., 167 hp, 6CT. Mechanics. Fuel consumption in the city - 11.8 l .;
  • volume of 2.37 l., 158 hp, 4-speed. Tiptronic automation. Fuel consumption in the city - 12.8 liters.

Of course, this is not all interesting Chinese SUVs and crossovers, which should be discussed in this article. There are a few more Chinese Chungang crossovers that also deserve attention.

lineup of Chinese crossovers

It is worth remembering at least Great Wall Hover H3, which even in the basic configuration got ABS, additional airbags, light / rain sensors, indispensable during surprises, which nature presents, and at the same time - electric headlight correction and a very good audio system.

Recall Chery Tiggo. During the crash test, the car showed almost the same level of security with the Toyota RAV4. This put a fat point on all the controversies that Chinese cars are unreliable.

tiggo chinese crossover lineup

Moreover, during the test, both cars received identical damage, the difference is only a few centimeters. The price of the Chinese Tiggo FL crossover in the best configuration is 640 thousand rubles in Russia.

Следующий гость – Lifan X60. Этот автомобиль пополнил lineup of Chinese crossovers на пекинском автосалоне в 2010 году. Сейчас его цена этого китайского кроссовера в России составляет порядка 580 тысяч рублей.

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Chinese lifan x60 crossover

The engine is offered only one, 128 hp and a volume of 1.8 liters. To the delight of drivers, the car is sold with heated seats, leather interior and electric sunroof.

As you can see, for those who are looking to the market, wanting to buy a new Chinese crossover, the choice is large enough. By the way, I also remembered Jili Emgrand X7, also a good car. And here is a fun video test drive about Lifan X60: