Sensor idling vaz 2114 costs about 350 rubles

Each owner of the fourteenth model knows what a VAZ 2114 idling sensor is and how it affects the operation of the car.

Sensor idling VAZ 2114Sensor idling is provided in order to help the car's engine, dial the required number of revolutions, while it is disconnected from the transmission. It depends on the correct and stable operation of how your car will work at the time of gear shifting, while coasting at neutral speed, while the car is at a traffic light, etc.

If problems begin to arise, for example, the car stalls, the engine is unstable, then be sure that it may be necessary to replace the idling sensor with the VAZ 2114.

Main signs of malfunction of the idling sensor VAZ 2114

During the operation of the vehicle can occur a variety of situations. Consider the most basic symptoms of an idle sensor failure:

  1. When working at idle, the engine stalls, this is especially noticeable when the car starts and stalls a little. Also, if the engine stops working immediately when the transmission is turned off, this is a clear sign of a faulty idling sensor.
  2. Unstable speed, even when the engine is well warmed. Turnovers can grow, fade out and constantly fluctuate.

It should also be noted that in the event of an idle sensor failure, your engine will not be able to gain high enough revs at the time of launch. And as soon as you put the transmission lever in a neutral position, the motor immediately stalls. For the idling sensor VAZ 2114 (injector or carburetor), the symptoms remain the same for both options.

The device and the principle of operation of the sensor idling

sensor idling vaz

By design, the idling sensor VAZ 2114 is an ordinary electric motor based on a special tapered needle. Almost the same as in the VAZ 2109 (tuning). Sensor idling VAZ 2114 injector, a photo of which in the section clearly demonstrates its device. The tapered needle is designed to supply the required volume of air, due to which the car's engine can stably operate at idle speed.

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The idling sensor starts working as soon as the ignition of the car is turned on. After that, he begins to move the rod, which is fixed cone needle. Next, the needle performs the process of opening or closing a special calibration hole, which is located directly in the throttle nozzle. Thus, air supply or overlap occurs at the moment when it is necessary to maintain stable engine operation at idle.

It is worth noting that thanks to the idling sensor of the VAZ 2114 you can start driving on a cold and still fourteen engine.

Sensor repair and maintenance

If during the operation of your VAZ, the above-described malfunctions occur, you should immediately pay attention to the operation and serviceability of the VAZ 2114 idling sensor. But in order to correctly determine its performance and correct operation, you will need to remove it.

By the way, the idling sensor on the VAZ 2114, the cost of which remains at an affordable level is around 350 rubles, so in case of any malfunctions, we recommend that you replace it with a new one.

Where is the sensor installed idling VAZ 2114 and how to remove it?

sensor idling vaz 2114 Price

In order to check the performance of the sensor, you need to know exactly where it is located directly. To do this, you can read the technical documentation for repair BAZ 2114. You can also watch a visual video.

The sensor itself is located directly on the throttle, a little below the sensor position of the valve, and just opposite the cable running to the gas pedal. Its mounting consists of only two bolts or, in rare cases, a sensor can be fixed with an adhesive compound. Remember that the idling sensor on the VAZ 2114, which costs about 350 rubles, is considered affordable for most car owners, so it’s best to have one in reserve.

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The process of removing the sensor from the VAZ 2114

Before proceeding with the dismantling of the VAZ 2114 idling sensor, it is necessary to turn off the ignition and disconnect the terminal from the battery for safety during operation.

After that, you will need to disconnect all the wires that go to the sensor, as a rule, they all come in one connector.

Next, proceed to loosen the mounting screws, if any, or gently tear off from the adhesive. But in this case, you will need to completely remove the entire throttle assembly, and then very carefully remove the sensor itself.

Verifying sensor performance

After the idling sensor has been disconnected and removed, it is necessary to connect the connector to it, which we previously disconnected.

Gently touch your finger to the very tip of the tapered needle, but without undue effort and pressure. Then it will be required that someone turned on the ignition of the car. If at the moment of turning on the ignition you start to feel small shocks, it means that the sensor is in good condition. Otherwise, a complete replacement of the sensor with a new one is required. If you ask how much the idling sensor costs on a VAZ 2114, today the price remains at 350 rubles, or about 11 dollars.

Cleaning the sensor idling VAZ 2114

In some situations, to restore the performance of the sensor, you just need to carefully clean it. To do this, you need to buy a special cleaner for the carburetor, which quickly and easily removes all plaque and any contamination.

how much is the idle sensor on the VAZ 2114

If the sensor has already been removed, then we take a cotton swab, which we thoroughly moisten in a cleaner and then carefully and thoroughly clean the entire contact group. It is best to fill the taper needle, stem and spring with a cleaner and let them lie while you clean the other elements of the idling sensor. After that, with a toothbrush, clean all the dirt inside the throttle valve, and also clean the outside of the elements of the idling sensor VAZ 2114, if there are traces of scale, soot, etc.

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When all the elements of the sensor are cleared, proceed to the assembly of the device and installation in its place.

Sensor installation process

As a rule, the sequence remains the opposite of removing the sensor. But here it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances.

It will be necessary to clean the valve seat in the throttle nozzle together with the air duct, as well as the entire surface that is provided for the sealing sensor ring.

Carefully and carefully lubricate the entire O-ring, it is best to do this with engine oil. Now install the sensor in its place. Turn on the ignition and check the engine at idle.

Remember, if during the disassembly process you damage the sensor, then do not worry, the price of the VAZ 2114 idling sensor is quite low and does not exceed 350 rubles and therefore it is much easier to replace the damaged part with a new one.