Which additive for diesel fuel to choose?


Imagine a situation where you forgot about regular refueling of a diesel car and faced a difficult choice. There are not many options in it - to call at the first gas station that comes to hand, turning a blind eye to the quality of the fuel, or look for someone who can reach the next brand refueling car.

Diesel fuel primer

Agree, the second option is less preferable, so you will have to deal with the consequences of using poor-quality diesel fuel - difficult starting the engine, fumes from the exhaust pipe, as well as accelerated wear of engine parts. To prevent this, it is worthwhile to use special additives for diesel fuel, which optimize its chemical composition - we will consider them in the article.

Читать далее, какие присадки для дизельного топлива лучше-->Кроме того, стоит рассказать об очистителях топливной системы дизельного двигателя и о такой присадке, как антигель — она помогает заводить мотор при низкой температуре, отрицательно влияющей на физические свойства горючего.

Diesel Catalysts

What to do if you can’t reach the brand refueling? After all, most modern diesel cars can not work on low-quality fuel, which is offered by most gas stations that do not belong to large network companies. To normalize the chemical composition of the fuel and to achieve its complete combustion, it is necessary to have a bottle of special means-catalyst. It is very simple to use it - it is enough to pour the required volume into the tank and start the engine, and mixing will occur automatically.

RVS-Master FuelEXx Diesel

Domestic tool called FuelEXx Diesel consists of a combination of different alcohols, which allow to normalize the chemical composition of diesel fuel, optimizing the processes of its combustion. Tests show that its use allows to increase the value of the cetane number of the fuel. As a result, it is possible to achieve an increase in engine power, as well as cleaning its piston rings and combustion chambers. In addition, the additive helps to avoid accumulation of unburned fuel on the valves and in the exhaust system, which significantly reduces the cost of repairing the car after long-term operation on low-quality fuel.

RVS Master Fuel EX

Means from RVS-Master separates water from diesel fuel, allowing you to avoid freezing of fuel at low ambient temperatures. Of course, it does not allow to get the same effect as a depressant-dispersant additive, but it still significantly facilitates starting the engine at a temperature of 0 ... -12 degrees. The advantage of the tool is the ability to pour it into the fuel, which already contains antigel. Thanks to this, even the most severe winter will not be a problem for a diesel car. The cost of the additive per liter of fuel is 2.3–3 rubles - the price range is explained by the presence in the sale of bottles of various sizes.

Liqui Moly

Немецкий концерн, известный широким ассортиментом автохимии, решил вывести на российский рынок сразу несколько присадок, которые позволяют оптимизировать химический состав дизельного топлива. Среди них есть как депрессорно-диспергирующая присадка, так средство для очистки форсунок, но сейчас речь пойдёт о высокоэффективных катализаторах. Наиболее популярным средством для дизельных двигателей, выпущенным этой компанией, является суперкомплекс Speed ​​diesel additive.

Speed ​​diesel additive

It is able to separate water from fuel, bind foreign minerals that are often present in low-quality fuel, and also have the following effect:

  • To increase the power of the motor and prevent the valves from burning through increasing the cetane number;
  • Reduce the rate of clogging of the particulate filter;
  • Improve the environmental performance of the exhaust;
  • To slow down wear, to prevent breakage of the cylinder-piston group. Fuel pump and other specific components;
  • Remove deposits from the nozzle surface.

However, the cost of such a supercomplex for diesel fuel is large enough - even with the purchase of large cans, its cost per liter of fuel will be 3.2–3.8 rubles.

If your car needs emergency assistance in the field of refueling low-quality fuel, you'd better give preference to the special means of Speed ​​Tec Diesel. Such an additive contains a loading dose of substances that normalize the composition of diesel fuel and increase its combustion efficiency. Thanks to this, it is possible to turn even low-quality diesel, which is sold at gas stations in the Russian provinces, into excellent fuel, which will provide excellent dynamic parameters of the car and will not pollute its engine.

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It allows you to clean the nozzles, prevent the formation of deposits on the piston rings and glow plugs, as well as the burning of the muffler, but is not able to deal with water and solid particles in poor quality fuel. The cost of this tool is very high - 8 rubles per liter of fuel, but it is better to just carry it with you in case of emergency refueling, rather than constantly using it.

If the diesel engine begins to smoke strongly, then you should look for the cause in incomplete combustion of fuel, as well as in severe clogging of its injectors. Tests show that one of the best means to deal with the formation of a large amount of smoke is Liqui Moly Diesel Russ-Stop. Unlike the additives described above, it has a very mild effect and allows you to achieve cleaning nozzles and optimizing the combustion processes rather than seriously increasing the power of the power unit.

Liqui Moly Diesel Russ Stop

However, the Diesel Russ-Stop additive can also be used when refueling with low-quality fuel, since it increases the cetane number and allows the engine to stabilize. The cost of the tool is very high - up to 12 rubles per liter of diesel fuel, but the manufacturer recommends using it only 1-2 times a year.


На рынке представлено достаточно много средств, использующих «нанотехнологии» — производители обещают, что они могут заменить собой и средства для очистки форсунок, и даже зимний антигель. Однако тесты показывают, что большая часть этих «наноприсадок» не даёт ровным счётом никакого эффекта — они не соответствуют заявленным параметрам и иногда даже вредят мотору, нарушая нормальные процессы горения в его цилиндрах. Единственным действительно качественным средством является присадка Totek Евро-4, которая производится в США и разливается в России. Она на самом деле оптимизирует процессы горения и повышает цетановое число, не нанося никакого ущерба топливной системе мотора, фильтрам и другим компонентам.

Totek для Евро 4

However, no other effects should be expected from this tool - it will not help to clean the nozzles and will not facilitate the engine start in the winter. Plain bottle from Totek worth putting in the trunk only in case of refueling low-quality fuel. The cost of additives per liter of diesel fuel is 2.1–2.5 rubles, which makes it one of the most affordable tools on the market. Although the question arises whether to save, if a slightly more expensive additive is offered from RVS-Master, which allows you to get many positive effects.

Winter antigel

The second important question is what to do if the fuel filled is summer, and quickly thickens as the ambient temperature drops? You will help a special depressant-dispersant additive, which is known to most Russian drivers under the name "antigel". Fear the use of such funds is not worth it. Only 20% of winter diesel fuel produced at Russian refineries can initially retain their properties at particularly low temperatures. Most of the fuel undergoes the procedure of modification with the help of these funds, which are purchased by industrial enterprises in large quantities.

Liqui Moly

The German concern once again decided to surprise us with its wide range of car chemicals, releasing winter additives for diesel fuel. A tool called Diesel Fliess-Fit uses a standard operating principle - it coats small particles of paraffins in diesel fuel, preventing them from forming large bunches. In addition, the antigel prevents freezing of the water contained in the fuel, due to which it is possible to achieve the complete absence of ice crystals that can clog the fuel line.

Diesel Fliess Fit

The manufacturer promises that his depressant-dispersant additive will provide normal filtration of diesel fuel at temperatures above -31 degrees. However, the results of the study show that freezing occurs already at a temperature of -26 ... -28 degrees. But antigel will still help to start the car even in a harsh winter - if we are not talking about the northern and northeastern regions of our country. The cost of additive per liter of fuel is 6 rubles. You can also purchase concentrate in a small bank - it is difficult to dispense, but it allows you to reduce the cost of processing one liter of fuel to 3 rubles.


Если вы не хотите тратить много денег на нормализацию состава топлива, то вам лучше выбрать продукцию российского завода Astrohim. Его депрессорно-диспергирующая присадка содержит уникальный комплекс на основе органических спиртов, разработанный немецким концерном BASF. Благодаря этому антигель способен поддерживать топливо в жидком состоянии даже при температуре воздуха, равной -31 градусу. Кроме того, производитель допускает даже добавление этого средства в зимнее топливо — при высокой концентрации спиртов в горючем запуск мотора можно произвести даже в случае снижения температуры до -57 градусов.

Антигель Astrohim для дизеля

That is why such a depressant-dispersant additive must necessarily be present in the trunk of a car in a harsh winter. However, it is better to be careful when applying it - the manufacturer does not recommend pouring the product after each filling, so after adding it to the tank it is better to find a branded gas station. Domestic production antigel is estimated at 2–2.5 rubles per liter of treated fuel. However, you can save money by purchasing an additive in a tin canister - while its cost will decrease to 1.2–1.5 rubles.


The American depressant dispersant additive called Diesel Antigel also allows you to improve the performance of fuel without extra costs. When processing summer fuel, it is possible to obtain a pour point of -27 degrees, and when added to a winter diesel engine -51 degrees. Moreover, these results are confirmed by numerous independent tests, which allows us to recommend the purchase of such an additive to Russian drivers.

Hi-Gear Diesel Antigel

In addition, antigel not only significantly reduces the temperature of fuel filtration in winter, but also improves its lubricating properties, slowing down the wear of parts. In contrast to the variant considered above, the American depressant-dispersant additive can be added to the tank quite often without the threat of engine failure, which can be called a significant advantage. Antigel is estimated at 0.7–2.5 rubles per liter of treated fuel, depending on the concentration - the volume of the additive added to the tank depending on the temperature level is indicated on the can with the agent.

Diesel cleaners

Consider the third case - after filling low-quality fuel you got to the brand gas station, and then home. However, the engine is still unstable, annoying the difficult start, the formation of a large amount of black smoke and strong vibrations. The problem is the clogging of the injectors with combustion products or mineral inclusions present in poorly cleaned fuel. To clean the injectors and other engine components, you should use a special tool containing a large amount of detergents.


The Russian-made tool called Injection Pump Dp3 allows you to achieve not only the cleaning of the injectors, but also the removal of deposits of tar, soot and minerals from other parts of the fuel system - including the high-pressure pump. Due to the delicate cleaning of plunger pairs, it is possible to achieve an increase in pressure in the line, which contributes to an increase in engine power. In addition, the additive from RVS-Master helps reduce fuel consumption by approximately 15%.

RVS-Master Injection Pump Dp3

The additive contains a large amount of magnesium silicates - active salts, which help to form a thin film on the surface of moving metal parts, which reduces friction. Its lower layer gradually hardens, creating a cermet coating that fills microcracks, cavities and many other defects resulting from heavy wear. Of course, the tool cannot restore the original condition of all parts, but it can significantly increase the life of the injection pump as well as the cylinder-piston group and nozzles. The cost of one bottle of such funds is 1200 rubles, and it can only be used if necessary - one treatment allows you to get a long-term effect.

Liqui Moly

Another effective tool for cleaning nozzles is Liqui Moly Diesel Spulung. Such an additive was originally developed for washing all the components of the fuel system, so it consists of a sufficiently large number of solvents. It removes residues of combustion products from the surface of the injectors, and also allows you to get rid of residues of organic tar in the fuel line and in the internal channels of the fuel pump. In addition, the composition of the funds from the German chemical concern includes anti-corrosion substances that prevent the destruction of the fuel system under the influence of water, always present in diesel fuel.

Liqui Moly Diesel Spulung

Interestingly, in addition to cleaning the nozzles, the additive helps to normalize the composition of the fuel, as well as to increase the cetane number. Due to this, the repeated formation of soot on the injectors is prevented, as well as the burning of the valves and the silencer, caused by the ingress of fuel residues on them. The tool is recommended to add on demand, but no more than once in 3-4 thousand kilometers. Despite the high quality, it does not give a long-term effect, since it does not contain repair components. The cost of the additive is 800–900 rubles - a high enough indicator for the funds that need to be constantly added to the fuel.


These additives relatively recently appeared on the Russian market. The basis for them is produced in Germany, but the concentrate is diluted and poured into cans in our country. The manufacturer promises a very wide range of positive effects from the use of such a tool - anti-corrosion effect, reducing the amount of sediment, easier starting the engine, reducing smoke and much more. Tests show that the additive really allows you to clean the nozzles, remove carbon deposits and facilitate starting the engine, but this can be called its only advantage.


The product does not include reducing or effective anti-corrosion components. As a result, it is possible only to slightly slow down the wear of the injection pump and the fuel line, but to significantly extend the life of the entire fuel system will not work. In addition, the additive can not optimize the chemical composition of the fuel and increase its cetane number. The cost of funds is equal to 500-600 rubles, but is it worth saving if with a relatively small surcharge you can purchase highly effective funds from RVS-Master and Liqui Moly?

Do I need to use additives?

Most experts argue that without unnecessary need to use different modifiers of diesel fuel should not be. When filling high-quality fuel, they can greatly change its composition, which will lead not only to optimize the combustion process, but also to engine damage. Similarly, anti-gels should be treated - their addition to fuel in summer will not give anything but negative effects.

Diesel Additives

Detergents with a large amount of solvents are also not intended for frequent use - they are recommended to be added to the tank when signs of unstable operation of the power unit appear. However, all types of the considered means must always be in the car - after all, you may find yourself in a difficult situation without even waiting for it.