How to save gas with special additives

Today, due to the rising cost of gasoline, it is often possible to find a situation where car owners, after buying a rather expensive car, understand that their iron horse spends a considerable amount of money during operation. Moreover, at first money is not spent on repairs and spare parts, the main item of expenditure is the cost of fuel. And the greater the volume of the engine, the greater the costs. Therefore, these motorists immediately begin to think about how you can save a little or even a lot in this situation.

gasoline additives

Since this situation is quite known, therefore, immediately there are people who are happy to take to solve someone's problem. It was these people who invented the additives in the fuel so that the car consumed less fuel. To date, presented a whole lot of different additives that will save fuel: this chemical additives, and devices that reduce the consumption of gasoline. But now we will look at exactly gasoline additives.

What is an additive in gasoline?

Petrol additives are special additives that are added to fuel to produce the desired result. How risky it is, we'll talk later.

Additives today a huge variety:

  • additives that save fuel;
  • antifriction additives;
  • additives that clean the engine and fuel system as a whole;
  • dehydrating additives;
  • restorative additives.

If you use the right fuel additives, in some cases the motor will be protected from overheating. In addition, there are additives that will eliminate the plaque on the filters and fuel lines, restore and clean the internal surface of the engine, as well as, in case you pour low-quality gasoline, the additives can minimize damage to the engine from such fuel.

All these advantages of additives were originally created to make motorists lighten their hard share, so that they spend less money on service and repair of the car.

gasoline additives

Fuel economy additives

Gasoline-saving additives are additives that are added to gasoline to save on gasoline, they are in the form of tablets or in the form of a liquid.

After all, as you know, the 95th gasoline is the same 92nd, in which additives were added to increase the octane number to increase the efficiency of the engine.

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Especially if driving at high speeds and with high engine loads, gasoline with a low octane number exposes the engine to the risk of detonation combustion, from which the engine wears. Additional detonation should not be confused with the sound of valves.

To avoid such a problem, you just need to use gasoline additivesthat increase the octane number. To increase the octane number of gasoline, aromatic and paraffin hydrocarbons are commonly used. High-octane gasoline is easy enough to distinguish from low-octane - the smell of the first one is sharper, and the one itself is more volatile than the second. So high-octane gasoline is better not to be stored for the future, and it should always be fresh, so, for this reason, there are also additives to increase the octane number so that you can store, for example, 92nd gasoline, and then, if necessary, convert it 95th.

Moreover, today almost all modern cars are designed to work with high-octane fuel. So, if you pour low-octane gasoline for a long time, then over time this will lead to wear of exhaust valves and pistons, and over time, the gasket of the cylinder head may also deteriorate.

Known and near harmless additives

One of the popular additives that are offered on the Russian market is the biocatalyst MPG-BOOST, which was developed by aerospace specialists. If you use this additive, it will immediately become clear how to save gasoline, it will be visible on the onboard computer.

MPG-BOOST, after entering the fuel tank, immediately dissolves due to its organic origin, and it is also safe for both the car and the environment. According to experts, if you use this catalyst, the fuel consumption will decrease by about 15-30%, especially since it is suitable for all types of fuel.


And for those who care about the environment and are familiar with the problem of global warming, there is an excellent additive MPG-CAPS, due to which a significant decrease in the amount of exhaust gases is noticed, if you constantly use this additive.

The reason for this is the fact that MPG-CAPS is a catalyst for the combustion chamber, in the form of tablets. Usually, as everything happens: if you refuel with regular gasoline, then 40% of gasoline burns in the engine, and the remaining 60% is exhaust gases. When adding the MPG-CAPS bio-additive, the percentage of gasoline that burns becomes 75-90%, and about 10-25% of exhaust remains, a small amount of exhaust gases comes out of the exhaust pipe. In addition, this additive does not destroy the engine, so that the service life of the motor increases.

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MPG — BOOST and MPG-CAPS additives are now being implemented by some network (MLM) companies that claim capacity will increase, gasoline savings will increase, and the environment will be preserved. Also, manufacturers claim that the fuel system of the car will always be in order.

For trucks, in order to save fuel, the same organic additive MPG-MEGA-CRUMBS is used, which is made using the same technology as MPG-CAPS.

Pros when using these additives:

  • 15% savings on gasoline;
  • engine power becomes greater;
  • noise decreases when the engine is running;
  • the working period of nozzles, plugs and valves increases;
  • in frosty weather allows the car to quickly start.

Disadvantages when using additives

The disadvantage of these additives is volatility and instability, so overdose is best avoided. But that's not all, some motorists are not lazy and have an independent examination, which found out the real composition of these tablets.


So, after the end of the experiment, it was noticed that indeed the fuel consumption was reduced by 10-15 percent. But, most importantly, FFI MPG-caps tablets contain a cheap anti-knock dicyclopendienyl iron (ferrocene) - 90%, and manganese oxide - 5%. Of course, the concentration of these substances does not exceed the limit of permissible norms, but the price for these tablets is obscenely expensive.

Ferrocene (Dicyk-lopentadienyl-iron) is used:

  • as an anti-knock in the oil industry;
  • as a heat stabilizer of polyethylene and diene rubbers;
  • in the synthesis of some honey. drugs;
  • in the production of unleaded gasoline as an anti-knock additive;
  • as an additive to diesel and heating oil, to fuel oil, so as not to form carbon, smoke and soot;
  • as an additive to polymers to protect against ultraviolet radiation and high temperature exposure;
  • as an additive in the manufacture of dye and other pigments.
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Цена за 1 килограмм ferroceneа составляет около $12, или 430 рублей, или 100 грн. Рекомендуемая концентрация составляет 5 мг/литр, поэтому 1 килограмма хватит на: 1 000 000/5 = 200000 литров! Так что, себестоимость этих дешевых таблеток от FFI крайне мала, а впаривают их за более серьезные деньги.

candles after using the additive

And here's another interesting thing: the color of the candles when using MPG-caps tablets: on the left - double dosage was used, on the right - half doses, and in the center - 1 dose.

Therefore, the conclusion is - it is better not to use these additives, because after a while the engine will end and it will eat butter.

Alternative to previous supplements

TOTEK-UMT is one of the newest environmental resource-saving and octane-reducing gasoline additives, which increases the efficiency of the engine. And additionally, this additive saves fuel in the amount of 15%, reducing the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere by 40%. According to the manufacturer, if you regularly apply this additive, the resource of the power unit will increase by 40%. But of course, it is necessary to conduct a real experiment.


In addition to all of these additives listed above, there are other additives from other manufacturers. Therefore, it makes sense to experiment, but the main thing in this matter is not to overdo it, because abuse has never led to good.

But I believe that the use of additives is not correct, it is not for nothing that they say that the miser pays twice. It’s like saving a little on gasoline, but after a while you’ll have to give a huge amount of money to repair the engine, so it’s better to look for ways to earn more to refuel with high-quality gasoline and not save at all, put pressure on the floor and enjoy life.