Is the third generation honda cr-v crossover reliable?

Honda CR-V should be carefully inspected on the secondary market, especially cars before the 2010 restyling. It even makes sense to look under the trunk trim, because a lot of dirt can accumulate there, and cracks can also appear on the rear arches. But in general, a reliable car, many Honda cars, if you look after them, will be able to serve for a long time without problems. But still, even in the Honda CR-V with time there may be some trouble.

Honda CR-V 2007


The paintwork is quite gentle, the windshield also cracks easily, a new one such glass costs $ 600. Chips on the body can appear and they need to tint as quickly as possible, because they will appear rust. In general, the car is well protected from corrosion by electroplating. But the tailgate is not particularly well protected, so after 6 years of operation rust may appear on it.

Already after about 3 years, chrome-plated parts, headlights and other optics begin to turn cloudy. If you want to change the lights, they will cost $ 550, but the original can be found 2 times cheaper. Also, after about 7 years of operation, you can strain the door locks, each of which costs $ 400, especially in winter, the locks can stop opening.

Honda cr-v 2009 photo


It often happens that parking lights fail after 6 years, because rust appears in them. On the earliest cars there were such glitches: after turning on the ignition, the electric drive was switched on on the left side mirror. Warranty dealers changed completely mirrors. It also happens that the audio system starts to fail, it itself resets the settings. After about 120,000 km. mileage may fail the air conditioner, because it burns out the compressor relay, which costs $ 15. An electromagnetic clutch or an aluminum tube may also fail.

honda cr-v salon

The battery here with a capacity of 45 A / h, you need to ensure that it is charged, sometimes you can just listen to music for an hour, and not enough power to start the engine.


The engines here are reliable, for the Russian market on all cars installed 4-cylinder in-line petrol engines. They are really reliable, they can easily drive 300,000 km. There are 2.4-liter engines and a 1.8-liter Honda Civic 2006 engine. There is also a 2-liter engine R20.

Honda CR-V engine

There are cases that after 70 000 km. mileage there is a buzz from the roller tensioner drive belt mounted units, but they are quite rare, and the roller itself costs $ 40. Also, over time, it is necessary to adjust the valve clearances, about once every 45,000 km. And do not wait until there will be a knock. It is necessary to fill high-quality fuel, oils must also be of high quality. But still, every 90,000 km. It is desirable to change the fuel filter, the original costs $ 60, and an analogue can be taken for 17. But this fuel filter is in the tank along with the fuel pump. You also need to remember to check the condition of the spark plugs on each TO, the original ones cost $ 22, but you can also find analogues for less money.

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Honda CR-V 2008 photo

It is also advisable to clean the radiator every 3 years in order not to be exposed to the risk of overheating of the motor. Oil should be poured original, then the chain, which is installed in the engine will serve about 100 000 km. It costs about 80 dollars. The main thing is to change the chain in time, and not to allow it to stretch out. Especially motors with a volume of 2.4 liters are at risk. Needless to say, the level of oil should also be normal, because if it is not enough, there will be a lot of problems that it’s better not to know about.

CR-V 2009

There are also diesel versions of the Honda CR-V, a 2.2-liter i-CTDi engine is installed in them, they appeared in Europe in 2004 and were not officially sold in Russia. Although diesel engines are also very tenacious, they require high-quality diesel fuel. In 2009, the new 2.2 i-DTEC diesel engine appeared, which is also no worse than its predecessor.


Gearboxes on Honda are also reliable, manual boxes last a long time, but you need to change the oil every 60,000 km. Here comes the original Honda MTF. Approximately 140,000 km. the clutch already hints that it is time to change it - squeaks appear at the clutch pedal bush. The original disc costs $ 140, and the basket costs $ 240. But you can take and non-original 2 times cheaper. With the replacement it is better not to pull so as not to damage the flywheel of the motor, which costs $ 350.

honda cr-v with mileage

Automatic boxes are also quite reliable, serve at least 250,000 km. Also, periodically it is necessary to change the oil in the box - Honda ATF-Z1 or Honda ATF -DW-1. The box is maintainable, it is possible to put new clutches, overrunning clutch and other parts in it. The entire overhaul of the box will cost about $ 1,000. If it happens that after 7 years of operation the box will not work, then you just need to check the status of the gear selector position sensor, if it is out of order, then its replacement will cost $ 50.

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With all-wheel drive versions of the CR-V is not so simple, because the differential and the coupling connecting the rear wheels DPS docked in one node, but there are 2 oil pump. For off-road driving, this box is not designed, because if the wheels start to slip, the oil will quickly heat up in the main reverse gear, so the rear-wheel drive may turn off at any time - the system will shut it off abnormally. The instrument panel does not indicate overheating anywhere, so the car can suddenly become front-wheel drive. Also, this site is poorly protected from water, so if you drive into a deep puddle, the unit will fail, this will say vibration and crunch. Also in the clutch it is necessary to change the oil sometimes, especially after the appearance of the crunch, oil DPSF-II will go here.

honda cr-v photo

The driveshaft does not like dirt either, the crosspieces serve no more than 200,000 km, and when they break down, you will have to change the universal joint assembly for $ 1,000. But you can try to separately put non-original crosses for $ 16.


In terms of endurance suspension is good enough, there are cases that the rear springs subside over time, after about 4 years. New springs stand at $ 150. It also happens that the wheel bearings start to buzz, their replacement will cost $ 60. The steering rack may start tapping. After about 100,000 km. mileage may appear play in the steering rack. At the same mileage failures tie rods, which cost $ 45, stabilizer, shock absorbers begin to tap. On cars before restyling, it is usually necessary to change the silent blocks of the rear levers. But after the restyling, the suspension design was improved and became more durable. To distinguish the car after restyling can be on new bumpers and grille.

Honda CR-V 2008

With the brake system is not so good. After 120,000 km. may sour caliper guides. The front pads need to be changed quite often, if you drive in patsansky style, then 15,000 km. they hold out. The front pads cost $ 140, while the rear pads cost $ 100. CR-V discs usually serve no more than 80,000 km. For those who do not want to pay $ 300 for the original set of pads and discs on the front wheels and $ 200 on the rear, it makes sense to put the brakes on the Brembo or TRW, it will be 3 times cheaper.

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But in general, the Honda CR-V is a reliable car, it does not quickly lose its value in the secondary market. Motors and gearboxes are really reliable, so such a car in the secondary market quickly finds a new buyer. If you compare with a competitor - Volkswagen Tiguan, which is not so reliable, then the German of the same years is cheaper by about 250,000 rubles. The best purchase will be the CR-V, released after 2010, no matter what the engine and gearbox.

honda cr-v dorstayl

Sensations from driving a Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is neutral when the car enters the arc, it can even slide at first, because the stabilization system works a little late. And if you wish, you can disable the stabilization system altogether, then if you drop the gas abruptly on a slippery road, the rear part will begin to slide, and if you press the gas hard, the front wheels will start to slide. But at the helm low sensitivity, it has to turn a little more than on similar machines. The automatic transmission works quickly and the gears are shifted clearly.

Honda CR-V 2009

The smoothness of the CR-V is also good, the car drives gently on a dirt road, strong hits are rarely felt. In the sand, the car can dig in, so you need to press the gas smoothly. But if you drive on more or less normal roads, the Honda CR-V demonstrates pleasant handling and comfort. Also, the car is universal, equally well suited for different people and different purposes.

And then test drive Honda CR-V before restyling: