The germans started selling the new volkswagen bora in the

Немцы начали продавать новый Фольксваген Бора в Поднебесной

Новопоколенный Volkswagen Bora sedan the Germans began to sell massively in the Chinese car market. It is not known why the Celestial Empire became a place to test consumer demand for the new generation four-door car: Volkswagens are popular all over the world, and any country could claim the right to be the first to buy a novelty. Probably, the pragmatic Germans have their own reasons. New Generation Volkswagen Bora based on the same old PQ35 platform. At length, Bora is “stretched” by 4 meters 56.2 centimeters with a wheelbase of 2,614 millimeters, it is distributed in width by 1,793 millimeters and rises above the ground by 1 meter 46.8 centimeters. With these dimensions, the car has a baggage hold in almost half a cubic meter - 490 liters. If we compare the technical and electronic stuffing of the new generation model, then it will take its place somewhere between the Volkswagen Polo and the Jetta. Немцы начали продавать новый Фольксваген Бора в Поднебесной In the motor line of the new generation Volkswagen Bora sedan there are several gasoline engines. However, a model with only two power units is supplied for the Chinese car market. The first of them is a 1.6-liter 110-strong aspirated, the second is a 1.4-liter engine, boosted by a turbine to 131 horsepower. Depending on the configuration, both engines mate with either a five-speed manual transmission, a six-speed automatic transmission, or a seven-speed robotic gearbox. Немцы начали продавать новый Фольксваген Бора в Поднебесной There will be several configurations in which Bora is supplied to the Chinese car market, from basic to top. Depending on the level of the body kit, the new generation four-door vehicle is equipped with several airbags (up to six pillows), a multimedia combine with a touch screen with different diagonal size (more complete set - keep the screen wider), and climate control. There is an option of the keyless engine start, electric top hatch, light, rain sensors, parking sensors, heated front driver's and passenger seat is available. Немцы начали продавать новый Фольксваген Бора в Поднебесной The Chinese will be able to buy new generation Volkswagen Bora for one hundred - one hundred and fifty thousand of its Chinese money, and translated into our wooden - for one million two hundred - one million six hundred thousand rubles. The Germans do not yet apply for sales in any other countries except China, so the answer to the question "is it worth waiting for the new generation Bora in Russia?" Yet.

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Incidentally, the Germans are gradually beginning to get rid of the old models, in particular, most recently they officially announced the decline of the line of flagship sedans "Phaeton". So such a fate may soon befall the other “old” models, which Bora fully complies with.