Review ford focus 3 in the new body

It is very difficult to call a Ford Focus 3 a simple and unpretentious car. This car is not as beautiful outside as inside - a modern interior, equipped with the most advanced technologies.

We all know that cars break down over time. The reasons for this circumstance can be many - marriage, owner negligence or poor-quality repair and maintenance. Statistics tell us that breakdowns are increasing. This is not surprising, because modern machines use sophisticated technologies, such as turbocharged units and the mass of electronics. Popular today Ford Focus 3 did not escape this fate. It is necessary to discuss the individual problems that arise with this machine.


The problem concerns only the engine with a volume of 1.6 liters. After a cold start, the motor starts troit. This implies the following - unstable operation at idle, the engine just stalls. As the Ford manufacturers themselves say, the cause of these problems is carbon deposits inside the combustion chamber. To correct the incident, the company released the firmware for the engine control module.


This model is equipped with a five-speed “mechanic” with a robotic transmission. As for the “automaton”, it has a number of problems. The owners of the car said about the jerks and cut the metal when shifting gears. The mechanics in this regard are more reliable.

Electric power steering

The steering wheel can dramatically "put on weight" and complicate the steering. At high speeds this can turn into a tragedy. The problem is solved by zeroing memory or flashing.

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There are no major complaints about the body. Some car owners noticed uneven gaps and corners of the doors.


The quality of finishing materials leaves much to be desired.


In general, Ford Focus 3 - a simple and inexpensive to maintain the car (if you do not take into account the robotic box). It has flaws, like any other car, but the advantages are also not few:

  • Nice appearance, futuristic body shape;
  • high reliability of power units;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • comfortable "hodovka".