The japanese will no longer supply three models of toyota to

Японцы больше не будут поставлять на наш авторынок трand моделand Toyota The Japanese checked the sales statistics for each model they put on our car market. The most depressing picture was with three cars that did not find a response in the hearts of Russian motorists. This is about Toyota Auris, Toyota Verso and Toyota Vence. We will not see more of these cars in the dealerships of the Japanese auto brand.

To stop further deliveries Toyota Auris, Verso, Venza the Japanese are driven by the progressive decline of the Russian car market, today we are going to bring cars to us that do not disagree at least in a very unprofitable way, and even, better to say, a ruinous idea. At the moment, the most popular Japanese car in the Russian Federation is considered Toyota Camry. This business-class sedan is assembled at the St. Petersburg facilities of the Japanese automaker. Before the new year, local dealers of the Japanese auto brand announced sales for Hatchback Toyota Auris. The car model line in 2014 could be taken at a reduced price for one million sixty thousand wooden ones. Auris survived the restyling in the spring of 2015, however, it was already decided not to deliver the updated version to us. The reason is simple - jumps in exchange rates, which almost doubled the price of a hatchback collected in England. Over the past three years in our country Toyota Auris bought only three thousand seven hundred people.

Японцы больше не будут поставлять на наш авторынок трand моделand Toyota

Toyota Auris

The second unpopular in Russia "Japanese" is minivan toyota verso. Sales of this car amounted to slightly more than eleven thousand copies over the past six years. This is not much, but more sales Auris. And it is impossible to blame the crisis here, they started selling the car even before the crisis and even in the car-friendly year of the year, for example, in 2012, this model did not even enter the top three in its class in popularity among buyers. Not our car turned out to be, the soul of a Russian person does not lie to him! Sold Toyota Verso since 1132 kilorubley.

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Toyota Verso

And the third "loser" player, Toyota Venza, the Japanese are withdrawing not only from our market, but also from the US too. It is not known why this model did not fit Americans' hearts, but in just two years from us, about ten thousand of these cars were bought from us. Nevertheless, the Japanese themselves called Toyota Venza unsuccessful project, so the planned restyling it decided to postpone it altogether.

The price list for the basic equipment of Venza began in our country from 2 million 190 thousand rubles. Venza they are produced in American factories, and it seems that they are not going to close the lines yet, but now the Chinese and Canadians have been chosen as the target audience for buyers.

Японцы больше не будут поставлять на наш авторынок трand моделand Toyota

Toyota Venza

The crisis in the economy of the country will force sooner or later, but to curtail its presence in our car market of all manufacturers. At the loss, none of them will work. Now, most of the dealers, out of caution, have switched to the "pre-order" sales model for those models that do not have any noticeable demand from Russian motorists.