Bmw x5: the third evolution

Last fall, the Russians had the opportunity to submit their applications for a new version of the German car BMW X5. This event can truly be called the third stage of the evolution of such popular crossovers. Produce them in the US, and the presentation of the new miracle of technology took place recently at the Frankfurt Motor Show. European and Russian markets have already announced the start of car sales.

BMW X5 car design

The wide popularity of BMW X5 is easy to explain: the combination of a successful design and excellent speed qualities of the car quickly found its many admirers around the world. At first, only three modifications were expected in Russia, but a few more will be added this year. All motorists are intrigued: what will they be? How interesting and unique will the newly appeared German beauties?

External characteristics

The new exterior is somewhat different from the traditional forms of the BMW X5: the look of the current version of the car can be called more feminine compared to the old brutal forms of crossovers. The lateral outlines are more dynamic, and the front and rear parts of the car contain updated elements of German BMW cars. It should be noted sport air collectors placed on the front of the bumper, which direct the air flow under the wings of the car. The overall impression of the appearance of the new handsome German is great: the current BMW X5 is close to modern Bavarian auto standards.

At first glance it may seem that in general, nothing has changed. In reality, much has changed: the new crossover has become longer (up to 4886 mm) and wider (up to 1938 mm), it looks more stylish and branded. But the groove retained the same. Thanks to the use of aluminum and other lightweight materials, the machine has become lighter by 90 kg and at the same time lower by 13 mm. There is an improvement in aerodynamic drag (to 0, 31), which contributed to the improvement of the dynamic abilities of the crossover.

Photos of the new BMW X5

BMW X5: car photo

Interior features

Designers offered a more interesting interior of the car: the front panel of the BMW X5 is made in the modern style of the BMW concern. It should be noted ergonomics: it has improved markedly and has become more relevant. The quality of the upholstery has also improved. As for the glazing scheme of the car, it remains the same, therefore, the driver’s view has not changed. Slightly reduced side windows, however, increased the amount of blind spots.

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The cabin has 5 seats, however, there is an option for the third double row. In this case, the third row becomes very cramped and low. Front seats have electric adjustment and various settings. On the center console is a 10-inch display.

The advantage of the new crossover is the trunk, very roomy and spacious, with a volume of 650 liters. Folding the third row of seats, you can expand it to a volume of 1,870 liters. The tailgate can be opened using the built-in electric drive, key fob and buttons in the cabin.

Salon BMW X5 2014

Electronics and security system

The fifth BMW contains all the technologies that were worked out on the previous "fellow". Here appeared an updated drive, a new range of engines and various electronic gadgets. The joystick control has become the owner of the touch panel, and a powerful processor with the same navigation makes the work much more enjoyable. In addition, there was a good all-round view, allowing you to see the car from above.

The security system has also become more sophisticated: the presence of ABS, tracking functions for markings and warnings about a potential pedestrian accident are very relevant today. In addition, there is a system for closing hatches and windows in a situation of possible accidents, autoparking and night vision function.

It is safe to say that the newly-minted "Bavarian" is made, as they say, conscientiously, its excellent quality is beyond doubt. It is worth recalling that in 2003, the first X5 model received the highest score in the EURONCAP rating.

BMW X5 xdrive30d engine

Variants of modifications

Specifications of BMW X5 now no one is a secret. Russian potential buyers of BMW X5 have the opportunity to choose one of three options for engines:

  1. In the first row - diesel 6-cylinder engine № 57 D30. Volume - 3 liters, power - 258 horses. forces, peak torque - 560 Nm, acceleration - 6.9 seconds. The highest speed limit of the car is 230 km / h. The average fuel consumption is a little over 6 liters per hundred kilometers (7.1 liters in the city, 5 liters on the highway). The motor contains a modified turbocharger and nozzles with a piezoelectric element of the company "Bosch".
  2. The second version of the diesel engine contains a triple M50d turbocharging system. Power - 381 horses. forces, volume - 3.0 liters, peak torque - 740 Nm. Diesel fuel consumption averages 6.7 liters (7.6 liters within the city, 6.2 liters on the highway).
  3. The next option is an 8-cylinder V-shaped gasoline giant with a Twin Turbo system, designed for the xDrive50i version. Volume - 4.4 liters, power - 450 horses. force peak torque - 650 Nm. Indicators are impressive, so is the fuel consumption: about 10 liters on average (in the city - 14 liters, on the highway - 8.3 liters). The highest speed - 250 km / h, acceleration - 5 seconds.
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Interestingly, now the X5 will be sold in the version only with rear wheel drive. This version will get the letter S, that is, S-Drive. In Russia, promises to be a popular version of the all-wheel drive three-liter diesel engine.

BMW X5 photos


The basic equipment includes a safety steering column, dynamic cruise control, DBC, DSC, ABS, HDC, central locking with an emergency sensor, ISOFIX attachments, dual-zone climate control, sun glasses and many other useful and convenient features.

The top version is complemented by exclusive trim and folding rear-view mirrors with electric, heated seats, security alarms and many other gadgets and functions.

Modern designers offer a more extended form of models of the German crossover. Now X5 has received not only decoration lines, but also design options. For example, in one embodiment, the car becomes more elegant and presentable, and in the other - supports the sporty character. Depending on this, there are three options for tuning package:

  • Design Pure Excellence
  • Design Pure Experience
  • Sports design

New BMW X5

BMW X5 driving characteristics

Since 2008, all engines operate with an eight-speed automatic transmission on the 760 Li, but in this case, serious improvements have been made. With a decrease in the mass of the car, the friction of the parts has noticeably decreased. Experts refer the SAV class to the new crossover, stating that the car is intended mainly for outdoor activities. Ideal for driving on flat roads with hard surface. In terms of off-road, the X5's choice is not very big: only the help system on descents and ascents. The car does not notice the small grooves, but the larger pits are quite tangible.

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The chassis design remains the same. But a lot of small elements lightened by aluminum.

About prices

It seems that on BMW X5 price must be fully consistent with its class. Check it out.

The xDrive30d option costs at least 3,100,000 rubles, the xDrive50i costs 3,800,000 rubles, and the smartest xDrive50d modification will cost the buyer at least 4,400,000 rubles.

Спортивный BMW X5 photos

The target audience of the X5 is wealthy men and women aged from 30 to 50 years. Approximate costs of the cost of owning a car for the first year:

  • CASCO - 170979 р.
  • OSAGO - 6336 g.
  • Transport tax - 38700 r.
  • Maintenance - 38700 r.
  • The loss of value for the year - 800000 p.
  • Fuel consumption per year - 70125 r.

Total: 1108140 rubles.

Means, of course, considerable. However, the car is gorgeous: beautiful, comfortable, stylish, presentable. Riding on such a “horse” is one delight. So, if there is such an opportunity, then buy, the German handsome is worth it.

Another professional opinion on the BMW X5 is reflected in this video, which tells in detail about the design, features, prices and reviews of the updated model: