The most reliable cars in the world


When a person plans to buy a car, he, above all, thinks about its reliability. This will make it possible to operate the machine without any problems for the next few years, not to be afraid of the failure of the main components due to the presence of initially weak points. Reliability is a collective concept that includes many values ​​and criteria. In the ranking of the most reliable cars are only the best models from different manufacturers, which deserve such a title and provide car owners with what they expect from cars.

Rating of the most reliable cars in the world

TOP most reliable cars in the world.

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The concept of car reliability

First you need to determine what is meant by this concept. Every year, a lot of companies and organizations involved in analytics try to select the best cars according to certain criteria. Reliability is considered one of the most important. Hitting the automaker in these lists significantly increases the demand for their line of cars. Therefore, it is in the interests of the companies themselves to produce really high-quality and reliable machines.

Data collection for final grades is collected by several methods:

  • car owners survey;
  • polls;
  • research;
  • crash tests;
  • severe testing;
  • observation during operation of the machine, etc.

All the data obtained are summarized, which allows us to derive a common denominator under these or other vehicles, as well as manufacturers. The reliability of the car means a combination of several qualities and characteristics inherent in a really good car.

Therefore, the reliability rating necessarily implies research and verification of machines according to the following parameters:

  1. Operational reliability. This criterion makes it clear how long the most reliable machine can be used without the need for repairs. In this case, the car must be in operation, and the owner must comply with the manufacturer's recommendations for the replacement of consumables, etc. That is, there is a natural process of operation. The sooner a problem arises that is not related to a violation of the manufacturer’s recommendations, the lower the rating is given to the machine.
  2. Durability. This indicator determines how long a car can be operated, if regularly and properly perform the regulated maintenance.
  3. Easy to repair. Even if the machine fails, there are some problems, the manufacturer must provide the possibility of their quick elimination.
  4. Performance Using this criterion, it is determined to what extent the operational period stated by the automaker in the technical documentation corresponds to the actual duration of the operation of the machine.

Often motorists think that experts award high marks only to the most expensive brands and models. Ostensibly high price means high quality. But this is not always the case. Many companies put really expensive cars on the market, which in terms of reliability are significantly inferior to budget cars.

Ten of the most reliable automakers

Here the situation is quite interesting and will surprise many. Especially those who continue to believe in the superiority and domination of the quality of German cars. Yes, once the Germans were at the top of the reliability Olympus. But on past merits it is impossible to conquer new peaks. Therefore, in the ranking of the most reliable cars the situation began to turn. Once the leaders are beginning to lag behind, and even once the obvious outsiders are confidently moving up. Let's start from the weakest representative of the dozens and finish the winner of the rating of the most reliable cars in 2018. Consider that there were dozens of companies outside the stamp. Therefore, even being in 10th place is a serious achievement.


Opens the top ten car manufacturers in 2018 representative from Germany. BMW company has seriously lost its position, because for several years it has confidently sank down a few steps. The once unconditional first place has become an unstable 10 line. But the reliability rating should be fair. Because BMW can not be put above. Their new cars often break down, and in order to troubleshoot a number of problems, we have to deal with a very complex internal device.


Statistics show that the BMW car is increasingly becoming a visitor to car services. It seems that the Germans decided to make money on spare parts and feed various stations. How else to explain such a change in performance, as well as the inability to eliminate more than 80% of faults with your own hands. As in the ranking of 2017, in 2018, experts award only the last lines of the top of the company from Germany. Let them once ahead of all in reliability, and the reliability of the legendary models literally infuriated competitors who are not able to offer something similar. What brand was before, and what cars have become now, somewhat depressing true fans of the Bavarian automaker.


The company has established itself as a manufacturer of inexpensive but good workhorses. Cars got an improved anti-corrosion coating, eliminated the problem of increased oil consumption, put reliable and structurally simple engines, which allowed to enter the top 10. But these cars have problems. And they begin after 100 thousand run. They are not very serious, they can be eliminated. Repels only the unexpectedly high cost of repairs. Some models are not thought out perfectly. Sometimes you have to disassemble half of the engine, in order to simply replace the spark plugs. There are similar examples of flaws that did not allow Nissan to be above the 9th line of the rating.


KIA and Hyundai

These brands can be put in one row and awarded the same 8th place. The close cooperation and mutual use of technological and constructive solutions allow identifying brands as completely different. Having jumped above the head, gradually the Koreans descend again in the rating of reliability. Their engines have ceased to be a model of durability, overgrown with new problems and disadvantages. But the Koreans would not be themselves if they did not continue to work hard on their mistakes. Much of it turns out, they managed to get rid of a number of chronic problems. So far, only the chassis, not able to compete with European models, is upsetting.

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These cars of Japanese origin are quite expensive to maintain. But the owners themselves believe that the money justifies itself. Serious problems for cars of this brand were executive hydraulics and multi-link suspension. They simply simplified the design, not afraid to lose some technical superiority over competitors. But this initially controversial step made it possible to take a different look at Honda from the standpoint of car reliability. They have become much better, and therefore deservedly climbed to the 7th line of the rating.



When a person buys a Porsche, he waits for such money not just luxury and dynamics, but also an appropriate level of reliability. Gradually, the sub-brand of the VAG Group confidently rises, forcing skeptics to talk about really high quality cars. Currently, indicators of durability and suitability for repair are far from the cherished positions. But engineers continue to work hard. Some doubts cause the most sporty models. But the Panamera and Macan claims at least. In many ways, thanks to these models, the company ranked 6 in the top.



Eternal complaints about their engines do not prevent Japanese companies from remaining among the best automakers by reliability criteria. Technical parameters have improved significantly, the suitability for repairs has increased several times. Subaru got its 5th place for using new alloys in the production of engines. The degrees of engine forcing were also somewhat reduced, which made it possible to prolong their service life with minimal loss of power. Excellent dynamics, some of the best turbines in the world, combined with a good bundle and durable housing allowed to get into the middle of the ranking and firmly establish themselves in their positions.



Here you can rightly enter the company Volkswagen, which is the main actor of the VAG Group, of which Audi is a part. Although the Germans have lost their positions in the quality ratings, they are still confidently holding their 4th position. Engineers have taken an important step by starting to use an aluminum body. This allowed us to give lightness, efficiency and durability. Gone is the problem of corrosion, but there were difficulties in body repair. You can make it, only it usually costs a lot to the owner. Aluminum can be called the basis for modern and future cars. But since the melting point of this material is higher, and expensive equipment is required for welding, such innovations automatically increased the cost of the not-so-cheap Audi cars.



The Japanese auto giant has always been in high positions, and in the near future the situation will not change for sure. Worthy bronze. In some aspects, reliability indicators cannot be called benchmarks. But according to a study of their efficiency and maintenance, experts could not lower the brand below 3 positions. Toyota has made a big step forward, creating a more wear-resistant and durable automatic transmission and robotic boxes. Their repair has been simplified, reliability has been improved, while maintaining high efficiency.



Silver was won by another Japanese company. Do not be surprised that such a high position went to the Japanese. They deserved this by their hard work and the desire to be the best in the world. In many ways, the exit to position 2 is due to the advent of SkyActiv technology, on the basis of which modern gasoline and diesel engines of the company are built. The characteristic problems with electronics disappeared, the efficiency and maintainability of automatic transmissions significantly increased. And the improved appearance in general deserves special attention. Because Mazda was in such a high place, only slightly behind the leader. Now it is one of the best cars that are recommended to buy in the secondary market. Over time, they do not lose their reliability, and if necessary, repairs do not arise any significant problems.



And the palm in 2018 was won by Lexus. It seems that the manufacturer does not notice the competitors, but is confidently moving forward. Their cars are incredibly stylish, luxurious, dynamic, high-quality. In these components, they have virtually no competitors. According to the results of the evaluation, experts concluded that the Japanese are making the best electronics, motors, gearboxes. Also the problem that car owners of models with high mileage complained about several years ago has disappeared. Then there was an active failure in different systems. The current models at 400 thousand kilometers do not face serious malfunctions. Although car repairs are quite expensive, Lexus owners rarely turn to auto repair with such problems. The reliability of the engines and the stability of the undercarriage to the harshest operating conditions left no chance for the competitors. Therefore, the experts deserved the first place to Lexus.


Class leaders

If we talk about the reliability of a particular car, then select the ten best cars in the world is extremely difficult. Therefore, instead of a collective rating, we suggest studying small tops from representatives of different classes who managed to win first places. By the end of 2017, these cars are positioned as the most attractive cars in terms of reliability. Each car has undergone a thorough examination, received an assessment of experts and ordinary motorists.

We took into account the results of the most authoritative ratings of reliability, which are actively used throughout the world:

  1. This is the German association for technical supervision, which deals with the technical inspection of machines in Germany. Car owners recognize that the results of their checks are the most objective. For evaluation, use reports of technical inspectors, which can not be bought.
  2. One half of the TO takes on TUV, and the second in Germany is engaged in this organization. This is the German Auto-supervision Union. They make brief conclusions after testing more than 15 million cars per year. The organization identifies the top 9 representatives of the most popular classes.
  3. German car club. It is the largest public organization in Europe. It includes about 18 million car owners. They deal with issues of technical failure, which makes it possible to compile relevant statistical reports.
  4. Warranty Direct. A British company whose data is based on information from an insurance organization. They analyze the benefits of insurance, thereby determining what weaknesses there are in various vehicles. As a result, each model gets a conditional reliability index. Also an important advantage of their work is the availability of information about the average cost of repairing machines.
  5. Auto Expert. Edition from the UK. They get their analytics by conducting an annual survey. Every year more than 50 thousand car owners participate in the survey. The result is presented in the form of a generalized rating, which includes a dozen of the best cars, regardless of class or year of manufacture.
  6. Consumer Reports. Independent organization from the USA, which has existed for more than 80 years. They collect data on car breakdowns by questioning the owners. Every year the company has information on more than 500 thousand cars. Recently, they completed the largest research in the world, which included more than 300 models of cars produced since 2000. They also tell at the end of the year which cars have risen in the reliability rating and which ones have lost their previous positions. In parallel, the organization offers tops of the best cars in the secondary market, which cost up to 30 thousand dollars and were released no more than 10 years ago.
  7. JD Power. An agency from the United States that collects data on car breakdowns during the first 3 months from the start of their operation, as well as for the first 3 years As a result, a leader is published in each class, as well as several cars that are as close as possible to him in terms of reliability.

Summing up the results of the work of all analytical companies and organizations, it was possible to compile a general rating according to different criteria. In each class there will be presented leaders selected by one or another expert analytical organizations. Therefore, conditionally, each car deserves 1 position. Opinions of experts diverge, which is why it is important to name several leaders for each class.

Compact cars

In this segment, the following leaders are identified:

  • Honda Jazz (available in some markets under the name Fit);
  • Chevrolet Aveo, also known as Sonic;
  • ix20 from Hyundai;
  • Mazda 2.

These are small budget cars that have managed to demonstrate their best qualities. The level of reliability of some of them has increased markedly in recent years. Also worth mentioning is the compact premium cars of this class. Here, the leaders consider:

  • Audi A1;
  • Mini Hatch.

This is an option for those who are willing to spend a little more money on a small car.

Mini Hatch

Compact crossovers

Here it was possible to define conditionally 4 leaders, although in fact it is 3 cars. The best small crossovers are:

  • Mitsubishi ASX;
  • Dacia Duster;
  • Opel Mokka;
  • Buick Encore.

In fact, Opel and Buick are identical cars. Also to Dacia, you can safely add Renault Duster.

Buick Encore

Class C cars

There was a stubborn struggle, as many organizations represented their segment leaders. But after careful analysis of the research, it was possible to form 4 top positions. It is these cars that can be considered the most reliable in 2018 by such criteria as reliability, maintainability and durability:

  • Toyota Corolla;
  • Toyota Prius;
  • Mazda 3;
  • Mitsubishi Lancer.

Please note that all presented cars are products of the Japanese car industry.

In class C there are also leaders among the premium segment. This includes:

  • Audi A;
  • BMW 1 Series;
  • Lexus CT200h;
  • Volvo C30.

Here is the domination of Europeans with the inclusion of only one representative of Japan.

Lexus CT200h

D class safety leaders

Here, their leading positions continue to hold:

  • Volkswagen passat;
  • Toyota Avensis;
  • Opel Insignia;
  • Honda Accord;
  • Chevrolet Malibu.

A good selection of worthy representatives of Japanese, American and European brands. If you are interested in a higher price segment, then in the D class, experts and car owners consider the most reliable premium cars to be:

  • Volvo S60;
  • Lexus IS;
  • Audi A4;
  • Audi brother;
  • Mercedes C-Class.

Deserved leadership of Europeans, where the general leader in the person of Lexus continues to steadily enter.

Audi A4

Premium crossovers

Opinions diverged from different organizations. But they all put such cars on the leading places:

  • Lexus NX;
  • Mercedes GLK;
  • BMW X3;
  • audi Q5.

Machines are expensive, but fully justify their value with excellent reliability indicators.

audi Q5

Business segment cars

In the business class struggle was hard. Leaders tried to outperform their competitors. But the result of the research did not bring any serious surprises. Therefore, naturally, the best ones are:

  • Audi A6;
  • BMW 5-Series;
  • Lexus GS;
  • Lexus ES.

A double-hit leader in reliability Lexus once again proves the ability of the Japanese automaker to produce really high-quality and reliable cars.

Lexus GS

Premium crossovers and SUVs

We conclude the review of what brand of car earned such a high rank in the most prestigious class. Since SUVs and crossovers are now at the peak of their popularity, everyone wants to represent the best representative of this segment. No surprises are worth waiting for. Four leaders looks natural. It includes:

  • Audi Q7;
  • BMW X5;
  • Mercedes ML;
  • Lexus RX.

Again, without the Lexus top is not done.

Lexus RX

As you can see, the results of recent years have changed significantly with the position of forces that was observed in the late 90s and early 2000s. The leaders have changed, and they obviously are not going to give up their positions. It’s hard to say what the former title holders of the most reliable automakers will do. They will have to do a lot of work to be ahead of the current leaders. I also want to believe that some of the newbies or dark horses will be able to suddenly get ahead. In the meantime, the situation on the market of the most reliable cars and automakers looks like.