New tlc 200 equipped with air suspension

Новый TLC 200 оснастили пневматической подвеской

Yesterday, the Japanese held an official presentation of the most luxurious version of the model. Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Executive, which is now equipped with a brand "hydropneum". This lacking convenience, according to the developers, radically changes for the better all off-road capabilities of the Kruzak and creates the greatest possible comfort for driving in difficult road conditions for its driver and passengers. In addition, “hydropneum” is not an ordinary “pneuma” with its well-known shortcomings, by the way, all competitors Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Executive equipped with it.

The suspension on pneumatic shock absorbers appeared for the first time in the late nineties of the last century. She came to Russia at the beginning of the two thousandth, she was equipped with imported Lexus and at that time it was a very reliable suspension. One suspension system controls the elasticity of the structural element, which is connected directly to each wheel of the car, it is referred to as “AVS”, and the second system adjusts the ground clearance, and it can be changed either manually or automatically, as soon as the ground under the wheels changes, either clearance will increase - if the Russian roadless raskolbas began, or will decrease when the car got on even and dry and, accordingly, its speed increased. This system is called "AHS". Clearance can "play" in the range of up to ten centimeters in either direction relative to the nominal value. Новый TLC 200 оснастили пневматической подвеской TLC 200 Executive under the hood can have both petrol and diesel "eight". The V8 petrol engine has a power of 309 horsepower, while a diesel engine is weaker - 249 hp. with a torque of 650 nm. In addition to the hydropneumatic suspension, TLC 200 Executive equipped with twenty-inch light-alloy "rollers", a system that controls the driver's condition - fatigue, arousal, drowsiness, a system that prevents a frontal impact and can automatically brake. TLC 200 Executive It has a cruise control that automatically sets the maximum allowable distance to the car in front, the car can recognize pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists and road signs, knows how to control traffic in the lane, in short, it is equipped with a full package of Safety Sense - and that says it all. Новый TLC 200 оснастили пневматической подвеской

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This is the most luxurious equipment the 200th cruise 5050 thousand rubles with a petrol engine and 5176 thousand for a complete set with a diesel engine.

By the way, having a similar hydropneumatic suspension Lexus LX450dcosts exactly five million and is cheaper. The Japanese do not see this as a problem, since, according to them, TLC200 and Lexus LX different audience, different development strategies, and competition between them is impossible.

Yesterday we wrote that Toyota is going to sell Land Cruiser 70 to Russians in the near future.