Renault megane: buying from second-hand and the cost of

Used Megan thanks to its affordable price attracts many. The machine, released before 2009, looks very modern, and with a good configuration it can even compete with modern new analogues.

Renault Megan with mileage photo

In 2002, the design of the car seemed European, accustomed to the classic lines, somewhat fanciful and extravagant. But now, 12 years later, the car does not seem morally obsolete. So did this hatchback with a margin of relevance.

He received the well-deserved title of "Car of the Year" in 2003. But the Russians bought Turkish-built sedans, which they liked more spacious salons and practicality. Not bad sold and universals collected in Spain.

Body, interior, electrics

In terms of corrosion protection for this car, there were few complaints. Most of the panels are covered with a layer of zinc, the wings and the floor in the trunk and all - polypropylene.

Renault Megane mileage salon

But do not rejoice too soon. Exactly, as it was observed in the early generation Jeep Grand Cherokee models, the wheel arches, from which the paint was erased, can rust. And still unstuck from glass seals. By the way, about the glass. A few years ago, Renault recalled a large batch of cars. They have the rear window could easily burst. Just like that, just by itself.

More fun with sedans. Have them a roof swells up in the cold. The reason is simple - thermal noise insulation from cold is deformed. And it is so firmly attached to the metal that it is oppressed. The problem was solved only in 2007. So you can find a lot of cars after the roof repair, which survived a similar incident.

Electrician tolerates dampness very poorly. The diffuser melts, the contacts of the lamps oxidize. Xenon ignition units, which cost an average of 200 euros, refuse to cheer. And still poorly protected electric windows on the doors. At a price of 300 euros, they can easily break from moisture. Yes, and the buttons that are used to control them, too difficult to call reliable.

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Renault Megane front wings with mileage

Next on the agenda climate control. A fan that costs 250 euros, as well as a slightly less expensive (180 euros), its control unit, often dies. After 100 thousand km the air conditioner compressor starts to go crazy. But it will cost 900 euros.

First few years godless buggy audio system. For example, the display could not go out, even after the ignition is already off.

Another problem is the malfunction of the fault signal. airbags. It could be included for no apparent reason. It was necessary to crawl under the driver's seat, check the electrical connector there.

A bad signal, if you have 100 thousand when you turn the steering wheel clicks appear. This is a sad sign. Most likely you flew a block of steering column switches. New costs about 250 euros.

Petrol car Renault Megane

In order to avoid serious problems, you should annually clear the drains under the windshield. Otherwise, there will be a lot of water in the cabin, which will easily spoil the thermal and noise insulation on the engine shield. And the trapeze janitors will have to be replaced. And it will cost 400 euros.

Even less like the moisture under the hood connectors. Electrical wiring may be covered if you decide to wash the engine thoroughly.

Ignition coils It should be treated with lubricant where there is a connection with candles. Previously, the first generation cars, and the second, released before 2006, were used by the French “Sagem”. And it was a headache. They had to throw them away often. But after replacing them with Beru and Denso, everything became much easier. These two coils are almost eternal.

Let's take it deeper

Do you persistently refuse to start the unit? Look for the cause in the shaft position sensors. They will cost you about forty euros. Covered often and phase shifter. Previously, it was changed under warranty. But it cost as much as five hundred euros. By the way, a part could easily break down already at 20 thousand, greatly surprising the owner. The problem was typical for the 1.6-liter and 2-liter versions. In 2006, the part was reworked, and the post-restyled versions did not suffer from anything like that, allowing car owners to breathe out at least for this reason.

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Renault Megane with engine and electrics

With particularly active driving a car with a two-liter engine, the rear leg flew already thirty to forty thousand kilometers. But the 1.6-liter engines, it was twice as strong.

Water pump and timing belt It is worth changing every 60,000 km. Longer they simply will not live.

The transmission is not so bad, although there are problems. The mechanics are reliable enough. Although 100 thousand or more seals begin to flow. Check the oil level, or the differential bearings will be bad. Much worse is that at 10-15 thousand mileage incomprehensible jerks already begin when clutch discs close. And often, even a complete replacement does not solve anything.

But it was flowers. But adaptive automation called DP0, worth as much as 3.5 thousand euros, familiar to the owners of Peugeot and Citroens since 1999 is a very capricious thing. Especially when it is not warmed up. Problems also arise with glands, torque converter, modulation valves, hydraulic unit. Replacing the latter costs up to 450 euros. But to sort out the box will cost a whole thousand.

Renault Megane with suspension mileage, wheels

Achilles' heel pendants - support bearings on the front racks. While in 2007 they were not replaced, they caused a lot of problems and the need for repairs, on average, dragging on a hundred euros. Moreover, the difficulties began already at 15,000 km.

Many may scare knock on the steering column. But it's not so bad. Most likely, this is not a breakdown, but a constructive defect. Just the steering shaft reaches the limiter. This is typical even for new cars. But the problems with the rail usually begin somewhere in the 70 thousand. Km. And it costs around 600 euros. At the same time will be covered by the time the steering tips. They, fortunately, are not so expensive. Like thrust (for 40 euros). A unique situation - not the original counterparts will live many times longer.

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The silent block on the front suspension “flies” along with the ball-support and lever already at 60 thousand km.

As the incomparable Ostap Bender said, "And I beg you, do not eat raw tomatoes for the night." I want to say about Megana "Do not buy cars made before restyling". Because there will be so much torment that you will regret more than once that you took this, in principle, a good car.

Renault Megane with mileage sale

About prices

Megan, which is about four or five years old, with a 1.4-liter unit can cost you about 300,000 rubles, sometimes all 400,000. But a little more expensive (up to 450,000) you can already take 1.6 liters. You will give the same money for the Chevrolet Lacetti, or the 307th Fawn. Although we cannot call these cars the best. Much more reliable (but more expensive) Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3 of the same age.

If you, as a member of the "Field of Miracles" shout "prize" and do not want to abandon the idea to buy Megan, then take the two-liter with the mechanics. With a price of only 20 thousand more, it will be much better than the rest of the brethren.

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