The best methods how to start the car in the cold

In the morning you can warm up the engine with an industrial hairdryer, if you can find one. After ten minutes of heating procedures, the machine can be started in the usual way. You can buy a special electric heater for the engine, which allows you to either keep the heat under the hood all night, or warm up the car when it is turned on in the morning.

Such devices, by the way, are included in the standard equipment of individual “northern” machines, and in addition, they are installed on “KamAZ” of some models. In some stores, special oil plugs with heaters are sold, which can operate both from a battery and from an ordinary outlet (using an extension cord).

A way to quickly start the engine

Put the car in a heated garage: no problems with starting the engine will not. Starter turn not in the "summer" mode (5 - 6 seconds), but more thoroughly: 20 - 25 seconds. Breaks between starts also need to be extended to give the battery time to recover after each unsuccessful attempt.

Get a normal battery. If this condition is impracticable, then, most likely, it will be necessary to “smoke a cigarette” in a neighbor's car. For such cases, it is good to have long wires with crocodile clips - they will save a lot of time. Before turning the ignition key for a few seconds, turn on the lights (or just “blink” them): this will allow to “revive” the battery so that later it can turn the starter normally. As an option - turn out the candles and warm them with a lighter.

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Popular way to start a car

The method is especially popular with the owners of "Oka" and other cars, where there are only two candles. Be sure to squeeze the clutch, even if the machine is in neutral gear. If the engine can start, then you need to release the pedal very smoothly: one sudden movement - and the car can stall for good. It is important not to be nervous if the engine fails to start several times: sometimes in the hearts they press the gas pedal too hard when starting, and this is fraught with overflowing the carburetor with a combustible mixture. After that, all subsequent attempts to revive the car are often simply meaningless.