Training in straight categories e.

Различные типы транспорта требует индивидуального умения вождения и степени подготовленности водителя. Особенно это важно при перевозке большого числа пассажиров. Для работы на автобусах практически во всех странах нужны специализированные курсы вождения и отдельная программа обучения. Россия в этом случае не является исключением. О том, how to get category D и ее подкатегории, расскажем в нашей статье.


  • 1 Features category D
  • 2 The main criteria for obtaining rights
  • 3 Learning nuances

Category D Features

With the introduction of a new expanded list of gradations of vehicles, the types of vehicles were deciphered in more detail. At the same time, a detailed breakdown of buses with different characteristics into groups was carried out:

  • D - buses, in which seats more than 16;
  • D1 - small buses, which are allowed to have seats in the range of 8-16;
  • OF - full-fledged buses with a trailer weighing more than 0.75 tons, but less than 3.5 tons;
  • D1E - small buses with trailers weighing more than 0.75 tons.

how to get category D

We will show you who is trying to figure out the right of category D, what it is and what they give. The main advantage is the transportation of passengers by all types of modern buses.

A small bus that can accommodate up to 16 passengers requires category D1 or D1E. In many cities, this range includes up to 80 ... 90% of passenger urban and intercity transport.

In metropolitan areas or when traveling long distances can not do without comfortable lounges, accommodating more than 16 passengers. Also, for long-distance travel will be demanded dimensional trailer. In this case, you will need the rights of category D or DE.

what is the cost of training for the rights of category D

The main criteria for obtaining rights

Unlike most other categories, to obtain the mark "D" in the rights you need a minimum driving experience of driving a car or truck. There are also other minimum requirements for working as a bus driver:

  • Availability of open categories B or C. This means that before learning on any type of bus, you will need to have experience driving other vehicles.
  • Minimum driving experience - 3 years. At present, a period is defined, after which, the car owner is allowed to study on the bus.
  • Age of study from 21 years. Based on elementary calculations, it will be possible to start studying three years after receiving the first rights, respectively, 18 + 3 = 21 years.
  • Medical book. When transporting a large number of passengers, you must have an appropriate health tolerance. Filling the medical book is governed by the GOST, which controls the absence of certain diseases from the owner of this document.
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rights category D what is it

The driver should not be a danger to passengers, since during work, for example, on a city route taxi, he contacts with a large number of people.

Learning nuances

For training in category D you will need to choose the appropriate driving school. At the same time, the cost of this course will be higher than for other types of vehicles. This is due to such features:

  • the need to maintain specific rolling stock;
  • availability of an appropriate license for the institution;
  • prepared program;
  • experienced instructors, able to transfer theoretical and practical knowledge.

what are the rights of category D

It is desirable that the school had its own circuit or access to a quality circuit to consolidate practical skills. Among the exercises of the course there will be such driving instructions:

  • Snake;
  • parking in reverse;
  • entry to the car box;
  • turn;
  • parking in reverse;
  • stop and start to climb;
  • practical driving skills in urban environments.

At the final stage of training, the future bus driver must pass an examination to confirm the theoretical knowledge. Questions of testing include both the analysis of situations on the road, and the provision of first aid or knowledge of road signs and markings.

how much is the minimum cost of training for the rights of category D

In most cases, the cost of education for the rights of category D is from 33,000 rubles. This amount includes practical lessons and a theoretical part. Duration of training will last about three months. During this time, about 40 hours will take practical driving. Independent training in the disciplines is not provided by law.

For admission to a driving school will require the following documents:

  • passport;
  • valid driver's license;
  • two photos 3,5x4,5;
  • medical certificate of the established sample.

To pass a medical examination to persons from other regions will be possible only with a legal temporary registration. For citizens from other countries will need a translation of the passport into Russian, if one is not in the document.

The validity of the driver's license is limited in time. Today issue rights for 10 years. At the end of this period, you will need to re-register.