Tuning lada "kalina" looks unusual

This new Volga Automobile Plant appeared recently. It is represented by three body options, such as the universal, hatchback and sedan. For Lada Kalina car tuning is also relevant, as well as for many other cars, such as the VAZ 2106 (tuning which is simply necessary). After all, during the presentation of this car, many of them paid attention to him, and now there are many different options for tuning this brand of car.

Lada Kalina tuning

And despite the contradictory statements about Kalina, this car only gained its popularity not only among the older generation of motorists, but also in youth circles. The car has an attractive design, similar to the model of European and Asian release. It has a comfortable, comfortable interior and an economical engine. All these indicators made Lada Kalina a worthy continuation of the line of the WHA. 

Considering the interest to this brand of car owners, companies began to offer tuning for the VAZ Kalina using various useful improvements. This can be an individual approach in the design of the car, as well as its appearance. Can be finalized car engine.

Change the appearance of the car

Most motorists understand the design. Therefore, they are not afraid of experiments related to changing the appearance of their car, as well as its interior. First of all, for Lada Kalina tuning, the replacement of their disks with new alloy wheels will be suitable. Such a course is also suitable for all VAZ cars, even tuning the VAZ 2109 is not complete without replacing old wheels with new alloy wheels.

Kalina tuning photo

Such a device immediately changes the appearance of Kalina and she immediately begins to resemble some American car brands. And the choice of forged and alloy wheels is so diverse that the machine will immediately acquire its own individual style. It is necessary to pay attention to the sizes of disks, so 15-inch are not recommended because they can negatively influence dynamic characteristics of a car.

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If the desire to have larger diameter discs is great, then it is worthwhile to approach the issue professionally and make the flared wheel arches. But still it is better to think carefully before you engage in this procedure.

Also tuning Kalina wagon perfectly complement the body kits. There are also many options to choose from. Each model is good in its own way. Also, the appearance of the car will improve spoilers, new bumpers and rear wings. All this can be installed, both independently and with the help of specialists in the cabin.

VAZ Kalina tuning

All these details must bear not only aesthetic appeal, but also technical necessity. In a word, it should be not only beautiful trinkets.

If we talk about headlamps, then they are in Lada Kalina of good quality, but this cannot be stopped by tyuningists. Therefore, there is a wide selection of tuned models on sale. If we talk about this tuning "Kalina" with your own hands, then you need to make sure that the lighting of new headlights and rear lights does not get worse. Otherwise, such tuning will deliver only inconvenience. The quality of the light should be excellent.

A little bit about tuning the cabin Lada Kalina

Despite the rather attractive interior of the car, it can still be modified. For example, tuning the cabin of Kalina by replacing the steering wheel with a sports version would be an excellent option. This device will not only improve the appearance of the cabin, but will also be convenient for the driver. Such a steering wheel makes driving easier and more comfortable, and also perfectly complements the interior.

Tuning cabin viburnum

For ease of use of the dashboard at night, it is necessary to provide additional illumination devices. This will allow the driver to easily read the required readings. Also, the lights will decorate the interior of the cabin with its pleasant, soft glow. The backlight is great not only for Kalina, but also for any other car, even for nine, so the tuning of the VAZ 2109 salon should be started from the backlight, and only then go to the seats and so on.

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The next step will be tuning the seats. New sporty-style seats will give the car's interior a unique individual style and completeness. As well as passengers and the driver will feel comfortable while driving. And such details as the new gear knob and pedals will be an excellent addition to the overall picture of tuning the cabin.

Improving technical performance

After the design decisions with the appearance of the car, you must go to the technical side of the issue. Here tuning Kalina (photo) can be implemented in several versions, differing in complexity and implementation methodology. The engine of the car is not bad in terms of volume and power, but does not give out more than 5 thousand revolutions. Therefore, there are a number of upgrades.

Tuning viburnum hatchback

The easiest way to improve the dynamics of the car is to install a new filter and direct-flow exhaust system, as well as a good chip tuning. Carrying chipping will improve the technical performance of the engine and its dynamics, but this will inevitably lead to an increase in fuel consumption. To this must be prepared.

A more complex, but also more powerful option is to install the following parts: an intake receiver, increased in height of the camshaft. You also need to modify the throttle pipe. Such tuning Kalina hatchback will allow the engine to be much more powerful than before.

Tuning the suspension and brakes does not require significant costs, as they were originally well designed. It remains to make some additions, and the car will work fine even in sport mode.

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