The best car dvrs with radar detector function


Before we consider the top of the best DVRs with radar detectors in 2018, we should introduce some clarity about such devices. Many identify the concepts of radar detector and anti-radar, considering them to be exactly the same devices. But it is not so. The detector is designed to detect the approaching radar, which allows time to slow down the driver. Such gadgets are not prohibited to use, because their presence in the car does not cause complaints from the traffic police.

Ranking of the best DVRs with anti-radar

TOP best DVRs with anti-radar.

Совсем иначе дела обстоят в случае с антирадарами. Они блокируют сигнал полицейского радара, создавая помехи и не позволяя сотрудникам дорожной службы считать информацию с вашего автомобиля. Это запрещено на законодательном уровне, потому антирадар в своём правильном понимании применять нельзя. Но поскольку большинство водителей привыкли использовать оба понятия в одинаковом значении устройства для поиска, а не блокировки, то будем их использовать в равной степени.Читать далее про рейтинг лучших видеорегистраторов с антирадаром-->

Types of devices

Buying a DVR is quite a responsible event. This is due to the fact that they are not the cheapest, but can provide the driver with important advantages. The question is what device to choose and how best to assemble a complex in their car for different tasks. Some drivers start with one device for the car. Then they realize that they need more functions, buying a navigator in addition to the anti-radar. Others go even further by installing a DVR into the car. Developers quickly understood this and began to produce hybrids. This is how devices are called 2 in 1 or 3 in 1, which can simultaneously combine functions:

  • DVR;
  • anti-radar (radar detector);
  • navigator.

Someone is enough to have two functions in one device. Others prefer models 3 in 1, where there is both a radar detector, a video recorder and a navigator. The only question is how to choose the best option for your car. In many ways, you will be helped by the rating presented below. This will allow you to find specifically for yourself the best option in three price categories. It should be immediately noted that the top is made up only of devices of type 2 in 1, where the radar detector and the DVR are combined. In each price group the best representative of the segment is determined.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many drivers rightly point out that the use of individual three gadgets negatively affects the free space in the car, requires different connections, wires, fastening elements, etc. Therefore, it does not look the best way outwardly. Therefore, it is logical to assume that hybrid devices will be much preferable and better than a separate radar detector and video recorder. But you shouldn't rush with such conclusions. Before acquiring a DVR and detector in a single package, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the strengths and weaknesses of all hybrids. These include devices 2 in 1 and 3 in 1.

Let's start with the positive qualities. The main advantages are:

  1. Minimum occupied space. Yes, one relatively compact device replaces 2 or 3 separate devices, which has a positive effect on the space inside the car.
  2. Connection You need to be powered from the on-board electrical network only one unit, and not 2 - 3 at once. This simplifies the connection procedure, avoids complex wiring. One connector for all functions of one hybrid device to work at once.
  3. Cost Multifunctional devices are cheaper when compared with the purchase of individual gadgets. This is because the assembly uses fewer components, one power supply and one microprocessor.
  4. Appearance. Many drivers are worried about the fact that the car creates a feeling of piling up when several gadgets are connected simultaneously. Wires sticking out in different directions, extra beacons before the eyes and other inconveniences that can be created by separately placed devices. The hybrid does not create such a problem.

Based on the above, it can be assumed that the hybrid will be the optimal solution. But here the conclusions are not so straightforward. First you need to explore the reverse side of such a multifunctional device. This will make it clear that not everything is as perfect as it seems at first glance.

DVR at work

The disadvantages include the following points:

  1. Reliability. This indicator is far from perfect. In terms of reliability, hybrids are inferior to individual devices, since any breakdown stops all the functions of the device simultaneously.
  2. The difficulty of the choice. It is very difficult to purchase a specific model of a hybrid device, since a car owner must be comfortable with the characteristics of 2 - 3 devices at the same time.
  3. Inferiority of one of the functions. Practice shows that the more functions in itself combines the device, the higher the likelihood of poor performance of one of them. This problem is more relevant for hybrids 3 in 1. Although among the models 2 in 1 there are many such gadgets where the recorder does not work well with the effective functioning of the detector, or vice versa.
  4. Quality of work. If you take two separate devices for comparison and compare them in quality with a hybrid, the second one will lose a little. But this drawback is more relevant for outdated models. Modern developers have been able to significantly improve the quality of work of all functions, so they easily find radar and record video in good resolution.

Given all the advantages and disadvantages, we can draw some conclusions. A number of drawbacks are very controversial, and in many ways they do not relate to modern hybrid devices. And the objective advantages are increasingly forcing drivers to look in the direction of devices capable of simultaneously and equally high quality perform several tasks. More conservative drivers consider that in the presence of financial opportunities it is better to take 2 - 3 devices separately. And to place them somehow in the car, so that they do not spoil the aesthetic appearance of the cabin, it will not be difficult. The main thing is that you buy really good models. It does not have to be the most expensive device. As the rating shows, even in the budget segment there are objectively very effective recorders with a detector capable of ensuring excellent work.

Criterias of choice

Each driver thinks which device is better to choose among the wide range of devices on the market. A good DVR with anti-radar does not have to be very expensive. Because the price is not considered the main criterion. Need to learn more important features and characteristics. You should also understand what requirements you place on the device. If the DVR with anti-radar meets your needs to the fullest extent, it should be taken. Now let's tell in more detail about how to choose a 2 in 1 device and what characteristics you should pay attention to.

  1. Design. DVRs equipped with a radar-detector function are produced in three types of structures. These are rear-view mirrors, remote cameras and standard devices. There is no point in telling about a mirror, since its principle is extremely clear. Together with a standard mirror, you install a hybrid in the car that performs additional functions. Conventional designs are devices that attach to the windshield. The most common options. But remote cameras allow processing the signal received simultaneously from several video cameras. Expensive, but effective.
  2. Viewing angle An important criterion in terms of how extensive the image can capture the camera. The greater the viewing angle, the larger the lens capable of capturing the lens of a DVR with a detector. For example, if this indicator is at the level of 170 degrees, the camera will be able to see all the road signs, cars in the neighboring lane and the curb. But a large angle is not always good, because increasing the angle of inclination reduces the detail of the image. It is better to look for a middle ground. So you can see everything, but at the same time you will be able to recognize the license plates of a car at a great distance without any problems.
  3. Photo mode. Drivers consider such a function useless and unnecessary, since the recorder is designed to create video recordings. This is the correct position. Many manufacturers include camera mode in their registrars, for which customers have to pay extra. In fact, if you need to take a quick photo of something, it’s easier and faster to get a mobile phone than to frantically switch the operating mode on the device.Photo mode
  4. Dimensions. Experienced drivers and experts advise taking small devices. They fit perfectly into the interior of the car and do not overlap the review with its dimensions. Also, small gadgets invisible outside, and therefore the temptation to steal them will be much less.
  5. Screen. Do not even doubt that the display must be present on the DVR. It allows you to quickly and correctly adjust the position of the camera, adjust as needed. Also, the display will allow on-site to demonstrate the video, proving your innocence in an accident or other situation on the road. Size selection depends on your preference. But the wider the screen diagonal, the more the device will be.
  6. Fastening system. If this is not a rearview mirror, then the device will have to be installed on the windshield. Fastening happens with suckers or with a bilateral sticker. The first option is easy to install, leaves no residue after removal. But gradually the sucker weakens, which is why the device can easily fall off on another bump. The sticker is more reliable and maintains stability constantly. That's only after removing it on the glass will remain a trace, which is not always very easy to remove.
  7. The quality of the recording. It depends on the resolution of the installed processor, different technical features of the recorder with the detector. Here you should be able to understand the parameters, which is not so easy for a beginner. Therefore, the best way out of the situation will be to study ratings and take into account user feedback.Recording quality Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%
  8. Memory. Usually it is not necessary to rely on the memory built into the recorder. You will need a separate memory card for which you have to pay extra. Take a card with a margin, if you are going to regularly write down everything that happens on the road. If the record is cyclical, there is no point in spending big money on large capacity flash drives.
  9. The efficiency of the detector. No one guarantees that the device will operate on all mobile and stationary radars. Trust the promises of manufacturers is not worth it. Here it is also better to rely on ratings, read reviews of car owners and learn the details of the radar detector from real drivers.

This is the main list of criteria on the basis of which a choice is made in favor of one or another multifunctional device for a car.

Device Rating

To make the top 10 best video recorders in 2018, which are additionally equipped with a radar detector, representatives of different price categories were considered. As a result, the rating was divided into 3 groups:

  • budget;
  • average;
  • expensive.

The fact that the device costs relatively little does not negate its ability to perform its assigned functions qualitatively. Because the price is not always an indicator of quality and efficiency. When choosing the best representatives of each of the segments, the main emphasis was placed on key criteria. Getting into the top 10 depends on:

  • the level of identification of fixed cameras and radars;
  • viewing angle;
  • permissions of the carried video;
  • video recording speed;
  • detector sensitivity;
  • supported ranges of the detector;
  • the quality of the GPS informant;
  • ease of attachment;
  • compactness;
  • the maximum size of the memory card that the device supports;
  • availability of night mode;
  • reviews of car owners;
  • expert opinions.

Selection of DVR

By collecting all these criteria and making high demands on the devices, the leaders of each group were identified. It is important to understand that today there are no recorders with detectors that have implemented their functions at 100%. Everywhere has its drawbacks. Therefore, when buying a device worth more than 400 dollars, no one guarantees that it will be better than a gadget for 100-200 dollars. Now we will consider each group separately and define leaders who have managed to get as close as possible to the requirements.

Budget group

There are several devices that combine a DVR and a radar detector. All of them will cost the buyer up to 10 thousand rubles. This is not so much for devices of this type. Therefore, you should not rely on any unique features or supernatural technical characteristics. But their price is largely justified. If you need to buy an inexpensive, but well-performing device, it is worth staying at one of the options presented.

P200 Tetra

The model opens the list of the best video recorders with a radar detector. A good recorder with a detector from the company Playme, which came to us from China. This is an attractive solution worth up to 9 thousand rubles. But specifications are inferior to competitors. The resolution of the video being made is 1280 x 720, which is an average figure. The viewing angle is not bad and is at 120 degrees. The device is better not to buy those who live in regions with harsh winters and leave the car for the night in the open. This is explained by the fact that the manufacturer recommends using the device in the temperature range from -10 to +45 degrees. With severe frosts, the gadget can fail.

Playme P200 Tetra

Some users complain about the small amount of memory cards. The maximum you can use flash drives at 32 gigabytes. His hit in the list of the best video recorders with a radar detector from the budget group, the device is largely due to low cost. For cyclic recording and periodic use of the P200 will work very well, without requiring large financial costs to purchase. But if you are counting on higher performance, it is better to collect some more money and buy a decent equivalent.

Combo №5 А7

The device from South Korea from the company Sho-Me. A very worthy representative of his segment, the average cost of which is 10 thousand rubles. This allows the device to enter the category of budget decisions. This device is designed for those who are more interested in high-quality recording on the DVR. The functionality of the detector is secondary and is not as optimally implemented as video recording. The presented list of this model has the most impressive image resolution, which is 2304 x 1296. The camera can operate in Full HD mode.

Another important advantage is the battery with a capacity of 280 mAh. With it, you can record offline without recharging, although not so long in time. Compared with the predecessor, which was produced by Sho-Me before this model, the manufacturer increased the viewing angle to 140 degrees against the previous 120. New functions appeared, the quality of recording improved, plus the device reads large memory cards.

Sho-Me Combo №5 А7

As for the shortcomings, it was not without them. According to reviews of motorists, the body is not made of the most durable material. Also there is a strong loosening of the buttons, it seems that they will soon fall off. Periodically, the device hangs and buggy, as evidenced by user reviews. But the device fully justifies its money.

Combo 3

Но безоговорочным лидером рейтинга бюджетных устройств стал Combo 3 от компании Каркам. Это отечественный производитель, который выпускает один из самых продаваемых гибридов 2 в 1 в России. Перед вами одновременно очень хороший видеорегистратор, детектор и достойный GPS-информер. В бюджетном сегменте Combo 3 является единственным девайсом, способным определять местоположение, используя ГЛОНАСС. Вместе с GPS гибрид работает эффективнее и быстрее. Детализация видео на высоком уровне, что обусловлено разрешением 1920 х 1080. Угол обзора достиг 160 градусов, позволяющий захватывать даже широкие трассы от обочины до обочины. В дополнение производитель предлагает режим ночной съёмки, фотосъемку и WDR функцию. Присутствует датчик движения, позволяющий автоматически запускать режим записи, когда в кадре появляются двигающиеся объекты. Устройство считывает флешку объёмом до 128 гигабайт. И всё это обходится покупателю в 10 тысяч рублей.

Каркам Combo 3

Middle group

4 registrars with a radar detector entered at once. All of them cost from 10 to 20 thousand rubles. These are options for those who are willing to spend a little more money, but want to get the maximum opportunity and technical characteristics. As in the budget group, medium devices have strengths and weaknesses. You just need to correctly prioritize and decide what you are more inclined and what you expect from a hybrid.

X-COP 9000

This rating of video recorders with a radar detector in 2018 opens the representative of the company Neoline. Experts and motorists themselves say that this model is one of the best in the entire line of the company. The average price is 14 thousand rubles. It is much cheaper than two representatives of the top, but slightly ahead of one competitor. Here is a good recording quality, due to the presence of the image stabilizer. Using the WDR function, the camera improves the recording quality and reduces the impact of flare due to the headlights of oncoming traffic. But if you are interested in the most effective work of anti-radar, then this decision is not for you. The device easily copes with many radars, but often it works falsely. The GPS system also sometimes thinks for very long. Although this is a standard problem for all Neoline combination devices.

Neoline X-COP 9000


An interesting device from the company TrendVision. It turned out to be the most affordable in the rating up to 20 thousand rubles, since it costs an average of 11.5 thousand rubles. The manufacturer is able to create very high-quality and functional devices of different types and budgets. Not so long ago, he tried his hand at making hybrid devices that combine detectors and recorders. The result was interesting. For a start, it is worth noting a beautiful body, which visually resembles a digital camera. It is not the most compact, but it allows you to simultaneously perform several tasks.

Tests have shown that the detector responds to radar for 150 - 200 meters to the object, copes well with different systems. The device was programmed for several modes of operation that allow you to maximize the gadget's capabilities in the city, on the highway and in automatic mode. The resolution is an impressive 2304 x 1296 when recording at 30 frames per second, as well as 1280 x 720 if recording is done at 60 frames per second. The viewing angle is 170 degrees. There is a photographing function. Built-in battery allows you to work offline for 15 minutes.

TrendVision Combo

X-COP 9700

As you guessed, this is also the development of the company Neoline from South Korea. It turned out to be the most expensive in the rating, since it costs about 19 thousand rubles. Here is a very original design, convenient to control the touch screen, excellent technical support, quality assurance and availability of service centers in all major cities of the country. Users rate the functionality of the confident four with a plus. The video is recorded with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, there is a motion sensor, 64 gigabytes of supported memory card. But there are complaints about the operation of the detector and the long search for a signal from the satellite. Sometimes the radar detector gives false warnings that knocks down the driver. This is stated in the reviews about the device.

Neoline X-COP 9700

G5 City Pro BF

The leader of the rating was a multifunctional device from Datakam from Russia. There is such a registrar with an anti-radar about 16 thousand rubles. Here, the manufacturer used a neodymium magnetic mount, which is the fastest. There are also two slots for a memory card, night mode, built-in GPS and GLONASS modules. An excellent result shows the viewing angle, which reached a value of 170 degrees. The radar detector is distinguished by the highest efficiency among all competitors. Finding some objective flaws is very difficult here. The device works perfectly, performs well all its functions, and it costs no more than 16 thousand rubles in the most expensive shops.

Datakam G5 City Pro BF

Premium group

It was not possible to make a list of the top five combined devices here. Many objectively did not reach the level of the top three. Therefore, instead of 5, we stopped at the top 3 representatives of the premium segment. This includes models whose price is more than 20 thousand rubles. These are solutions for those who have an unlimited budget, and who want to get the maximum of features and functions. Each of the leaders has good performance. But taking into account some shortcomings, we managed to form a full rating with 3, 2 and 1 place.

STR 9970BT

The third in the rating of the DVR and radar detector. This device is released by the Korean company Street Storm. Buying such a device would cost the car owner 25-25 thousand rubles. One of the best designs of the manufacturer. The hybrid allows you to record videos with a resolution of 2304 x 1296. Also, there is high detail and recording in three modes:

  • Full HD;
  • Wide Full HD;
  • Super HD 1296 р.

All this is done through a 4 megapixel camera. Quality and detail here in the first place among the three leaders. The lens is made with 6 layers of glass. The viewing angle was 170 degrees. There are no complaints about the detector. For such money there should be no shortcomings. Because the objective disadvantages of this gadget was not found.

Street Storm STR 9970BT

G5 Real Max BF

Datakam from Russia releases this model with the Limited Edition mark. The most advanced device in the line of the manufacturer. The camera has 7 lenses and aperture ratio of F 1.6, which allows to significantly improve the quality of regular video recording and outperform competitors in terms of video at night. The camera is well protected from glare, sunlight and headlights of oncoming traffic. The device chip is considered to be a special magnetic mount that has a through power supply through the holder. This made it possible to get rid of the eternal problem of hanging wire. The recorder with the detector has 2 memory slots for 64 gigabyte cards. There is also a self-diagnostic system, GPS and GLONASS modules, as well as a number of useful and important functions. The work is superb, there are no complaints about the work of the video recording or the radar detector. It is such a pleasure about 23 thousand rubles.

Datakam G5 Real Max BF Limited Edition

X-COP R750

The leader of the rating was the representative of the company Neoline. This is the most technological hybrid device. It costs about 27 thousand rubles. The developers managed to get rid of the problem of glare that is typical for all recorders. They achieved this with the help of new optics, 6 lenses and an anti-glare filter. It is also worth noting the excellent technical stuffing, in the formation of which Sony participated. The screen size was 2.8 inches, which is one of the best in the class. Plus it is a touch that adds ease of operation. The device has Wi-Fi, through which video can quickly get on the computer. Information on the location of fixed radars and cameras is regularly updated via the Internet. Recorder with a detector can work with memory cards up to 128 gigabytes.

Neoline X-COP R750

It is up to you to decide which anti-radar with a DVR is better to use for Russia, and which functions to prefer. Each situation requires an individual approach, since all car owners have different budgets and different understandings of a really good device.