Chinese four-door geely emgrand gt will be brought to us in

Китайскую четырехдверку Geely Emgrand GT привезут к нам через две недели

Jilly Emgrand GT It was officially presented to Russians in 2016, at the Moscow International Auto Show. No complete sets of the premium version of the sedan, nor the prices for it then the Chinese are not reported. They will appear in the public domain literally in the week, because our dealers are going to start selling the new product already on February 18 Emgrand GT Gili is the first model of the company, which until the last screw was developed not by the Chinese, but by an international team of engineers, led by the former designer of the Swedish company Volvo Peter Hoberi.

This could not but affect the appearance of the novelty: the Swedish sedan is elegant both from the outside and from the inside. By the way the name Emgrand GT - purely Russian, in other car markets the model is referred to as Geely GC9. Китайскую четырехдверку Geely Emgrand GT привезут к нам через две недели The length of the premium Chinese sedan is almost five meters - 4 m 95.6 cm, with such a length it is quite squat - 1 m 51.3 cm, the car's width is 1 m 86.1 cm. The distance between the axes is 2 m 85 cm. Geely Emgrand GT will be equipped with only two engines. We are talking about a 1.8-liter gasoline "turbo", giving out at the limit of 163 horsepower, and 2.4-liter aspirated, which is one "horse" is weaker. No-choice transmission - DSI six-speed automatic transmission. Китайскую четырехдверку Geely Emgrand GT привезут к нам через две недели All seats of the premium Chinese "four-door" have electric adjustments that are stored in memory and can be played in an instant. The multimedia system has a touchscreen with an eight-inch diagonal. Dual-zone climate control with a function to check the quality of the air in the cabin, a modern audio system with eight speakers.

The sedan is equipped with seven airbags, in the presence of anti-lock braking system, brake force control system, assistance with sudden braking, control of course stability. The maximum score on international crash tests NCAP and, of course, for cars sold in Russia, the module ERA-GLONASS. The blind zones of the car are monitored online, you can park automatically - the corresponding electronic assistants are responsible for this. The rear-view camera has a dynamic layout and shows a “picture” on the projection display, front and rear parking sensors are available, cruise control. Китайскую четырехдверку Geely Emgrand GT привезут к нам через две недели The Chinese will sell Emgrand GT with a five-year guarantee of use, or a guaranteed smooth run of a hundred and fifty thousand kilometers.

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The assembly of sedans for our market takes place at the Belarusian Gili plant, called "BelG".

In the Middle Kingdom, this model won the title of the best car in 2015. Last year, the Chinese held an auction for the sale of thousands of cars Emgrand GT, and so this one thousand went away in the hands of buyers in just seventy-seven minutes. By the way, the president of Belarus, who admired this model, decided to officially implant on him all his middle-ranking officials.

The Chinese sedan, by the way, has another super premium version, four-seater. It is called Emgrand GT Individual and is available in limited editions.