Ford fiesta for 525 thousand will shake the rating of

Ford Fiesta for 525 thousand

As previously announced, the US-Russian automaker Ford Sollers began selling its updated line. Ford Fiesta for only 525 thousand rubles. The Naberezhnoe-Chelynsky car plant produces Ford Fiesta sedans and hatchbackspositioned as the most affordable cars of this American brand. The price of 525 kiloruble for the basic package was established due to the fact that the majority of the components for the new product are supplied by the Russian automobile plants, bringing the assembly technology closer to the almost complete production cycle.

Basic sedan version Ford Fiesta for 525 thousand It has a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 85 horsepower, working in conjunction with a manual gearbox. Electric drives heated mirrors, LED daytime running lights, front power windows, ABS, a pair of front airbags, central locking, audio system with two speakers, it is also all included in the basic package Ford Fiesta for 525 thousand. Ford Fiesta for 525 thousand You don’t need to go far beyond the closest competitor, this is the rating in this segment of Hyundai Solaris. Its basic model starts its price tag of 509 kilorubles. At a better price, it also has a more productive engine for 107 horses. True with electric mirrors and heating this model, the developers, in contrast to Ford Fiesta for 525 thousandbypassed. A little less powerful than basic equipment Ford Fiesta for 525 thousand, the last Renault Logan, having an engine of 82 hp costs even less - 488 thousand, although there are no passenger airbags and power mirrors in it. This model in the base version is cheaper by another 60 thousand. However, if you compare the importance and popularity among the people of these brands, Ford certainly looks preferable.

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Fiestas are also available with 105 horsepower engines. This is almost 600 thousand rubles, since in addition to a more powerful power unit, an on-board computer is added to the package, the joy of summer is an air conditioner, a cool multimedia system with six audio speakers. In addition, there is a function of remote unlocking of the central lock. And if you add a six-speed PowerShift to the package, the final price tag will increase by another forty-five thousand.

Well, crowns the Olympus Fiesta four and pyatidverki worth 773 kilo ship. They have under the hood is already 120-powerful engine. This price is recruited due to the inclusion of a PowerShift robotic gearbox in the package, in which there are two couplings, adding light and rain sensors, climate control service, a help system at the start of the hill and many other things that make the price tag heavier.

According to manufacturers, from next year new russian ford fiesta get under the hood engine Elabuzhskogo production.