Restored renault duster photos became available

Стали доступны фото рестайлингового Renault Duster Compact Renault Duster crossover, received a fairly high recognition of the Russian car enthusiast, survived the restyling process. Today, the French have spread the official web photos of the updated model Duster. This novelty will soon appear in the local dealer networks and will be available for purchase, including under the program of preferential subsidies by the state. The exact date of commencement of sales has not yet been disclosed, but it is known for sure that they will begin closer to the middle of summer. Exterior design updated Renault Duster He began to resemble the model of his South American "relative", created specifically for the Brazilian car market. We can see a modified grille, other headlights and bumpers. Body protection is also implemented somewhat differently than in the previous version. LED taillights completely unlike those that stood on the Duster before restyling. Стали доступны фото рестайлингового Renault Duster Inside the improved Renault Duster, the new steering wheel and dashboard immediately catch the eye, as if copied from the interior of the Renault Logan. The center console is also slightly modified. In terms of technical equipment and available equipment, French automakers were not as frank as in terms of popularization Photos of the new Renault Duster. That is, they did not provide such data at all, getting rid of only general phrases like the fact that line of updated Duster will be completed with new, much more powerful engines, as well as with special unique equipment, which was designed exclusively for moving on Russian roads. Стали доступны фото рестайлингового Renault Duster It is worth recalling that today in Russia the dorestayling version of the Renault Duster is sold at a price of 590 thousand wooden. The car has three engine variants under the hood: 1.6- and 2.0-liter gasoline engines, the first is 102, the second is 135 horsepower, and the 1.5-liter diesel is 90 horses. Six-speed mechanics and four-stage automatic can work with them in a pair. If, indeed, French developers put on a restyled version of Duster more powerful engines and equipment specialized for Russian roads, then its price will definitely be one hundred thousand and fifteen thousand rubles higher than today.

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Стали доступны фото рестайлингового Renault Duster