Devices to help motorists


As a rule, each of the car owners installs various accessories in their car, called gadgets. Due to the fact that the requests of all drivers are different, but you cannot please everyone, all the new devices constantly appear, capable of surprising even a skeptical skeleton. But it also happens that manufacturers sometimes produce devices that seem seemingly meaningless. Today we will try to make out what is what and what benefit these gadgets can bring to the car.

Video review of popular car gadgets:

Don't sleep at the wheel, driver!

Let's start with the device, called the "Anti". This truck is familiar to every trucker on the road. When he begins to fall asleep, according to scientific data, based on the physiological characteristics of a person, the duration of concentration of his attention decreases sharply. Such a driver can no longer drive for five hours.

Читать далее о самых полезных автомобильных гаджетах-->Чтобы значительно обезопасить вождение и не дать заснуть дальнобойщику за рулем, и было изобретено данное устройство. Его выпускает известный производитель DriveAlert.

A device that will not allow the driver to fall asleep at the wheel

A device that will not allow the driver to fall asleep at the wheel

As soon as the driver begins to sleep, the device is triggered and does not allow him to get into the arms of Morpheus. This device looks like a Bluetooth headset. He is seen, conveniently clinging to the ear. As for the principle of work, it is extremely simple. When a person is prone to sleep, he tilts his head strongly in a certain direction. The device reacts to it and begins to squeak strongly, discouraging the truckers from wanting to sleep.

Cover-massager for car seat

Massager for car seat

Massager for car seat

This accessory will appeal to those motorists who, again, spend most of their time behind the wheel. As a rule, no matter what age the driver is sitting behind the wheel, his limbs gradually begin to bleed, no matter how comfortable the car seat is. Particularly affected back and legs, which are very numb.

To prevent this process and save the driver from suffering, a special case-massager was invented. Depending on the manufacturer, this accessory is endowed with a different number of options. The most advanced models of autocovers-massagers are those that also massage the muscles of the neck. As for the power supply, in this case, the device is connected to the cigarette lighter socket.

Car Parker

The next, so-called female gadget, literally fell in love with the representatives of the weaker sex. They became an automatic valet (although experienced avtoledi do without it well). Also, it will be useful to all novice motorists.

The gadget will help all those who have difficulties on a weekday during peak hours, when it is very difficult to park in a narrow free space.

This is not a Parktronic, but a unique device of its kind. Valio, for example, has released something similar. This model can be called the best automatic parking attendant. It is called Park4U.

Interestingly, the device is fully automatic and does not even require driver intervention. In general, the thing is necessary, especially since it can calculate the dimensions of the parking space, comparing it with the dimensions of your car. Parking is carried out according to the rules, with the turn of the wheel, etc.

Miracle screen

Device to combat the blind spots of the car

Device to combat the blind spots of the car

The next accessory is a device designed to see the so-called “blind zones”. This is a very important component of safe traffic on the roads, relevant today, when there were so many cars around that the driver might not notice how he had an accident.

But this thing can still help. Today, many cars are equipped with a unique Full-Rear-View Windscreen Monitor. Installs a special display directly on the windshield. There, the picture from the cameras located on the back of the car is displayed. The whole system as a whole allows you to significantly secure movement.


Keychain Key Finder

The next instance is a keychain for finding keys. The gadget is designed to save the driver from the fear of losing the keys. Lost the keys of an expensive car Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% It's okay, because the ingenious engineers came up with a special thing for this - a unique keychain.

Usually such situations, when the driver loses the keys, occur early in the morning or in the evening, after a hard working day. What helps the keychain in this case? And he reacts to a loud sound, or even is able to start a car, open the doors of a car or trunk. In short, an accessory to the envy of many.

At night, as in the afternoon

Night vision device for motorists

Night vision device for motorists

The night vision device is another car gadget that many car owners love. What does he give? For example, the Night Vision night vision device will facilitate driving in the dark. But this is not its only advantage. A camera is installed on the car body, which even in the dark time displays a clear image of what is happening around. It is simply impossible not to notice a cyclist or a pedestrian in this mode.

The above car accessories - this is only part of a huge collection of gadgets designed to provide high safety on the roads and help drivers in driving. As mentioned above, the number of cars with each grows more and more. This situation significantly increases the risk of accidents and accidents. Electronic assistants are created to notice what the driver, whose area is somewhat restricted, cannot see.