Lada priora: choose between body types


LADA Priora - one of the most expensive and at the same time the best-selling domestic cars. Local motorists prefer the Priore, because it is considered a car that has passed a good test of time. But to decide on the choice of brand of car - only half the battle. It is clear that we take Priora. But then an “internal” dilemma arises: which of the prior we take? And if your wallet quickly helps you to decide on a complete set, then with the choice of body type is not so simple. Priora sedan or hatchback - which of the cars worthy of being in your garage?

Lada Priora - a car, time-tested

Lada Priora - a car, time-tested

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Get acquainted closer

VAZ produces Priora since 2007. It was created on the platform of the notorious "dozens" and inherited much from it. Prioru called the machine for young people. She is praised for good speed and ability to keep well on the road. There are complaints about the build quality and not all fit low cross-country performance. Nevertheless, the car is very popular.

External upgrade

In 2013, vazovtsy presented an updated version of the Lada Priora. She supplied a number of new options, improving technical capabilities. Changed the car and externally. The new Priory will notice the modern day optics, which is automatically turned on. The bumper is slightly modified, and the grille on the radiator is made in the form of a grid. LEDs are mounted in the lanterns and tumanki behind.

It looks like a car Lada Priora sedan

It looks like a car Lada Priora sedan

Soft-look salon

What has changed in the cabin? There is something to say. Designers used atypical materials for VAZ, including soft-look - a new type of plastic, which looks like expensive skin and at the same time tolerates external influences.

When finishing the car Lada Priora used a new type of plastic soft-look

When finishing the car Lada Priora used a new type of plastic soft-look

The three-spoke steering wheel, touchscreen display, more comfortable and high seats with armrests - all this is new to Priora.

Motor data

The range of engines for this car has also been expanded. The coolest of them is designed for 1.6 liters. Its capacity is 106 "horses", which is achieved thanks to an updated fuel injection system. With such a motor, the car accelerates to hundred in 11 seconds and is ready to “give jazz” at a speed of 185 km / h and higher. Gasoline consumption - 6.9 liters in a mixed version, and on the highway - 5 liters.

Front-wheel drive car with 5 speed manual.

The manufacturers paid special attention to safety issues, however, if the driver's airbag is included in the basic kit, then you will have to pay extra for the passenger's pillow.

It looks like a car Lada Priora in the back of a hatchback

It looks like a car Lada Priora in the back of a hatchback

Tell me, what is your body ...

The car is represented by four types of body, but the most popular versions - sedan and hatchback. There is also a wagon Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% and coupe, which are not so popular.

Recall that the sedan is a body with a luggage compartment, which is linearly separated from the cabin. This is the most common type of body among passenger cars. But the hatchback has a reduced trunk and a shortened rear overhang.

Trunk sedan Lada Priora вмещает 430 литров груза

Trunk sedan Lada Priora вмещает 430 литров груза

Millimeter difference

Что лучше — Lada Priora sedan или хэтчбек? Давайте сравнивать габариты. Приора седан немного длиннее конкурента: 4350 мм против 4210 у хэтчбека. Отличаются эти модели и по высоте: хэтчбек «вырос» до 1435 мм, опередив седан на 15 мм. А вот по ширине машины равны, она составляет 1680 мм. Одинаков у обоих авто также клиренс (165 мм) и ширина колеи передних и задних колёс (1410 мм и 1380 мм соответственно).

An interesting point: the fuel consumption of the car is almost identical.

Your luggage

As we said differ sedan and hatchback on the capacity of the trunk. In the case of the Priora, it looks like this ... If the sedan takes on board 430 liters of cargo, then the hatchback is ready to accept only 360 liters in the initial position. In this case, however, in the hatchback there is an opportunity to fold the rear sofa and thereby increase the capacity of the luggage compartment to 705 liters.

If you fold the rear sofa hatchback Lada Priora, we get the cargo volume of 705 liters

If you fold the rear sofa hatchback Lada Priora, we get the cargo volume of 705 liters

Sedan Sir

Priora sedan or hatchback - a choice with a trick. And in order to make it right, “for yourself”, you should know the whole story.

Interestingly, Priora sedan - the first model of this line. Just in such a configuration, Priora looks like a progenitor of the “top ten” most of all, but the modernized interior, the new engine and all sorts of modern “electric wipers” indicate that the model has gone an order of magnitude higher. The sedan is also a softer suspension.

It turns out that the sedan has such a classic design. Of all the prior, this car, perhaps, the truth looks more solid.

Overview car Lada Priora sedan:

Adrenaline Hatchback

Priora hatchback began to produce a year later than the sedan - in 2008. Compared with the sedan, as they say motorists in the hatchback look better taillights, rear wheel arch, side of the body. In general, the “shortened” Priora is more generous to interesting maneuvers and reveals an opportunity to increase the luggage compartment. They say that Priora hatchback has a certain sporty character and therefore is in demand among adrenaline lovers.

Overview of the car Lada Priora in the back of a hatchback:

Draw conclusions

For my money Priora great car. And in the city, and on the primer behaves purposefully. Body type on its "stuffing" almost no effect. That is, the presence of air conditioning or electric power steering does not depend on whether you are driving a sedan or a hatchback.

The technical differences between the sedan and hatchback are not so fundamental. And, therefore, choosing Lada Priora sedan or hatchback, focus more on the appearance. What do you like? Spacious classic car or "athlete" with fashionable rear lights?

Also keep in mind that you pay for a sedan at least 345 thousand rubles, and for a hatchback they ask for at least 354 thousand rubles. The cost of luxury versions starts from 442 thousand rubles for the sedan and from 446 thousand rubles for the hatchback.