Tuning slavuty (zaz 1103) on their own

Recently, there are several opinions about what kind of cars to drive. Many motorists follow the innovations of the automotive industry and immediately acquire modern cars, others don’t rush to part with their cars, and there isn’t the whole amount to buy a new car, but there are funds to buy some parts and tuning elements.

Tavriya Slavuta tuning

A long time ago, in 1998, the ZAZ 1103 (Slavuta) passenger car was released at the Kommunar plant, which was distinguished by the fact that it had front-wheel drive, which was practical and unpretentious when driving on Russian roads. The body of Slavuty is liftback, which gives some advantages when transporting small and large cargoes. Slavuta is also good because it can leave a considerable number of kilometers without any damage.

Slavuta was built on the basis of a 3-door Tavria with a hatchback. After Tavria, the following model was created - “Dana”, in which the bodywork is universal, but it was not in particular demand in Russia. Its production lasted only 4 years.

But with regards to ZAZ "Slavuty", it is still being produced, because it is a unique car of its kind. And today you can buy this car new, or b. y and do tuning Slavuty do it yourself.

Most Russian Slavs are painted with acrylic color, but since 2004 they began to actively produce cars in metallic color and they were successfully sold.

famous tuning

The paint on the machine is excellent due to the two-layer resistant coating. Despite the high-quality painting, it does not hurt to self-treat the car with an anti-corrosion agent. In the basic version of the Slavuty front optics does not differ in special quality. As practice shows, the headlights at the car in 3-4 years will begin to grow turbid and, in general, the quality of light will deteriorate. But this problem can be easily solved, especially to those who decided to do tuning their car.

Many more Slavut owners recommend lubricating hinges on the doors so that they do not creak and wear less.

Also, Slavut has such a small problem - the engine at the “stove”, located under the hood, can become clogged, because it is not equipped with a filter, therefore, over time, this motor will have to be replaced, especially this is important to do when you are preparing the car for winter, because in winter without a stove ride extremely uncomfortable and not comfortable.

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It often happens that the car can not start up, but do not get upset, because everything can be very simple - the terminals have oxidized, because the battery is low enough and moisture can get on it.

First-class tuning

tuning Illustrious includes a decorative improvement of the car, as well as the improvement of the technical characteristics of the car by replacing or forcing the engine.

If you do the original tuning, you will be able to transform the car, after which it will be very difficult not to notice it on public roads, and it will definitely stand out among the serial Slav.

Of course, the tuned Slavuta will not become cooler than foreign cars, but there is an opportunity to make a really standing machine out of the car. Especially if additional tuning elements such as a spoiler, a rear wing and sports bumpers are attached to the car, then its appearance will change significantly, and the car will become different from other cars of this model. But in general, the tuning of the ZAZ Slavuta is very similar to the tuning of VAZ or some foreign cars.

Initially Slavuta is available in two trim levels - Lux and Standard. The difference in the instrument panel, as well as in the luxury configuration installed electric windows.

Pursuing external Tuning Glorified (photos below) it is possible to install mud flaps protecting against the ingress of dirt from the wheels on the car body. If you install new side mirrors with electric and heated, the car will look even cooler.

zaz slavuta tuning

It is possible to save the body of Slavuty during close parking - install special pads on the bumper, which will eliminate the scratches on the body. Then you can install visor, through which water will not get into the cabin through half-open windows.

In addition, the car will be carried out with the help of visor excellent air circulation, thanks to which the windows will not mist over, as the temperature in the cabin decreases. Like a visor, you can install the hood deflector, which perfectly protects the hood from damage, because very often some stones or sand from the road get onto the hood surface and scratch it.

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This deflector perfectly protects against insects that stain the hood and windshield. But thanks to the deflector, the glass and the hood will remain clean, with the exception of the deflector itself, which is why the people call it a “fly swatter”.

Tuning ZAZ 1103

In Slavuta, the salon turned out to be small, so the passengers in the back seat do not feel much comfort. Salon itself loosens over time and creates some not very pleasant squeak, which of course can be corrected.

tuning salon slavuta

Tuning salon Slavuty includes a certain list of works - the replacement of old armrests with new ones, the installation of the rear shelf and lining the dashboard.

At the request of the owner, you can choose the color of the interior trim among various colors, such as red, brown, blue and even green.

Special skills during the tuning of the cabin is not required, so it is possible to make it with your own hands, as long as your hands grow from the right place. And for those who have never encountered tuning before, there is such an option how to give the car to the masters of the tuning studio.

To salon Tavrii Slavuty tuning Received additional functionality and interior design has improved, you can install some decorative elements in the cabin.

tuning the famous photo

For example, you can place the speakers behind the rear seats, and put an armrest near the driver’s seat, in which you can put the most necessary things, this will make the car more comfortable.

Installing speakers takes very little time, but the sound in the car will be much better. You can also install a decorative lining on the dashboard, which will make the car more beautiful inside.

Next, you need to begin to improve noise insulation, because the noise level is slightly off the scale of this car. First you need to disassemble the interior: remove the seats, trim, lining and wheel arches. After that, you need to get rid of the factory noise insulation, you can not remove the old noise insulation on the floor. After processing the body, you can come to gluing a new sound-insulating material.

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The material can be left whole or cut into pieces of a convenient size. Next, you need to remove the protective layer of the material and proceed to the very sticking. There is nothing difficult here, the process is reminiscent of gluing stickers on a flat surface. It is best to start gluing soundproofing material from the doors, leaving room for speakers and wires.

Thus it is necessary to glue the entire inner surface of the cabin, freed from appliances and seats. Next, you need to do the same work in the trunk. As a result, the cabin will be quiet and comfortable.

Engine tuning ZAZ Slavuta

The motor of Slavuty is the same as on Tavria - carburetor engines with different volumes: 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 liters. And after 2003, they began to produce cars with engines of 1.2 and 1.3 liters with a fuel injection distribution system that work with an injector.

tuning do-it-yourselfers

The smallest engine with a volume of 1.1 liters is considered less reliable - after about 90,000 km it will be necessary to do a major overhaul of the engine, while the remaining more powerful engines will be able to drive around 150,000 km.

The motors are quite reliable, but since they are carburetor, with a high heat, the fuel pump may refuse, and the car will faint. We'll have to wait for the system to cool down, then the fuel pump will start working.

To improve the performance of the motor for Slavuty, you can reflash the system control unit on the injection Slavuty. The result of such a flashing will reduce fuel consumption by 5-7%, increase the dynamics of acceleration and eliminate some other deficiencies in the propulsion system.

Slavuta is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox, which is considered more reliable than the engine. The oil in the gearbox must be changed every 50 thousand km. as recommended by the manufacturer.

And then the video with some options Slavuty tuning: