How to make low pressure tires do it yourself

High passability of cars is in demand for areas where there is no asphalt surface. In this case, specialized machines are used. Most often, such transport is almost indispensable when traveling through forest, marshy or snow-covered areas. Prerequisite for it will be the availability of prepared wheels.

The cost of products in auto shops is quite high, so the actual question is how to make low-pressure tires with your own hands. The time and money spent on work will pay for itself fairly quickly.


  • 1 Homemade all-terrain vehicle
  • 2 Design features
  • 3 Independent production

Homemade all-terrain vehicle

When driving on rough terrain in a car with a SND, a car, in addition to high ground clearance, gets a sufficient contact patch when it engages with the ground. This is due to the lower pressure in the rubber cavities. When driving through an agricultural field, minimal soil compaction is carried out, which helps to reduce yield losses.

how to make low pressure tires do it yourself from avia rubber

According to approximate calculations, which are affected by various external and structural factors, an increase in the maneuverability for vehicles with such wheels by 30 ... 40% is provided.

Such a process cannot be done without reduced tire pressure. The wheel during the passage over an obstacle practically envelops it with its surface. It provides ease of travel. However, driving this vehicle requires certain skills in order not to damage these ramps. It is especially important to properly perform maneuvers, turns and turns.

The most vulnerable in the design are the side surfaces. They are more exposed to operational impact and able to wear out faster.

Design features

A tire with this design is similar to a pneumatic cushion. In the literature there is another name for these wheels - swamps. All tests and practical studies confirm the high efficiency of typical devices, both factory and self-made.

how to make wheels for low pressure tires

Consider the difference between low and ultra low pressure tires. In the second case, the gauge does not exceed a value of 0.3 MPa. The approximate value of the contact surface of the wheel with the road is about 25%. This means that a quarter of the rubber area is constantly involved, ensuring high rates. Strengthen the value of various structural features help in the form of hooks or spikes.

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In addition to the skates themselves, you will need wheels for low-pressure tires with your own hands made or purchased in advance. The main consumers of products are hunters, fishermen, professional lifeguards, lovers of extreme recreation, as well as the military.

how to make wheels for low pressure tires do it yourself

In addition to the positive properties, you will need to take into account the negative aspects:

  • vehicles with low-pressure tires have a high center of gravity, which must be considered when cornering;
  • self-production will require the expenditure of certain funds and personal time;
  • the design does not imply fast driving;
  • It is advisable to undergo training and special instructions for driving vehicles with all-terrain wheels to avoid emergency situations
  • there is a faster wear rubber than when operating other types of tires.

how to make wheels for low pressure tires do it yourself

It is customary to distinguish two types of tires: tube and tubeless. In the first case, the car is able to withstand heavy loads and has a long service life in contrast to the tubeless variety. In the second case, provides greater comfort while driving and increased safety.

According to the features of manufacturing, the following differentiation is carried out:

  • Wide profile. Products are mounted on cars that have a high load capacity. The profile of this design has the shape of an oval, which provides resistance to frontal rolling. The air pressure inside should be 1.5 ... 2 times lower than the standard.
  • Archese. Tires are provided with increased rubber thickness (60 ... 70 cm). In most cases, they are mounted on the drive axle to ensure the best throughput of the vehicle. The pressure is maintained within 0.05 ... 0.07 MPa.
  • Toroidal. Wheels are used both with cameras and tubeless version. They perform well when operating on rough terrain with rapidly changing terrain.

It is advisable to install the same types of wheels on all axles in order to provide better controllability of the car.

Independent production

The most popular basis for swamps are used wheels from aircraft. If you can not find such a billet, then use the slopes from the truck. Pre-wheel wash from various contaminants and dried. From the outside, a preliminary drawing is applied using a marker.

how to quickly make low pressure tires do it yourself
Step 1. Prepare the required tool
how to cheap make low pressure tires do it yourself
Step 2. Mount winch
how to make low-pressure tires do it yourself in the garage
Step 3. Mark up the workpiece and separate the unnecessary layers.
how to make free tires low pressure do-it-yourself trucks
Step 4. We clean the surface
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When working first need to remove the wire cord. It is necessary to cut through the window and eat the next round. Using a pliers or a long screwdriver, hook and pull the wire from the entire diameter.

In some cases, a winch is used to draw the wire. With it, we exfoliate pieces of rubber, trimmed with a construction knife. The outer surface of the resulting slope will need to be sanded. This can be done with sandpaper or mechanized devices. It takes a lot of time, but the procedure is mandatory.

how to make low pressure tires do it yourself

To make a disc, you will need a standard disc through which the installation will take place, as well as a pair of rings and 6-8 connecting plates. They are welded into the structure, and then disposed of with the help of stripping from sharp edges that can damage the prepared rubber.

The disc will need to be primed and coated with several layers of protective paint. Usually used for this hammer paint, which reliably saves from corrosion. After that, the rubber is mounted on the disk. The first tests should be carried out close to the repair areas, so that if necessary it turned out to fix possible installation or constructional defects.