How to sew a sheath on the steering wheel with your own

The steering wheel is used by the driver during the entire time of driving. First of all, it receives all the reactions in the form of stroking or pushing, expressing anger, joy or annoyance from a person who sits behind the “wheel”. Also on the quality of the car steering wheel may depend on driving safety.

To minimize the risks of inconvenient operation of the steering wheel will help braid on the steering wheel with your own hands. One of the advantages of self-installation is the selection of individual material and color to match the overall decor of the cabin.


  • 1 Proper selection of future braid
    • 1.1 Leather braids
    • 1.2 Fur braid on the steering wheel
    • 1.3 Braided wire braids
    • 1.4 Useful braid on the steering wheel
  • 2 Upholstery color and thickness
  • 3 Bulk inserts
  • 4 Basic parameters for selection
  • 5 Independent sewing braid
    • 5.1 Bezspitsevaya upholstery
    • 5.2 Upholstered steering wheel

Proper selection of future braid

From the choice of upholstery depends on its method of attachment, further care for her, as well as the durability of the use of the selected material.

Leather braids

As the upholstery material is decided to use natural leather. It is more durable and practical in processing. The material is selected with or without perforation. The presence of holes helps to give volume to the product, as well as an additional decoration. Also it is a bit visually smooths out possible bumps surface or minor technical problems during processing.

what does braid on the steering wheel look like

Kožana's braid

Leather is the most comfortable material due to its performance.

It is easy to care for it, and also it is more hygienic, than other options of braids. This item is especially relevant in cases where the car has several drivers. The steering wheel of the skin without problems wiped with an antiseptic solution before driving. For the material, such a procedure is not dangerous, but will save from receiving "unwanted surprises."

Quality material may first scare away their price. But, not worth saving on such an important part of the car. The price will pay off for a long period of use, good mood while driving and easy care.

Fur braid on the steering wheel

The use of fur braids only in the first couple of days may be of interest, then such impractical and marketable material will bring more negative emotions when driving. Fur quickly hemmed in places of the most intensive use. Pile too quickly gets dirty and loses its aesthetic appearance, especially light colors.

how to quickly and accurately make braid on the steering wheel with your own hands

The mosquito rolex

Between the villi large amounts of dust and dirt clog up, which reduces the level of hygiene for such frequently used control. In the summer, hands sweat quickly, the nap can also get wet and this causes slippage when running. This factor can affect the safety of driving a vehicle.

Braided wire braids

Once were fashionable on cars braid wire. They often decorated mainly domestic VAZ models. The practicality of this option is the relative strength of the plastic winding of the wire. It is rarely erased even with intensive use.

However, compared to leatherette or genuine leather woven base is not as pretty and not hygienic. Between the loose coils quickly collects dirt, which is not so easy to remove. It helps to return the tidy look with the use of solutions with household detergents.

how to make a sheath of wire on the steering wheel with your own hands

Braided braids on the WHA

In winter, such a material quickly “hardens” and slightly warms up. Have to use gloves while driving.

Useful braid on the steering wheel

With independent production of braid, you can make it not only beautiful, but also useful. For this, special massage inserts are made in the outer part. They enhance the usability of the steering wheel as well contribute to the improvement of blood microcirculation in palms and fingers.

On a par with massage seat covers this braid helps with long journeys by car.

Under self-made sheath can be heating. The option will be useful for all drivers of Russia, since the cold season in our country lasts for several months. The button to turn on the heating can be displayed on the instrument panel.

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Upholstery color and thickness

Do not choose trendy colors. They can quickly get bored, and you will need to hold the waist again. And since it is unlikely that you will be able to sew the braid on the steering wheel quickly, you will have to drive for a while with the old, annoying waist of the steering wheel.

how to make a bright braid on the steering wheel with your own hands

Original braid

Material is desirable to choose not too your hands don't get tired. For small distances, this is not a significant factor, but with long-term control of a thick “wheel”, fatigue will be noticeable.

Bulk inserts

Hardly help foam inserts under the sheath. At first they will add softness, although they will increase the thickness of the wheel. For cars with a thin wheel, this may be a bonus, but in the process of operation such a thickener is enough quickly lose shape. The outer material due to this state of foam will hang, and will scroll through the diameter.

For those who do not know how to make a braid on the steering wheel with their own volume and at the same time for a long time to keep the shape of the “donut”, you can advise take advantage of gel fillers. It does not flatten, because it is based on a container with an incompressible substance. It is enough to protect such a steering wheel from punctures and burn-throughs.

how to make a sheath with gel pads on the steering wheel with your own hands

Braid with gel inserts

Basic parameters for selection

In order to determine the required size of the material for braiding, it is not necessary to remove the steering wheel. It is enough to take a tailoring meter and measure on the outside of the rim. This will be the basic parameter. It is also necessary to measure the diameter of the rim to determine the desired width of the upholstery strips.

This takes into account the addition of 3-5 mm per seam. Most often, the outer diameter is in the range of 35-41 cm. A smaller steering wheel is characteristic of sports-style cars, and they prefer to put a larger diameter on luxury cars. In addition to aesthetic perception, there are legally approved standards for the size of the steering wheel.

how to do braid on the steering wheel with your own hands

Types of lacing kapron thread

According to the Russian GOST, the rim diameter should not exceed 40 mm.

Not all traffic police officers are on duty with a caliper for measurements, but with a clear discrepancy, you can get a penalty for this excess.

Independent sewing braid

Get a good result will help reliable tools and high-quality, carefully selected material. Will give example of leather steering tuning. For the manufacture of braid will need to stock up on such a set:

  • leather strip about 120x10 cm in size and a few extra patches;
  • lasting nylon cord for firmware, about 3 meters, it can be replaced with leather twine;
  • breakdown for perforation under the lace;
  • minimum two needles a length of 50 mm and a hook with a small head for tightening the nylon thread;
  • couple of tailors thumbs;
  • motorcycle food film and a roll of scotch;
  • drawing sheet form A1 for the pattern.
how to make a braid on the steering wheel do it yourself for a car

Decorative seam on braid

There are two options for steering trim. In one case, only the steering wheel tuning is applied, and in the second, the spokes are also upholstered. Both options with a neat performance look nice, but the way to decorate the spokes without upholstery is considered to be less laborious.

Bezspitsevaya upholstery

In this case, you can do with a strip of skin, the length of which is calculated by the formula, multiplying the number pi (3.14) by the length of the diameter. Additionally, it is possible to make an empirical measurement of the outer circumference of the circumference using a tailoring meter. In this case, until the last stitching of the ribbon in the ring, need to do a little tightness on the skin, as it is slightly stretched on the steering wheel.

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The ring can be made not only from a single piece, but also from combinations of perforated elements and smooth, material with extruded milling or embossed embossing, using multi-colored inserts of various skin tones that harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the cabin.

for how many days does braid on the steering wheel do it yourself

Types of stitches

Allowances left for stitching braid parts, need to be smeared with glue for skin. This operation will add strength and subsequently prevent the threads from joining the pieces of the pattern to stand out at the joints. Stitches can bulge due to skin allowances. This is removed by gently tapping with a hammer over the seals.

For lacing holes are prepared using breakdown. It is a metal tube, with a sharpened one edge. Having set it on the skin with such a side, on the other hand it is necessary to hit it with a hammer, we get a hole. Excess skin will enter the breakdown hole.

After marking the entire side for stitching, you can punch the perforation under the lacing thread or leather twine. Separately, it is hard to buy such a string, and finding a long two-meter piece of natural leather is almost impossible. For this is used knitting needles and sharply sharpened simple pencil.

how long is the braid on the steering wheel sewn

Making a cord of leather

They are tightly fastened to honey by themselves with scotch tape and on a leather flap they draw a spiral. The edges of the knitting needles are held over a line drawn by a pencil. The parallelism between the edges of such an Archimedean spiral, which most engineers studied in universities, is observed. The thickness of the string must be made at least 3-4 mm, otherwise with a strong fit it will break.

For pulling such a cord will need to use an awl. The process will be longer, but the result will be more original than the firmware with a nylon thread.

Starting lacing will be more convenient immediately after the needles. So the knot will not "catch" in the eye. The operation is performed by several types of cross-lacing. The simplest options are cross stitches or sequential stitches. It is preferable to do the tightening after a full passage through the sector between the nearest spokes.

For better fixation, it is possible to completely fill the shoe glue with a syringe before the full tightening into the cut between the braid and the steering wheel. Warming up the glued surfaces with a hair dryer will better distribute the liquid. Additionally applied smoothing on the outside of the sheath.

how to make a braid on the steering wheel with your own hands from fur

Perforation breakdown

Nodes of nylon cords need to be missed by superglue so that they are not unleashed. Kapron slides among themselves, and a small amount of glue will fix it in one place.

Upholstered steering wheel

Более сложны вариант предполагает изготовление выкройки для пошива обивки. Делается она с помощью food film, корой обматываем все места для новой обивки. Фиксируем такую основу молярным скотчем. После этого чертим места швов маркером и нумеруем получившиеся детали выкройки. На отдельном листе рисуем схему расположения пронумерованных частей.

Now you can gently cut the molar adhesive tape at the intended seams. The resulting parts are straightened and drawn on A1 sheet. Then cut the pattern with the addition of the size of the joining seams.

how to quickly make a braid on the steering wheel with your own hands
Step 1. Wrap with a film, then tape and numbered sectors
how can you make a braid on the steering wheel for the day
Step 2. Form the patterns for the sectors
how to make a braid on the steering wheel with your own hands for the VAZ
Step 3. Try on stitched patterns on the steering wheel
how to make a braid on the steering wheel dozens or nines with their own hands
Step 4. We sew all the seams
how to make free braid on the steering wheel with your own hands
Step 5. Set the decor and buttons in place

Sew parts on the machine along the length of the steering wheel. Be sure to do a little tightness. Punched perforation for lacing. Now you can fix the braid on the steering wheel and lace the seam. You must first remove the plastic decor and the airbag cartridge. After lacing we return everything to its place. If necessary, glue the gap between the steering wheel and the upholstery. Dry the glue with a hair dryer.