Tuning the hatchback ford focus 3: tricks in tuning the

From the moment Ford Focus 3 entered the Russian market, it gained a reputation as a practical and reliable car with excellent speed characteristics, and it is trying to keep that reputation until now.

Ford Focus 3 sports tuning

Ford Focus was released a very successful model, even then it showed excellent dynamic performance, powerful appearance, which deserved the attention of Russian motorists. Not surprisingly, this model is increasingly appearing in most people, so the owners decided to take the courageous step - to select the car from the crowd with improved technical and operational characteristics.

Easy upgrade of basic machine elements

Technical characteristics of the car Ford Focus 3 may surprise even the most critical driver, which is why this brand is in such demand. But, like any other type of technology, after the expiration of time requires its replacement, updating the technical specifications or upgrading existing ones. Such actions are necessary to feel again the same emotions as at the beginning of the shopping.

Since the engine already has good internal characteristics, Ford Focus 3 tuning mostly done in the exterior and the car. In the exterior of the car installed skirts, spoilers, sills and bumper. The installation of these devices can be done independently using the 3d modeling program, however, in order to successfully complete the upgrade, it is recommended to seek the help of experienced specialists.

Body tuning Ford Focus 3

When installing the body kit in the Ford Focus, do not forget to install the wheels of increased diameter with lightly alloy wheels, so the car will look original and significantly differ in external characteristics. It skirts and spoiler create the aerodynamic effect of the car, affect the speed and control, and the unit is gaining the characteristics of sportiness. The kit with body kits are thresholds and a decorative lining on the spoiler, which saves money and time to buy these details separately.

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Often the optics of the Ford Focus 3 are not tuned, but saturated with chrome lining and cilia. Flexible neon lights on the bottom of the car and on wheels will significantly distinguish the car among all gray copies.

Installing an adjustable suspension, will improve the car’s handling, especially under extreme driving conditions, and will also maintain a comfortable stay in the cabin. With such a suspension, you will feel confident on the road, and reduced ground clearance will create an effective car look. Such adjustable suspension is used in sports cars, they adjust the ground clearance from 0 to 120 mm. Demonstration Ford Focus 3 tuning фото is given below.

Ford Focus 3 tuning

Technical upgrades and interior modifications

Upgrading the cabin may include changing the shape of the seats, the colors in the upholstery or changing the dashboard. Saloon tuning Ford Focus 3 hatchback it is done to create additional harmony and comfort for passengers. Salon and center console can be covered with natural leather of the same color. The contrast of black and white skin material looks attractive, it will sparkle and create an unusual atmosphere inside the car. View Ford Focus 3 hatchback photo tuning Salon can be further.

For those who want to slightly improve the technical characteristics of the engine, you can replace the camshaft. If you replace the camshaft with a sports one, you can achieve improved ventilation qualities for the cylinders and increase the fuel feed rate to the combustion chamber. Changing the phases of opening and closing valves, their progress will increase, and the engine response will improve. Such an upgrade does not do without installing a straight through muffler.

When the engine power increases, you need to take care of tuning the Ford Focus transmission, replacing the regular clutch reinforced. By installing a ceramic clutch, you can accelerate the transmission of torque on the wheels, but because of this modernization, the car loses the possibility of a smooth start. Clutch is suitable for real racers. You can install enhanced organics, which are made from the same materials as the standard clutch, but the efficiency of torque here will be more. So the regular flywheel is changed to lightened, while the revolutions in the car are gained much easier. If you take care of upgrading the gearbox and install a silent block with reinforcement, it will improve the drive of the traction wheel pair.

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Tuning Ford Focus 3 photos

Possibilities of chip tuning Ford Focus

Increasing the power of the car, you need to take care of oxygen in the engine, so you need to install an air filter with zero resistance. Engine power with such changes will increase by 10-15%. If you install a turbocharger, the engine power will increase by 20-25 percent. Remember, with an increase in engine power, more fuel will be automatically consumed, so in order to reduce this important indicator, Ford Focus 3 chip tuning. If this phrase instantly causes fear in you, then try to cope with it by reading how easy it is to do, for example, Volkswagen Polo chip tuning. With such a system, the factory program for electronic control of the engine will be changed to increase engine power and reduce fuel consumption. Changing the characteristics of the system will correct many factory errors of designers.

Chip Tuning Ford Focus 3 occurs through the diagnostic connector without parsing the control unit. If an automatic gearshift model of the PowerShift model is installed in the car, additional firmware is required for this unit. The firmware significantly affects the performance during acceleration, the dynamics of the machine and the elasticity at low and partial loads. Also shifting torque in the area of ​​low and medium speed. If you do not change your driving style, especially in urban areas, fuel consumption will decrease.

Ford personal tuning

If you carry out chip tuning, you will get the following figures from an engine with a volume of 2 liters and a capacity of 150 horsepower:

  1. Power will increase to 168 horsepower (as a percentage, an increase of 12% was obtained).
  2. Torque will increase from 202 rpm to 230 rpm, gaining an increase of 14%.

Chip tuning Ford Focus to improve the dynamic performance of cars and reduce fuel consumption. The car will start quickly and also instantly accelerate. Correct changes can be achieved only if they are carried out by an expert who knows all the nuances of the work.

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Competently carried out tuning Ford Focus will be proud of the owner of the car, and other motorists will get to see.

A little about tuning headlights Ford Focus: