Rating the best used cars for 400 thousand rubles


Each car buyer has its own selection criteria Most rely on the best combination of price and quality. With a budget of up to 400,000 rubles, you can find good copies. Choosing a used car is not always worth chasing the freshest for the year of release, because they may have insufficient equipment or even have hidden defects that the seller is silent about.

used cars for 400

Cars with mileage for 400 thousand

Увидев свежее авто за небольшие деньги, стоит насторожиться. Рекомендуется покупать машины только после проведённой диагностики на независимой СТО. Или в автосервисе, в котором вы уверены.Читать далее о лучших подержанных автомобилях за 400 тысяч рублей-->

Criteria for ranking

To make a rating and choose worthy cars that can be bought for 400,000 rubles, the following criteria were taken into account:

  • fairly fresh year of release;
  • state;
  • reliability and durability of the model;
  • comfort level;
  • security;
  • cost of operation;
  • availability of spare parts.

Choosing a car for these parameters, you will be able to get the best car. Everyone decides which models are best for him, taking into account individual requirements or preferences.


Since you have four hundred thousand, for such money you can buy a used car from one of the following automakers:

  • AvtoVAZ;
  • Toyota;
  • Volkswagen;
  • Skoda;
  • Renault;
  • Hyundai;
  • That;
  • Ford;
  • Opel;

Now we will separately consider the available cars for 400,000 rubles used, and what is better among the options presented.

AvtoVAZ line

AvtoVAZ line for 400

Auto domestic production for 400 thousand

With a sum of up to 400 thousand rubles, many rightly believe that it is better to buy the product of the domestic automaker.

In the secondary market, Russians prefer to buy:

  • Kalina (including the Cross version);
  • Prioress;
  • Vesta;
  • Granta;

These cars can be purchased for 2014 - 2017 years of release, which makes them in this regard the most affordable and new among used cars rating.

Not everyone agrees to take domestic cars, but they want a foreign car. But AvtoVAZ cars have significant advantages in the form of a good assembly, availability of spare parts and cheap service. Add to this the low cost of operation and get great cars for little money.

The level of equipment, the quality of the materials used in the cabin is not exemplary, but they justify their money. Therefore, it remains only to decide whether you agree to domestic models, or clearly decided to take a foreign car.


renault logan за 400

Logan from Renault

The long-awaited update of the Logan model allowed Renault to take a serious step forward. The car has acquired not only excellent performance for the budget model, but finally got rid of the gray and boring appearance.

Now Logan looks interesting and modern, attracting a much larger audience of buyers. And the updated models are available in the secondary market, due to which the car got into the rating.

You can choose for 400 thousand rubles among cars 2014 - 2017 years of release, since the car in the cabin costs from 470 thousand rubles. In this case, you have available versions in good trim levels and with motors from 82 to 113 horsepower.

Logan can be called a workhorse because it has a reliable and durable body, a spacious interior, a roomy trunk and good technical characteristics. The car can serve for a very long time and does not require large maintenance costs.


Hyundai Solaris for 400

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Another car from the category of budget models. Solaris is released by Hyundai. The new version costs from 600 thousand rubles, so for 400 thousand you can find a car of 2013 - 2016 release.

The car is made with high quality, plus has an attractive exterior. The car quickly gained popularity among the younger generation of drivers and older motorists.

The combination of good build, well thought out ergonomics and technical characteristics makes Solaris a worthy candidate for buying in the secondary market. Choose a better version with an engine of 123 horsepower. Although for the city the younger 1.4-liter engine per 100 horsepower is also suitable.


kia rio for 400

Worthy candidate from the Korean automaker Kia Rio

Another worthy candidate from the Korean automaker is Kia. Model Rio is in great demand in the domestic market, which simplifies the purchase of used cars.

Although Rio has been produced since 1998, you don’t have to buy a version of these years. For 400 thousand used cars are available 2013 - 2015 years. If the top grade does not interest you much, then you can search among the samples for 2016.

Rio offers a rich set of equipment, even in the initial versions. But if you decide to take this car in the secondary market, choose a complete set of not lower than average. So you get everything you need for the driver and passengers. The machine combines a good build quality, attractive exterior and decent specifications. Under the hood of the new versions are gasoline engines for 107 and 123 horsepower with a volume of 1.4 and 1.6 liters, respectively.


sandero reno for 400

Another budget car from the company Renault

The rating included another state employee from the company Renault. Model Sandero is a good urban and inexpensive car, which has low fuel consumption and good appearance.

Auto fully justifies its cost. In the cabin a new version costs from 480 thousand, which allows for 400 thousand rubles to find a great option in the secondary market in recent years.

In terms of technical characteristics, there is not much to expect. But for these sizes, engines of 102 and 113 horsepower with a volume of 1.6 liters (gasoline) look good. 82 l version with. many will not appreciate due to weak dynamics.


vw polo за 400

Reliable and durable car from the Germans

One of the best machines in terms of a combination of quality, reliability, durability and cost. The German car from the company Volkswagen is actively bought up by Russian consumers.

An important advantage of the Polo is that the car was developed directly with an eye to the Russian market. The Germans tried to make a car that will fully meet the needs of the domestic consumer. They succeeded perfectly.

German pedantry and competent organization of the process of creating a model made it possible to obtain a model with excellent indicators. Although under the hood there are only 90 and 110 horsepower engines, they do an excellent job with the city mode and can show good dynamics on the track. Plus cars are very economical.

The new Polo costs at least 580 thousand rubles. Therefore, with 400,000 rubles available. You can afford the version of the 2013 - 2016 release. Although Volkswagen is not the cheapest in servicing, it rarely breaks down with proper maintenance. Its maintenance takes much less money when compared to the Golf and especially the Passat.


0 за 400

0 deserves high rankings

Beautiful car from the company Hyundai, which deserves the highest position in the ranking. The new model costs from 780 thousand rubles, so you have to choose among used cars for the years 2011 - 2014.

The car is well assembled, it used high-quality materials, everything fit almost perfectly. In the assembly there are errors, but they are insignificant, and a simple car owner is unlikely to pay attention to them.

Этот переднеприводный автомобиль выпускается в кузове хэтчбек и универсал. Отличительной особенностью 0 является широкая колёсная база. Из-за этого внутреннее пространство внушительное и обеспечивает комфортную перевозку полного салона пассажиров.

Plus wagon in a large trunk. A good option as a family car from the company Hyundai, and therefore a worthy place in the rating.


Opel Astra for 400

Opel Astra

If you think about what kind of used car to buy, then look at the option with the Astra model from Opel.

This is a beautiful car with impressive technical characteristics, good assembly and thoughtful ergonomics of the cabin. Plus, you can choose from a sedan, hatchback or station wagon.

Hatchback is preferred by young drivers, and the sedan and wagon are positioned as more practical and family body versions. A large trunk, a comfortable cabin and engines for 115–180 horsepower (including diesel with 160 hp) make trips to the Astra not only comfortable, but also dynamic.

The only negative is that you will have to choose among versions for 2010 - 2014. But among them you will find decent options in good condition and the necessary configuration.


chevrolet lacetti за 400

Chevrolet inexpensive car

Practical and inexpensive car from the company Chevrolet. The model is in high demand in the secondary market. This can be explained by the availability of the machine itself and the low cost of operation, maintenance of the car.

Lacetti looks modern, interesting, has a well-organized salon, good engines for 95, 109 and 122 horsepower. Plus cars are presented in hatchback, sedan and station wagon.

The official release was discontinued in 2014, so you won't find models under 3 years old in 2017. But this age is not a hindrance. Lacetti has a durable and high-quality body.


ford focus 400

Bestseller Ford Focus

The American company Ford has been successful in the Russian market with many of its models. But Focus remains one of the bestsellers.

Practical, interesting and high-quality car with decent technical characteristics (engines from 85 to 150 horsepower) allows in the secondary market for 400,000 rubles to buy a durable and reliable car.

Will have to choose from used cars 2010 - 2015 release. But even with the purchase of a seven-year car, you will not lose much. Even then, Ford richly equipped the Focus, offered modern equipment, a lot of auxiliary electronics. Just try to look at the secondary model in the maximum complete set.


toyota Corolla 400

Corolla from the company Toyota will be an excellent choice to buy for 400 thousand.

One of the real candidates in the leaders of the rating. Many will agree that in the secondary market for 400 thousand rubles from Toyota Corolla will be an excellent choice.

The disadvantage of Corolla is the high cost. The budget of 400 thousand rubles allows you to buy a Japanese car only from 2013 and older. And it is better to immediately focus on 2012 - 2010, to get on the car without hidden defects and other pitfalls.

But even the relatively old Corolla remains relevant for 2017. This is a quality body, excellent equipment, comfortable and thoughtful interior. In combination with dynamic and economical engines you get one of the best cars that you can buy in the secondary market for 400,000 rubles.


skoda octavia 400

Octavia is solid and roomy

If you choose between Fabia, Octavia and Rapid from the Skoda company, Octavia will be the best choice for the rating.

Rapid released only in 2014, because in the secondary market to find a model for 400 thousand will not work. Fabia is small and suitable for those looking for a compact city car.

But the Octavia is more solid, roomy, has a huge trunk. In addition to the sedan, there is a wagon for those who are looking for a car of increased practicality.

Good technical characteristics, reliable engines, high-quality body make Octavia a worthy conclusion for the rating of the best cars in the secondary market for 400 thousand rubles.

The only disadvantage is the higher cost compared to a number of competitors. For such an amount, you will have to look for cars 2008 - 2013 release. The best will be 2010 - 2012. Here sell versions in rich trim levels and in excellent condition. Newer ones may be broken or with other defects.

If you are looking for a car worth up to 400 thousand rubles, in this rating we tried to collect the best options for purchase. Which of these you choose, decide for yourself.

Write in the comments your own version of the best car in this price category and argue your choice. It will be interesting to know your options and discuss them.

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