All the pros and cons of the new bmw x4

If briefly try to describe BMW X4then this is a smaller version of the BMW X6 with a high level of equipment and a first-class selection of powertrains. Moreover, with regard to diesel engines, it is generally a separate conversation. In addition to high-quality gut, the German sports car has gained excellent maneuverability, making it a real pleasure to drive this car.

Photos of the new auto BMW X4

On the other hand, the compromises caused by the practicality of the BMW X4, as well as its controversial appearance, are put off by the negative of the brand's admirers. Moreover, the novelty did not have enough unique features to be called completely independent. And finally, the lack of advertised sports character added to the list of negative sides of the car.

Marketing. How it works

The concept of “spin-off” came from the cinema, but in practice this method can be used everywhere. The benefit from the release of the next spin-off is obvious - expanding the market and increasing the influence of the company or its specific product. This method attracts ease of implementation and low costs, because creating a by-product is always easier than producing something new from scratch.

Кроссовер BMW X4 photos

As it turned out, the German automotive company BMW does not shy away from non-standard marketing methods and is calm about the aggressive promotion of new models to the market. Taking as a basis the existing BMW X3 F25 model, and having worked well on the visual component of its design, the manufacturer managed to please the target audience, which found flaws in any of the ruler models, starting with the X3 itself. At first, they are not satisfied with the form of the X5 F15, then frightened by the outstanding size of the X6. Thus, it can be said that the release of the BMW X4 was a forced solution that allowed them to attract chronic extroverts, giving them what the latter constantly demand.

If earlier in the model range of BMW cars everything was more or less transparent, now the tendency to multiple branches, variations, upgrades and restyling is clearly visible. The clearest examples of this phenomenon are: the latest version of the Gran Coupe in the fourth series in the back of the F36 and the trio from the third series in the F30.

Most offensively, after the appearance of the X3 model, they began to consider him a supporter of sport-class SUVs, which are seriously distinguished by visual features and characteristics from all the traditional members of the sport-utilitarian community, but the BMW X4’s output tarnished its established reputation by introducing the SAC abbreviation into the company's terminology. all new compact cars in the coupe, designed for sports activities.

Vehicle type BMW X4

Weak on the front

The new BMW X4 is packaged in the body of the F26, which, in its image and likeness, painfully resembles the body of the X6, and the rear end is almost indistinguishable. Actually, the feeling of déjà vu does not recede a single step, when once again you admire the stern of the new X4. All the same attractive design in the spirit of the model X3, but improved and much more temperamental.

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However, with the front car is not so lucky. The nose part has retained the main part of the body design elements of the X3, but without their correct location, the appearance of the facade fell out of the common exterior.

Nevertheless, the BMW company can still count on the success of the coupe-shaped novelty, based on X6 indicators, of which more than 250 thousand copies have been sold since 2008. The prospects are obvious: we recall that in the X6 model, some did not suit large dimensions, and the X4 is just a compact alternative to the previous generation of “X”.

New BMW X4 cars

The geometric characteristics of the BMW X4 differ from the body measurements of the model X3: 4671 mm in length, 1881 mm in width, 1624 mm in height. But the wheelbases of both models are identically equal and constitute 2810 mm.

Saloon BMW X4

In the cabin of the new BMW X4, there is nothing that you wouldn’t find inside the old model, except for fidelity to style and design. Even details were saved, which undoubtedly required changes.

The M Sport design package will include one of the sets of aluminum inserts and glossy black panels to choose from.

Despite the fact that the standard equipment of the new X4 bypasses the model X3 in terms of its level, it cannot be called a reason for discrediting the “treshka”. On the contrary, I immediately recall the situation with the BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe, when the buyer's desire to stand out from the crowd was not justified by 50%. Here it is similar - a series of minor changes for the whole, although not large, but the volume of the car.

Saloon BMW X4

BMW X4 photos салона

The difference in heights for X3 and X4 is 54 mm and is negative on the X4 side. Part of this difference is compensated by a decrease in ground clearance (9 mm), the remaining majority went to offset the position of the front and rear seats on the vertical axis down, and also affected the distance from the roof to the seat line. Those who sit in the front are 1014 mm for a comfortable fit, a little less behind - 950 mm.

Visually feel the limited internal space can be a photo BMW X4, although in reality it is not possible to feel special constraint. Only for high personalities, the features of the back row will result in the rise of the knees to the level of the abdomen and the absence of points of contact between the hips and seat cushions. By and large, there is no shortage of free space, there will always be a margin between the knees of the rear passenger and the driver’s seat.

From the description of the BMW X4, it turns out that the interior is designed for five subjects, while in practice it becomes obvious - when driving with five of us, there is no comfort.

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The luggage compartment of the car BMW X4

We are offered to transport things in the 500-liter trunk, which is transformed into 1400-liter as a result of simple transformations of the rear seats. To facilitate the loading helps automatically opening the tailgate. Rail guides on the bottom of the luggage compartment provide for the installation of various devices to secure the load.

By default, the BMW X4 comes with a sport leather steering wheel customizable system, as well as proprietary system Performance Control, which is designed to control the engine and braking force. Those who wish to play with the ultra-modern color projection display and give the car headlights with adaptive lighting will additionally be offered the appropriate upgrades.

BMW X4 Modifications

Average for BMW X4 price in the Russian market it is 2.5 million rubles. The specific price you will have to pay for the car will depend entirely on the choice of the power plant. Fortunately, this choice is extremely diverse. The range of 6 proposed engine kits 3 diesel and the same gasoline options.

Design BMW X4

BMW X4 photos

In the xDrive20i and xDrive28i, the four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline unit will be the driving force. Engine power at 20i equals 184 hp (270 Nm), against 245 hp (350 Nm) for version 28i. The xDrive35i will be able to please the most powerful 6-cylinder 3-liter gasoline engine in the range, delivering an effort of 306 hp (400 Nm).

The youngest of diesel engines has a volume of 2 liters and, being under the hood assembly xDrive20d, is able to develop an effort of 190 hp (400 Nm). The remaining two engines are six-cylinder six-cylinder turbo diesel engines. For the xDrive30d, the engine power reaches 258 horsepower at 560 Nm of torque, while the xDrive35d's engine performance is described by a maximum power of 313 hp. and moment 630 Nm.

All existing versions of the BMW X4, except the version with the weakest diesel unit, are equipped with an automatic transmission of Steptronic for 8 gears, which was produced by the German company ZF. Of these, all but the xDrive20i boast a sports version of this box. And only xDrive20d poorer to a manual 6-speed gearbox.

BMW X4 photos авто

BMW X4 in action: test drive model

The field test results demonstrated by interclass German cars received mixed reviews. On the one hand, in terms of directional stability and accuracy of cornering, the X4 gets a credit. Even a decent weight in 1890 kilograms of the most common version of the xDrive35i, which otduvalas for all in test drive, did not knock the car off the intended path, thanks to the steady center of mass and excellent control of body roll.

The next test, this time on slippery surfaces - and this stage was passed successfully. In the cabin, too, everything is quiet - adaptive suspension works as expected.

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It would seem that one can stop at this by shaming the X3 model for relatively poor dynamic qualities, but one thing never stops embarrassing. Despite the excellent execution of turns, and handling in principle, every action of the BMW X4 driver responds with sharp jerks and endless vibrations. Thus, your entire body will soon begin to yearn for a smooth gear shift and vehicle response to other operations, which was typical of the 4-series Gran Coupe.

New car of the BMW X4 2014

You can always make a discount on excessive criticality of the driver or the heavy weight of a car that is not a coupe to its intended purpose, but rather living according to the laws of universal family cars with the character of an SUV, but addicted to the coupe concept of users for whom searching the limits of their vehicle’s capabilities is something intimate, it will be difficult to put up with the antics of the new BMW.

For X4, acceleration to 100 km / h in 5.5 seconds is not out of the ordinary, and this is an extremely worthy result. True, with uniform motion, some sluggishness is already beginning to be felt. We can say that behind the wheel of the BMW X4 you do not feel liberated sports freedom, which was supposed to be one of the main advantages of this model.

There are also certain problems with the rear view, associated primarily with the features of the body design.

BMW X4 car engine

The X4 model’s soundproofing benefits the cabin’s soundproofing, thanks to which, even at a speed of 120 km / h, only noise from tire rubbing is heard well, and other background noise merges into a single unobtrusive background.


Let's not look at what the BMW X4 price. We will not try to compare BMW X4 photos with photos of other models. We will try to evaluate objectively whether it is worthwhile, choosing from a huge number of analogs, to dwell on a freshly spin-off from a German company.

If we evaluate the X4 in isolation from adjacent models, then I want to praise the crossover for a considerable number of unique "chips". In addition, the more compact X2 is not puzzling us with its appearance, the X4 will continue to be a good acquisition for those who hait X6 for a large body, and X3 and X5 for excessive severity of views.

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