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In the washing areas you can get services in two forms: in the traditional manual way or fully automated.

Manual car washes are monitored by a car wash worker. For this purpose, a special automatic apparatus is used, with which the abrasive and dirt are brought down, and then the car is washed clean with a clean sponge or cloth. For an extra cost, the surface of the machine can be polished and coated with wax.

Manual car wash

Manual car wash

The automated method of washing the car is carried out by special devices under the guidance of the car wash worker or directly by the owner of the car (contactless car washes).

The best car washes offer their customers an additional free service. What does it mean? The fact is that it takes 20 minutes or more to clean the car outside and at the request of the client, so the client can comfortably spend time at the time of washing the car in a special rest room, he can read a magazine, watch TV and even drink coffee. Such convenient little things for many motorists become a decisive criterion when choosing a car wash.

Video about the different ways of washing:

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Rating of equipment for hand washing

Today, the market has a large number of models of AED for manual car washes, so it is worth making a rating of the best-selling brands. The rating was compiled based on reviews on the forums of equipment suppliers and owners themselves.

  1. The most promoted and known to almost everyone "Karcher". A huge network of dealers supplies this equipment from Germany. They fail, as well as many other models, and the cost is much higher - this is a minus. The advantage is that the repair and purchase of spare parts for this equipment is not a problem - this is a big plus. The most common professional model "Karcher HD 10/21";

    Karcher equipment is one of the most famous and popular.

    Karcher equipment is one of the most famous and popular.

  2. Good maintainability equipment uses "Portotecnica". Most often, car wash models are used "Portotecnica Royal Press 3060" or "2880". Compared to “Karcher”, the cost of equipment and repairs are cheaper, the only negative is that the dealer network is poorly developed, so there may be difficulties in purchasing spare parts for the device;

    Portotecnica car washes are often used.

    Portotecnica car washes are often used.

  3. Company «Kranzle"Produces good equipment, the main advantage is that the repair of these models is not a problem, and spare parts (cuffs, valves) are suitable for a whole series of equipment.

    Cleaning and washing a vehicle with Kranzle equipment

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  4. If you take into account the ratio of price and quality, you can buy equipment for a manual car wash.Comet". The most successful purchase options are Comet K750 21/200 or K750 15/210.

    Sink of a high pressure of Comet

    Sink of a high pressure of Comet

It is difficult to answer which of these brands is the best, so when buying such equipment, purchase expensive professional models. You should not spare money for the purchase of such equipment cheap devices need to be repaired more often, which as a result will entail additional financial costs.

The use of car automatic car wash

Automatic car washes are in great demand, so it is worth paying special attention to this issue. The device for washing a car should produce a pressure of no more than 150 barrels, that is, per minute the flow of water should be from 10 to 15 liters. More powerful high-pressure car washes can damage exterior body parts or paintwork directly.

The most popular are units producing pressure of 50 barrels and water consumption per hour of 2200 liters. The main advantage of most car washes is economical water consumption. Using a car wash, even the most hard-to-reach places can be cleaned of dirt; however, it is necessary to work with the device carefully so as not to damage the weakly fixed parts on the body. Sinks are:

  1. Semi-professional;
  2. Professional;
  3. Household purposes;
  4. By type are heated water or without heating.
Professional equipment with heated car wash water

Professional equipment with heated car wash water

Semi-professional car washes are intended for short-term and infrequent daily use.

Professional car washes of high pressure are used both in car-care centers and in washing areas.

Car washes of household purpose are used for work in everyday life, for example, in a garage, in a country house. You can use this device only a few times a week, otherwise it will quickly fail.

Carher Household Car Wash

Carher Household Car Wash

Car wash design

Inside the car wash unit there are filters through which water passes and is cleaned. After that, it enters the high pressure pump and then if the car wash is heated in the water heating system. Nozzles on the hose also differ from each other, so they are chosen depending on the type of car wash. Detergent for the car is added to the water tank.

Bosch car wash appliance

Bosch car wash appliance

How to choose a manual car wash

Buying a car wash is a serious matter, since such a device, even the cheapest model, does not cost a lot of money. Although in life and it turns out the buyer for the lowest cost, trying to get the thing with all the functions. As for the car wash, the cheapest model (about $ 200) will not work for a long time, and if it is used regularly.

On the modern market are models of different manufacturers, and their number is constantly growing. Getting a car wash of an unknown brand can result in a completely different from what was expected. In fact, even firms well-promoted produce devices, with cheap parts.

Undoubtedly, the leader in sales of car washes is occupied by KARCHER. You can also choose another manufacturer who has long been offering its services to the market and has good reviews. In the future, this will help in case of breakdowns to acquire the necessary parts and repair the device.

Currently there is a huge selection of different car washes on the market.

Currently there is a huge selection of different car washes on the market.

In any case, the buyer is always offered as expensive models of devices, and those that are cheaper. How can these options differ between themselves:

  • Washing speed (there are three classes: upper, middle, primary);
  • Bundling;
  • Functional.

Many sellers, offering some models of car washes, note such a positive quality of the device as the absorption of water from a certain depth, for example, from a well. Of course, this is possible, but in this way a large load is imposed on the apparatus and, with frequent use, any even the most powerful tool is subject to rapid wear.

Another rule: never leave a car wash in the cold if there is water in it. At zero temperature, the water in it will freeze and such a breakdown will no longer be possible. The cleaner the water that enters the machine, the longer its service life will be. The most correct solution in this case is to use additional water filtration. Fine filters and coarse filters are the most suitable for this option. At the moment, the choice of filters is quite large, so there will be no problems with the purchase of such a device.

Video about choosing a car wash for a car:

Repair of washing equipment is carried out as regularly. First of all it concerns the replacement of oil. After thirty working hours, the oil in the car wash must be replaced, then this procedure is repeated every hundred hours of working time. Use oil for washing equipment of good quality, preferably the brand that the manufacturer recommends.

Another important indicator that affects the service life of a car washer is water consumption per minute. If the technical specifications indicate that a car wash should consume 14 liters of water per minute, and in fact only 12.5 liters flow into the water supply, this adversely affects the operation of the device.