The most reliable off-road vehicles with mileage in the


In drawing up the rating of SUVs for reliability among second-hand models up to 10 years, various factors were taken into account, including feedback from the car owners themselves, the frequency of contacting car service centers and the most common failures characteristic of a particular car. The choice in favor of cars with mileage can be understood, since the cars from the cabin are very expensive. If you have a certain amount that is definitely not enough for a new car, but you can find something on the secondary market for them, you should look. Practice has shown that the most reliable SUVs have been operated without problems for 10 years. Further problems may arise due to natural wear and tear on parts. Therefore, even the most accurate driver will not be able to fully protect himself and his jeep from possible damage caused by the aging of engine parts and other systems.

Rating reliable SUV with mileage

TOP 10 reliable SUV with mileage.

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Recommendations before buying

Buying cheap SUVs, a car enthusiast wants to get the most out of him. The desire to get the most reliable models is understandable, since after the purchase no one wants to become a regular customer of the service center, spend the whole weekend in the garage, just to be able to ride for a few days without incident.

Therefore, when choosing a jeep among the used options, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Do not buy used cars over 10 years old. It is optimal to take auto age 3 - 5 years. As the experience of many drivers shows, in 10 years even the most durable cars begin to show their weak points. This will not necessarily be a serious breakdown, accompanied by the need to overhaul the engine or change it completely. Much depends on the previous owner, his driving style and attitude to the car.
  2. Look carefully at the mileage. The reliability rating got cars that do not have any significant problems with a mileage of 300 thousand kilometers. There are some instances that are called "millionaires." They are able to travel a million kilometers without provoking any breakdowns with proper care and maintenance. But to buy a car aged 5 - 10 years, which managed to wind more than 300 thousand kilometers, is not worth it. The more mileage, the sooner you have to do a thorough engine.
  3. The manufacturer plays its role. The reliability rating could not get used jeeps, which are produced by little-known companies. Because all the representatives of the top are products of well-known, well-established brands.
  4. Before you buy, make a mandatory test drive and send the car to the service station. Even if your chosen car is in the top of the most reliable off-road vehicles, it is strongly not recommended to take it without first studying its condition. It often happens that the car is sold not older than 10 years, which has an acceptable mileage and is sold at a price below the market. Sellers often attribute this to the urgent need to sell a vehicle. But in fact, behind such an attractive offer may be hiding an accident in which the jeep, twisted speedometer and other pitfalls fell. Drive a car, feel it. Car service is better to choose an independent, and not one that is recommended by the seller.

Among the top ten cars that were able to collect in this ranking, there are no obvious outsiders or pronounced leaders. All machines have the necessary qualities, but belong to slightly different price segments.

Recommendations for choosing an SUV

Top Criteria

In order to objectively determine the most reliable off-road vehicles in the secondary market, you need to submit to them a number of requirements. By certain criteria, it is possible to understand precisely whether the car is worthy of attention, whether it can satisfy the needs of the buyer and how long it will last after purchase.

We immediately say that there is always the chance to encounter:

  • unscrupulous seller;
  • the car that had been involved in an accident, but it was disguised;
  • twisted speedometer, which specifically reduced mileage;
  • car, which interrupted VIN-code;
  • problem documents on cars.

This is a natural situation in our secondary market. We took into account only the technical aspects of cars. Your task is to find a car without obvious problems and hidden defects.

The concept of reliability includes such a list of criteria:

  • reliability of the engine and other systems;
  • passability, after all it is SUVs;
  • simplicity of operation (conditional criterion, since each driver is used to a different level of vehicle equipment);
  • suitability of the power unit for repair;
  • the presence of specialists capable of servicing a high-quality jeep;
  • service support of official representatives of the manufacturer.

All this is done with an eye to our market. In Russia, SUVs or full-size crossovers are very popular. Now these concepts are almost equal. In its classic sense, an SUV is a big car with a frame suspension. Gradually, such decisions are a thing of the past, although some instances remain and fall into our rating. But nowadays it's fair to call representatives of this class off-road, jeeps and crossovers.

Rating Representatives

If the car is not more than 10 years old, but during its operation, the owners do not have any particular complaints, besides the standard procedures for replacing consumables, this is a compliment to the automaker. Now is the time that companies do not seek to create machines that can serve such a long period. This is due to the desire to make a profit. They are unprofitable to build cars that owners will not change for a long time. From this fall sales. In the United States, Europe and Japan, a special relationship to second-hand cars, which they are forced to dispose of at the onset of a certain period of their operation. But we are used to squeezing the maximum, because not everyone can afford to buy an equivalent expensive car just by passing the previous one for scrap. But there are companies that want to praise for their ability to build durable SUVs. In the market of used jeeps under the age of 10 there are several excellent manufacturers who have earned their place in the reliability rating.

These include:

  • Chevrolet;
  • Lexus;
  • Ford;
  • Cadillac;
  • Honda;
  • Toyota;
  • Mitsubishi;
  • Nissan.

The rating itself immediately got 2 representatives from 2 developers. We offer to get acquainted with off-road vehicles, which are characterized by increased reliability and resistance to various factors, contributing to the rapid deterioration of the car.


Already almost legendary SUV performed by Cadillac. It is very popular in Russia and the United States, is considered a representative of the luxury segment. The car has a large size and the ability to accommodate up to 7 people, including the driver himself. Such a machine can rightly be considered a jeep, because it is a little beyond the usual modern crossover. Under the hood is a 6.2-liter engine with 409 horsepower. Ahead is an independent suspension with stabilizers, and the rear wishbone and spring are located at the back. This creates a rather soft stroke and allows you to move along uneven areas with relative comfort. The machine is incredibly reliable and durable. Many call it the market leader for this indicator. Cadillac Escalade


We can not say that pickups are very popular with us. But if you are looking for a trouble-free SUV, for which flotation is considered a synonym for the name, then you should look at this car from the company Chevrolet. The car is great for Russia, given its ability to pass on a bad road and not to break under the influence of various factors, including off-road or harsh climate. In the movement of the car helps 5.3-liter engine producing 315 horsepower. As the owners themselves admit, this pickup was created for off-road, fishing, hunting and other places where a person’s foot has sometimes not stepped. But in the city of Silverado feels confident. In addition to excellent durability, the car is also relatively inexpensive for its class. This workhorse. Silverado Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%


Although the Japanese are recognized masters of the creation of sports cars, things are no worse with SUVs. The car is among the most reliable and suitable for the domestic market. A second-hand version costs a bit when compared to competitors or a new model. At the same time, the jeep is offered with a rich set of equipment and options aimed at ensuring the comfort of the driver and passengers. Many note the excellent capacity, maneuverability and maneuverability with solid dimensions. This is an ideal solution for those who regularly combine trips around the city with travel beyond its borders and even off-road. The fact that the car will be difficult areas, no doubt. Although under the hood is a 2.3-liter diesel engine with 190 horsepower. At first it seems a little, but in practice it suffices with a head. Navara

Land Cruiser 200

Legendary jeep performed by another Japanese company Toyota. This is the best-selling SUV in the world at present. This is also due to the excellent reliability of the jeep. In combination with power, practicality, maneuverability and comfort you get the best car. Many recognize this development almost the highest achievement in the history of Toyota. But this is a separate topic for conversation. The car is perfect for any operating conditions, it has a spacious cabin for 7 people, it is equipped with productive motors and durable gearboxes. With all its advantages, the jeep also provides optimum fuel consumption at its 309 horsepower (4.9-liter engine). Land Cruiser 200

Pajero Sport

Here you can also include the regular version of Pajero. But in Russia, for some reason, they are more fond of the sporting variation of this SUV. In the secondary market, the model from Mitsubishi is in high demand. The Japanese crossover demonstrates excellent durability, provides excellent comfort for the driver and passengers, and also does not require increased attention to service. Permanent four-wheel drive, wear-resistant gearboxes and suspension, which literally swallows all the bumps and smoothes them, allow you to get a great car for the right price This is one of the most affordable off-road vehicles under the age of 10 years, which can be purchased among the used options in Russia. Pajero Sport


Japanese engineers from Honda could hardly have thought that their CR-V car would be one of the best selling crossovers in the world. And each of the generations turned out to be better than the previous one. Because now, choosing this crossover in the secondary market, you can safely take any of the generations. But it is better to give preference to the latest generations, because they have the optimum age. The car does not have a high cross, as some of the competitors in the ranking, but in terms of urban conditions and easy off-road CR-V will be one of the most practical cars. Under the hood are economical, but dynamic engines. They work in tandem with reliable transmissions. Ease of operation is sometimes even amazing. The car does not require increased attention to itself, that is, you will not be a regular customer of a car service with such a machine. Another objective advantage of the crossover, which will make you pay attention to it, is an attractive price in the secondary market. CR-V


Many people identify it with the Land Cruiser 200, but in fact they are different cars. But they are united by the factor of reliability, durability, incredible popularity. Experts came to the conclusion that Toyota’s Prado deserves the highest position in terms of durability and wear resistance. The machine is equipped with a permanent drive, equipped with good boxes and high-performance motors. The only problem with a jeep is its price. Even among used cars Prado very slowly loses in value. This can be explained by objective advantages. While the rest of the competitors literally fall apart due to the natural process of aging and wear, the Prado doesn’t seem to fade the paint layer. Incredible reliability that deserves such price tags. Land Cruiser Prado

LX 470

Development of the company Lexus, which knows a lot about elite and incredibly beautiful cars. Here you can add a more impressive version of the LX 570. The car is well recognizable on domestic roads, has a stylish appearance, exquisite solutions inside and out. But behind the attractive shell is a real monster. This crossover easily passes difficult sections of roads, allows you to comfortably travel hundreds of kilometers non-stop, overcome obstacles and just drive every day in urban environments. In many ways, this combination of comfort and throughput due to the presence of a sophisticated suspension system. It has no weak points or flaws, so the owners of LX 470 rarely turn to car services with such questions. There are no complaints about the box and the motors either. Yes, the car is very expensive and not everyone can afford it even in the secondary market. But if we talk about the fairness of such a cost, the answer will be positive. The crossover is worth the money. LX 470


Many Internet users believe that in terms of reliability, durability, practicality and price, the best solution for Russia will be a Mitsubishi car. If we talk about the category of crossovers in the secondary market, it will be difficult to disagree with them. Especially when the model L200 is among the used machines. Cars are very popular among domestic car enthusiasts. This is due to the well-thought-out design of the machine, reliable motors, good assembly and adequate cost. Externally, the jeep is very large, but due to this roomy. The impressive dimensions do not prevent the L200 from being easily managed and very quiet inside due to the high-quality sound insulation provided by the factory. L200


Our rating is completed with a very interesting copy from Ford. This car has won great popularity in the third world countries, because it combines a pleasant price, excellent maneuverability, practicality and durability. This car is perfect for a modern car enthusiast who is not willing to spend big money on maintaining and buying a jeep, but wants to be sure that in the coming years of operation no serious problems will arise with the car. This is not to say that the SUV is a bestseller in Russia. So far we have not so many such machines. But this does not negate the fact that the Ranger is rightly considered one of the most reliable SUVs in the world. Because deserved a place in our ranking. Ranger

Reliability, although it is considered one of the key factors, when choosing a used car you need to pay attention to a wide range of different nuances. This will allow you to choose the SUV that is ideal for driving style, needs, financial opportunities, etc. Do not rush to buy, because the market offers a wide list of used jeeps, having a different state, mileage and equipment.