What is better to choose: solaris or rio

Korean car industry is actively spreading among Russian motorists. Especially popular are cars with a budget cost. Often, drivers have to solve a dilemma, determining which is better than Kia Rio or Hyundai Solaris. The machines that are close in many parameters still have certain differences in the details, which are revealed during operation.

Disputes lovers of each of the brand does not subside on the profile forums on the network and in the comments to the descriptions of new models. Manufacturers do not rush to make substantial structural or design differences, being satisfied with dotted strokes.


  • 1 Car twins
  • 2 Specifications
  • 3 Korean exterior and interior
  • 4 Individuality of models
  • 5 Possible disadvantages of models
  • 6 Conclusion

Car twins

Rio became available to buyers earlier than the closest competitor. The world market managed to get acquainted with the model in full, but this did not allow the model to take advantage of such a handicap. Leading positions in cars did not appear in the ratings. Even the opposite happened. More presentable Hyundai for a relatively short period of time significantly increased sales and became leaders in this indicator, not only in this pair, but among many other competitors.

Solaris has become popular among Russians and citizens of the CIS as for practical characteristics, and for an affordable price tag. Rio has fallen behind in popularity in this market segment, although the main differences lie more in appearance.

which is better: Kia Rio or Hyundai Solaris

The slightly sportier appearance of the Hyundai is a bit more appealing to the youth audience and people who prefer an active lifestyle. But the Korean competitor designers sculpted with an eye to the solidity and moderation in appearance. In both cars there are no flashy elements that can cause an ambiguous reaction of consumers.

Similar elements based on the Russian market, both machines have the following characteristics:

  • increased ground clearance to overcome problem areas of the national road;
  • high-quality processing of the body, prolonging the operational period;
  • increased front washer fluid reservoir volume.

A good suspension is balanced even for extreme conditions.


When considering what to choose: Kia Rio or Hyundai Solaris, you should pay attention to the parameters that the manufacturer puts into the design. It should also be borne in mind that Kia serves somewhat less, because it lacks such a high-quality galvanized layer as that of a competitor. The main buyers of the two models are people of young and middle age, as the cars behave perfectly on long trips.

what is better than Solaris or Rio in Russia

Under the hood of a pair of hidden only petrol power units. Both of them have a direct injection fuel system. Based on the configuration, they can be aggregated by 100-hp 1.4-liter motors or 123-hp by 1.6 l. The transmission includes six-speed "automatic" or similar manual transmission. In these settings, it is almost impossible to choose which is better: Solaris or Rio.

Korean exterior and interior

The design of the Kia was carried out by Italian specialists under the direction of Peter Schreier. Development of the design of this team still looks quite appropriate on the city road, standing out for its freshness and relevance. A special feature is the shape of the front grille false in the style of "Tiger Nose".

The balanced external format of Rio practically does not give out a “state employee” in it. This applies to both the sedan and hatchback. It is worth highlighting such features:

  • moderately “bloated” proportions;
  • elegant front and rear optics;
  • stylish proportions and an abundance of modern in appearance.
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Hyundai Sedan is not far behind on the abundance of complements from car owners His style takes its roots from the concept of Verna. Although in the original version much was lost, but the general spirit remained embodied in the production model.

What is the difference between Kia Rio and Hyundai Solaris?

Solaris is easily recognizable on the highway or in urban environments. In the latest generation, rasta head optics hints at a connection with the more expensive Elantra. Also in front appeared a stylish octagonal grille, typical of all the new products from the Korean concern. In comparison with the previous development, the novelty has grown in size, and also received “15th” discs.

It is believed that Solaris will be cheaper. However, looking at the equipment, you can see the difference between Kia Rio and Hyundai Solaris. Indeed, in the Rio already in the database there is air conditioning, and choosing it from Hyundai, for the complete set will have to pay more.

It is worth considering that the TOP equipment for the Solaris is more expensive, but in terms of equipment it is absolutely comparable to the TOP version of the Kia.

On the European model, the red illumination of the instrument panel is present in Rio. More controversial purple chosen competitors. This feature of some car owners annoys the dashboard for a long time.

Driver feedback on ergonomics is more likely to be cast for Hyundai. This is facilitated even by the location of the multimedia screen. More successfully mounted buttons on the steering wheel, as not too submerged below the surface. The inclusion of the "warm package" is also optimally located here.

On Rio are side exterior mirrors of a smaller area. This fact may be decisive, as the driver of Solaris gets the picture more informative.

The volume of luggage compartments for cars of comparable size. They are equal to 480 liters. At the same time, the Kia doorway is wider by as much as 12 cm, which allows you to load larger loads more comfortably.

It is important to know that Solaris has the ability to set the turn signal blink frequency through the on-board computer, which is absent in Rio.

comparison of Kia Rio and Hyundai Solaris

A comparison of the Kia Rio and the Hyundai Solaris on pickings will be problematic, since in the first case the concern adheres to more rigid fixed pickings. Hyundai agree to give a lot of options in batch variations. Hyundai owners can often be caught in their competitors' car accessories purchases (although they are largely identical in terms of mounts or functionality). It is all about the lower cost of analogues.

Individuality of models

As advantages at Rio there are many attractive features. The main positive characteristics of user surveys are:

  • elegant appearance, including elements of sports style;
  • excellent build quality, which allows the use of cars even on the pavement;
  • car repairs will cost a minimal amount, and many operations can be done by hand in the garage;
  • Korean brand suspension has been revised and enhanced for models sold in Russian conditions, which makes it more popular among motorists;
  • a large set of modern options, creating a comfortable operating conditions;
  • sufficient luggage compartment;
  • excellent ground clearance for models of this class;
  • economical fuel consumption.
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When operating machines with climate control, it is necessary to maintain this system after 120 thousand kilometers. To provide quality service it can only in branded salons.

what is better than Solaris or Rio for the city

Often, drivers put Solaris above their closest competitor. This is largely due to the following factors:

  • nice car appearance;
  • optimal ergonomic performance;
  • high-quality engine designed for domestic fuel;
  • high-speed gearbox that helps squeeze maximum performance out of the car;
  • excellent acceleration dynamics;
  • excellent equipment for cars of this class, even in the basic version, as the driver has at his disposal not only airbags, but also ABS, steering power steering, wide seat adjustments, a “warm package” with heated mirrors, power windows in front, etc.

Although the model has been operated in Russia for almost two decades, and engineers are constantly engaged in its improvement, yet individual users are suspicious of it. This is not entirely appropriate, as the car is subject to constant quality control, the same as in other countries where they are producing the "Korean". And on her appearance worked those who dealt with the exterior of the more famous Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen.

Possible disadvantages of models

In addition to the positive sides, there are certain disadvantages of the car. They may occur under certain operating conditions or after a period of use of the machine. For Kia, they manifest themselves in such factors:

  • a knock appears at the front of the front damper after crossing the mark from 11-14 thousand kilometers;
  • having run more than 50 thousand km, it is worth paying attention to the air conditioning system, since the hose often breaks;
  • the front bearing requires replacement after 130 thousand km, notifying of its distress with a rumble, since the lubricant put from the factory is produced during this period, and the assembly requires diagnostics, repair or replacement;
  • Some cars may have problems with power steering, however, this often happens at the stage of warranty service;
  • the gaps between the wings and the hood stand out when viewed from the outside.

what to choose Kia Rio or Hyundai Solaris for the price

By reviewing online testimonials from Solaris users, you can find fewer complaints. But like other mechanical devices, this car cannot work flawlessly an infinite amount of time. The disadvantages of certain cars can be hidden in the following cases:

  • after overcoming a considerable mileage of 100 thousand km, problems may arise with synchronizers installed in the gearbox;
  • with a certain degree of impact on the windshield, it can be damaged, as it does not have an excellent level of resistance to mechanical action;
  • trunk seals can quickly wear out.


Based on the operational and aesthetic characteristics of the machines, it is obvious that they are very similar to each other. At the same time, it is worth considering that Rio will help a small percentage to save its owner a small percentage during use or at the time of purchase. Hyundai will give more comfort, and often looks more stylish, youth.

Fuel consumption and power parameters of the models are equal. Dimensions are also not too different, as several cm are concealed quickly enough. The main difference lies in the feelings of the buyer or personal preference.