How to paint your own wheels

Over time, car drives lose their appearance and require repair. This is due to the fact that they get a lot of dust, dirt and other solid particles that scratch the surface. The need to paint the discs is particularly acute after the winter season, for which they manage to suffer from the sand and reagents used by public services against ice.

After such a test, you will have to paint the discs yourself or use the services of auto service specialists. Painting skills will also be useful if you have purchased used car wheels, the appearance of which you want to upgrade. It is important to note that painting wheels is necessary not only to improve the appearance, but also as a preventive measure - such a procedure is necessary to protect them from rust.


  • 1 Painting alloy wheels at home
  • 2 Order of work
  • 3 How to paint stamped discs
  • 4 Powder technology
  • 5 Compressed air for powder paint
  • 6 What equipment is needed

Painting alloy wheels at home

painting wheels

Over time, any drives may lose their appearance.

If you follow the rules of painting, use all the necessary materials and tools, you will ensure a long life for your disks, and painting will be effective and will not require additional interventions for a long time.

For a successful painting of alloy wheels with your own hands, you will need:

  1. Paint. Aerosol in cylinders. If you have a paint gun, you can buy paint in the bank. Specialized paint for rims on the market abound.
  2. Solvent (degreaser).
  3. Drill with a special nozzle in the form of a brush.
  4. Primer and varnish.
  5. Sandpaper with varying degrees of hardness (from small to large).
  6. Putty.
  7. Hair dryer To dry a fresh primer faster, it is advisable to use a building dryer, but you can do with a regular hair dryer.
  8. Respirator or mask, gloves and other means of protection against vapors and drops.
  9. Wire or fishing line for hanging discs, rags, rags.

Having provided yourself with this simple set of accessories, you can get down to business. Consider how to paint the wheels without stopping at the car wash.

Order of work

painting wheels с помощью краскопульта

The most qualitative result of staining can be obtained using a compressor and a special paint gun.

The first step is to prepare the surface for painting. It is necessary to wash off dirt, dust and traces of bitumen from the surface. It is also necessary to remove the plugs and tires.

Eliminate scratches, chips and bumps on the disks. To get rid of minor scratches it will be enough to work with sandpaper, and for more serious, deep ones - use prepared putty. We use sandpaper in order of decreasing rigidity - from rough to fine. After the surface is cleaned, we degrease over the entire area of ​​the disk.

When the surface is prepared, go directly to the color.

Primer. For a good result, it is necessary to apply 2-3 uniform layers of primer. In addition, each previous must have time to dry before applying the next. Grinding with fine emery paper is allowed before priming the last layer.

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Painting. Like the primer, paint applied in 2-3 layers. Each layer should dry before applying the next. It is recommended to carry out spraying at a distance of 35 cm to half a meter. Difficulties may arise with hard to reach and angular places. They should be given special attention and work quickly, until the paint is dry.

The application of a lacquer coating is similar to the previous steps, it is also carried out in 2-3 steps.

In total, for one set of disks you will need:

- liter can of primer;

- 3-4 bottles of paint and varnish.

It is advisable to let the freshly painted parts dry for two or three days.

painting alloy wheels do it yourself

The disc can be painted without removing the tire, you just need to protect the rubber with masking tape, old newspapers or rags

How to paint stamped discs

A good result of painting stamped discs with your own hands can be achieved in conditions of your own garage. To do this, it is not necessary to use the services of the automotive service. It is enough to comply with certain conditions and pay attention to details. The result must justify itself.

Stages of painting stamped discs do not differ much from the above described technology:

  1. preparation of equipment, tools and materials;
  2. surface preparation for painting;
  3. the dyeing process itself.

The task can become much easier if you have the opportunity to use a compressor or a spray gun. Working with such tools takes less time and efficiency is higher than when working with aerosol cans. In the absence of the recommended equipment, it is necessary to stock up on cylinders of aerosol acrylic paint. We assume a rate of 2-3 bottles per disc. Also need varnish and primer.

DIY painting of discs: tools and materials

A set of tools and materials necessary for painting discs

For cleaning and preparation of the painted part it is desirable to have available an electric drill with a special metal nozzle in the form of a brush, sandpaper of various hardness. It is necessary to inspect the surface: find out the condition of the part, the presence of cracks, deformations. If there are serious damages, you should stop at the tire and carry out a “centering” and rolling the disc, brew the cracks. You can not dismantle the rubber, but leave it in a flat condition. Thus, it will be easier to paint.

The disc should be cleaned of scratches, rust and traces of other dirt and dust, if necessary, level the seams. On a flat surface it will be convenient to work with an electric drill with a brush, and in those places where it is difficult - with sandpaper. It is necessary to rinse the disc periodically with running water, and at the end - thoroughly wash and scrub. After that, you can proceed to the priming.

Paint disc. To do this, you must have: a solvent to degrease a part, a masking tape to protect tires from paint, rags, a respirator or a mask that will protect against harmful fumes of acrylic paint.

  1. Apply 2-3 coats of primer. After that, gently clean the surface with fine grit sandpaper.
  2. Go to the painting. The manufacturer indicates on the packaging instructions for application, which can help in the process. Before use, shake the bottle of liquid well. The distance from the cylinder to the part must be at least 35 cm and not more than 50 cm. It is recommended to apply 2-3 layers in a well closed and not blown room.
  3. We apply lacquer in the same way as paint - up to three uniform layers. Varnish must be given enough time to dry.
preparation for painting discs

To clean the surface is best electric drill with a metal nozzle-brush

Powder technology

Due to the peculiarities of the technological process, powder coating of disks will be difficult in living conditions. This method is unlikely to fit into the conditions of a standard garage.

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For this method of painting increased demands on the process and the state of the surface. The disk that you are going to upgrade should be free from burn-throughs, cracks, welding seams and edges with a radius of curvature greater than 0.3 mm Preparation for painting takes place in several stages. The first - sandblasting, abrasive processing. The second is to degrease the surface. It can be carried out as specialized industrial degreasers, and usual White Spirit.

Before you degrease the disk, it is necessary to diagnose it for serviceability and integrity. For degreasing non-ferrous metals using special compounds, which are called concentrates. After performing the degreasing, it is mandatory to conduct a full drying.

Powder paint compressed air

Powder material does not require preliminary preparation, if its shelf life has not expired, and also the rules of storage are observed. It must be checked for defects that could appear due to improper storage. Such defects are manifested in the appearance of lumps, high humidity, change in the state of aggregation of the powder. Powder with impaired properties is not suitable for use.

powder coating discs

At the final stage of powder coating, the disks are exposed to high temperatures and then sent to cool.

The air component also needs verification and preparation. It is necessary to remove moisture and oil drops from compressed air. This is done by passing the air mass through a special filter - oil catch, then through the drying unit. In the latter, the air is cleaned with the help of sorption filters, which eliminate moisture in the air mass.

What equipment is needed

The necessary equipment with this method of painting is different from that used when painting drives in the traditional way.

In specialized services, a manual spraying plant is usually used. It looks like a special spray gun. The most commonly used method of applying electrostatically charged powder paint. This choice is due to the fact that the pistol charge pistol has a lower capacity and is used when working with products of complex shape. The process of applying the powder substance is carried out in a sputtering chamber. After the operation, the discs go into the furnace for heat treatment.

In the oven with discs, the following occurs: having reached a certain temperature, the powder is melted. To determine the desired temperature in the furnace, take into account the material from which the disc is made and the type of powder coating. After melting, the coating is polymerized, forming the outer and inner layers. At this step, the characteristics are developed: the structure of the coating, strength, adhesion and others. At the last stage, the part is cooled. Such a complex method of painting a car disc at the exit ensures the preservation of color and good surface condition for a long time.

Choosing how to update the wheel depends on your preferences and capabilities. Successes!