Rating of dvrs with additional remote cameras


The DVR has long ceased to be an expensive device available only to owners of premium cars - now you can see it under the glass of every other car. Moreover, most of these devices belong to the category of single-channel, that is, receiving an image from a single camera. Alternatively, they can serve as a car DVR with remote camera, which expands the functionality of the device, allowing you to much better control the traffic situation. Such devices are gradually becoming more and more popular, so the question of how to choose a DVR with an additional camera becomes relevant.

DVR with swivel display and remote camera

Video recorder with remote camera significantly expands the width of the controlled section of the road

A bit of theory: features and benefits

Before you begin to review models, it is worthwhile to talk about similar devices. In most cases, DVRs equipped with a remote camera, refer to two-channel models, that is, the main optics supplemented by another device. They are interconnected by a flexible wire of a sufficiently large length, which allows you to install the second camera at any point in the cabin, for example, on the front panel, or even on the rear window. Pictures from two parts of the device can be recorded in separate files or glued to each other using firmware. In 95% of cases, only the main camera has to be connected to the power supply - the second one is powered through the connecting wire.

Читать далее о выборе видеорегистратора с оптимальными характеристиками с выносной камерой-->Главное преимущество выносной камеры — это возможность существенного расширения контролируемого участка дороги на записи. Она может использоваться для слежения за автомобилем, едущим сзади, для просмотра вида через боковое окно, для расширения угла обзора фронтальной камеры, и даже для записи общения с сотрудником ГИБДД. Кроме того, выносная камера — это удвоенная надёжность при серьёзной аварии, в которой может разбиться оптика основного видеорегистратора. Можно отметить и возможность скрытой установки, которая позволит избавиться от силового уничтожения доказательств при возникновении конфликтной ситуации на дороге.

DPS officer monitors the situation on the road

DVR with remote camera is ideal for covert shooting

However, there are such DVRs and their drawbacks. Immediately I would like to mention a much higher cost due to the presence of the second chamber, the production of which also requires the expenditure of material resources and labor. In addition, the owner of the car will have to do the laying of the wire when installing the DVR - to avoid breaking it and make the connecting line inconspicuous, you will have to lift the upholstery. The following cons of the remote camera in the recorder can also be called:

  • Enlarged dimensions — you have to install a power supply for an auxiliary camera in the main camera;
  • The need to purchase a more capacious memory card with a high data writing speed - such an accessory will cost a considerable amount;
  • Most of these cameras have less resolution than single-channel devices.

The best of the best

If you look at the Russian market is really the best DVR with a remote camera, then the championship will definitely get the model Castor 9 Phantom. It can shoot in excellent resolution for compact models - both cameras are designed to receive a FullHD 1080 image, and the use of a connecting cable with an HDMI interface makes it possible to record at very high speeds. When choosing the maximum quality, the DVR will perform a realistic shooting at 30 frames per second, and if you prefer HD 720 resolution, you can slow down the video during playback several times by recording 60 frames per second.

Castor 9 Phantom

Another interesting feature is the presence on the cameras of two separate microphones with individual sensitivity adjustment. This is useful if in the back seat are often children who do not behave very quietly. The DVR supports the installation of SD memory cards with a capacity of up to 32 GB, but you can start working without buying such an accessory, since the volume of the internal memory of the device is 16 GB. The advantage is the possibility of multi-mode operation - the write command can come from the corresponding button, from the timer, motion sensor or acceleration sensor. The only disadvantage of this recorder model is the need to purchase an additional extended HDMI cable for installing an auxiliary camera on the rear window.

If you are interested in a hidden DVR, which will help when dealing with aggressive road users and law enforcement officers who have decided to exceed their official powers, you should pay attention to another model of Qstar A7 DRIVE VER.3. Its main feature is the separation of the camera itself and its control unit, which makes it possible to make optics truly miniature without loss of quality. A cylindrical camera can be mounted on the front panel, under the rear window, or even in the depth below the steering wheel.

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Characteristics of the device look more than decent - it can shoot in FullHD 1080 format at up to 30 frames per second, which provides a very realistic transfer of motion. If quality is reduced to HD 720, the recording speed will increase to 60 frames per second, which will already allow slow viewing, looking for the smallest details of the event. A very important feature of the DVR is the presence of a built-in battery with a capacity of 1800 mAh, which ensures its continuous operation for 4 hours in the absence of external power. But it’s not worth relying only on internal memory - its volume is only 4 GB.

Excellent options for every day

If you are interested in a DVR with two remote cameras hidden installation, of course, you can pay attention to the professional models that are available for security services and private detectives, but their cost will be enormous. Instead, it is worth considering the BlackVue DR-650GW 2ch compact recorder, which is completely devoid of the display of all related components. Due to this, the main module of the device has dimensions not larger than that of a standard cylindrical chamber, and the additional part is not visible at all from a distance of 1–2 meters. You should not worry about the possibility of watching the video - the device is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, with which it transmits information to a smartphone or tablet.

BlackVue DR-650GW 2ch

The quality of the shooting is completely similar to the models discussed above - the miniature recorder can create FullHD format recordings, and also provides excellent speed at lower quality to the HD 720 standard. It also has night lighting that allows the DVR to work even in bad weather conditions or at night . An additional advantage is the presence in the package of delivery of a standard memory card with a capacity of 16 GB, which makes it possible to begin work without buying additional accessories. It would seem that the camera has no flaws, but the price, which is close to 20 thousand rubles, does not allow it to be ranked as the best.

Those who are interested in a portable DVR should advise to pay attention to the model Axiom Car Vision 1100, which is equipped with a built-in battery at 1300 mAh, which corresponds to 3.5-4 hours of continuous operation without a power source. The camera of such a device is capable of shooting in FullHD resolution, which is already a standard for car recorders, but its more important advantage is the presence of a stabilization system, which reduces the amount of interference during strong shaking. An additional camera is mounted on a universal bracket, which is equally attached under the rear window of the car, on the handlebars of a motorcycle or bicycle.

Axiom CarVision 1100 equipment

Compact DVR with remote camera

One of the important advantages of the DVR is the use of wide-angle lenses with an overview of 140 degrees on both cameras. In addition, be sure to note the possibility of using two MicroSDHC memory cards of 32 GB each. And one of them plays the role of internal memory used for particularly important recordings. Such a mobile DVR has two significant drawbacks - one is represented by a small screen diagonal, limiting the convenience of watching videos in the car, and the second is the lack of a full-fledged mounting for the main module, forcing you to buy a universal Velcro for the windshield.

Video review of the DVR Axiom Car Vision 1100:

What is better to navigate?

Before buying, you should answer the simple question - why do you need an additional camera on the recorder? If the purpose of the acquisition is exclusively covert surveillance, then it may be worthwhile to purchase a separate device with a separate control unit and a camera. But to ensure a good view back or in the side window, you should find a DVR with an additional module that can be connected using a flexible wire. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the resolution of the camera, the angle of its review and other characteristics. It will be useful to clarify the presence of additional functions, such as tracking GPS or gluing video with the help of firmware.