Rating wiper frameless brushes


Safety during the movement consists of a variety of facts, ranging from the health of any node of the vehicle and ending with the smallest details.

The best frameless brushes стеклоочистителя

TOP frameless wiper blades.

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The importance of wipers

Naturally, in the first place, safety depends on the skills of the driver, his calm and compliance with all traffic rules. But, if the equipment fails, even the greatest experience will not come to the rescue. Note that now we are not talking about the most terrible situations, such as brake failure, or movement on the ice on summer tires. We are talking about a small, but very important - a review. Agree, you can not move, if the windshield "transmits" vague "image". In this case, the big role played by the wipers - the same wipers. We will talk about them right now.

The best frameless brushes

Most modern wipers are frameless. What does it mean? There is no longer a “rocker” system. Engineers abandoned the “yoke” system, which includes hinges. They went another way and chose a pre-curved plate, between which is clamped brush blade. Note that such wipers not only significantly improve the appearance of the vehicle, but also wonderfully cope with their main task - cleaning the windshield from rain, snow and fog without divorces and other troubles that could worsen the view.

Important! Frameless brushes weigh significantly less than frame. That is, they load the drives much less, thereby prolonging their service life. In addition, please note that these brushes are rarely non-contact. As a rule, they are made for a specific car brand.

Top best

So, which frameless wiper blades are better, this rating will tell:

Valeo Silencio X.TRM

Call these outsiders janitors. The cleaning quality is good, but not the best. And their price is quite high. BUT! Serve for years. Once changed and forgot about the wipers for a long time. They are not affected by cold or heat. Any differences in temperature they are not afraid. The quality of cleaning does not change in the most diverse weather conditions. By the way, they clean the window much faster than the “ordinary” brushes (that is, they work more intensively, which again can be caused by lower weight, compared to ordinary brushes). An excellent choice for drivers who often move on the highway - provide a high level of visibility during heavy rain and when driving at high speed.

Valeo Silencio X.TRM


  • excellent water drainage at high speed;
  • high level of reliability.

Of the shortcomings - quite a big cost.

BOSCH Aerotwin

This is the best device at first glance. Undoubtedly, these wipers are perfectly combined with many cars (and it does not need to use special adapters). Also have a high level of quality cleaning the windshield, which is caused by a special rubber compound, as well as a strong hold-down. By the way, these wipers do not freeze in the winter season, and in the summer they do an excellent job even with dried mud. In addition, they work very quietly. It would seem - the best option. But ... after six months of work, the quality of their cleaning is reduced by half.


  • do their job well in all weather conditions;
  • very quiet (almost silent);
  • Fit for many cars.

The lack of a relatively low life expectancy calls into question their purchase.

BOSCH Aerotwin

Denso WB-Flat Blade

Not just because they occupy the third place in the ranking. Considered one of the best frameless wipers. Completed with a large number of adapters, making it suitable for installation on various vehicles. They are remarkable for their excellent clamping, high-quality glass cleaning, as well as aerodynamic shape. Quickly and without problems cope with the dried dirt on the windshield. It does not freeze that car owners will highly appreciate during the winter period of the year.


  • availability of adapters;
  • high quality cleaning;
  • more than a nice price.

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Heyner All Seasons

Pretty durable wipers. Thanks to the graphite filling, up to two million cleaning operations are performed. The body is treated with a special tool that protects against corrosion. Good clamp that promotes high-quality glass cleaning. The complete absence of squeaks.


  • corrosion protection;
  • graphite filling;
  • long service life;
  • no squeaks.

The disadvantage is quite high cost.

Heyner All Seasons

Alca Winter

It copes well with the elements - frost, snow and severe frost. Differs in low cost. Real workers who easily cope with heavy loads. Do not require cleaning even after prolonged standing. It can be noted from the name that it is better to use them in the winter season. In the summer of their tires quickly falls into disrepair.


  • the use of German technology in the manufacture, which has a positive effect on the quality of the product;
  • high level of resistance to low temperatures and other adverse weather conditions.


  • quite large dimensions;
  • suitable for use only in winter, otherwise it will quickly become unusable.


Alca Super Flat Graphit

An excellent choice for those wishing to purchase all-weather wipers. Processed by graphite. They are not afraid of low temperatures and other adverse conditions. At the same time, they showed themselves remarkably well in work during the hot period of the year. They are not afraid of any wind or high speed. The optimal choice for all occasions.


  • graphite processing;
  • excellent clamp;
  • low cost;
  • they are not afraid of neither frost, nor speed, nor wind.

There is one drawback - in the winter season, the characteristics of the wipers are getting worse.

Alca Super Flat Graphit

Choosing a brush, you should take into account the conditions in which the vehicle is most often operated. For example, in the summer of ordinary frame wipers will be no less effective than the hybrid models of premium.

Frameless brushes are an ideal choice for northern regions, where strong cold does not allow regular brushes to handle their work with high quality. In this case, they win in all respects.