How to talk with gai officers

It's no secret that many motorists who are stopped by a traffic police officer on the road simply do not know how to properly talk with traffic policemen. Frequently, the driver behind the wheel does not understand at all why he was stopped at all, because he was absolutely sober, did not exceed the speed, did not go to the red light and let all pedestrians pass. The fact is that the majority of drivers simply do not know about their rights and obligations when communicating with representatives of law enforcement agencies. This is what employees of the road service earn. So, how to talk to traffic cops, if they suddenly stopped you on the road?


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How to build a conversation

If a traffic cop stopped you, then it is very important to build a conversation correctly in order to minimize your own damage from your meeting. It should be understood that for conducting a conversation the driver is absolutely not obliged to leave the interior of his car. Thus, he can calmly sit in his driver's seat to answer all the questions of the traffic police officer.

How to talk with traffic cops

Calmness and adequacy - the best trump cards in communicating with the traffic police

First of all, an acquaintance must occur at the motorist and traffic cop, during which the latter is presented and requests from the driver documents for driving his car. In response, the motorist must present a certificate, and it should be given directly to the representative of the authorities.

A traffic cop may ask a driver to get out of his car’s cabin only in some exceptional cases:

  • If he suspected that the motorist was drunk;
  • If it is necessary to inspect the car and its cargo;
  • If it is necessary to eliminate the damage of the vehicle;
  • If the driver did not comply with the rules for the carriage of goods in the car;
  • If you need to check the numbers of cars;
  • If a traffic cop has reason to believe that the driver or his passengers are involved in the crime;
  • If the personal presence of a motorist is necessary for the paperwork or his assistance is required.

Obviously, the last point can be extended to almost any traffic situation. Therefore, if a representative of the authorities asks you to leave the car, then it is better not to argue with him and get out.

It makes sense to pay special attention to something that should not be done in any case, if the police stopped you on the road. Compliance with these simple rules-taboos will help you, including, to better understand how to properly communicate with traffic cops:

  • Never tell a traffic cop that you have no time, that things are waiting for you. As a rule, having heard this, a representative of the authorities begins to check your documents and the numbers of your car in its database with particular thoroughness and sluggishness;
  • Never offer money first. Many motorists are trying to immediately hush up the situation by offering a certain amount to the traffic cop. But his reaction may be different from the expected one: he may be suspicious of something wrong, or he may start checking you even more thoroughly, in order to subsequently increase the amount;
  • Do not try to threaten the traffic police officer with the fact that you will complain about his leadership or seek his dismissal. By this you are unlikely to frighten him, but you can easily turn yourself against him. If a violation is found, the civil servant will issue you a fine, and if not, then with all the desire you can’t find fault with anything;
  • Do not talk to the traffic cop roughly, do not show a clear disregard for him. At the very least, this will threaten you with thorough scrutiny, at most - with an administrative arrest;
  • Do not play a man who thoroughly knows all the norms of the laws, especially if in fact this is far from the case. If you are not familiar with any rule, then do not try to refer to it. Consider that many traffic police officers are very well versed in legal terms. Therefore, if you do not understand something, then just ask for clarification.
How to talk with traffic cops

When dealing with traffic cops do not forget that this is their job, and treat them with respect

How to behave with a traffic cop

When communicating, always consider the fact that, most likely, the traffic cop who stopped you has an impressive length of service and some experience in dealing with violators. Therefore, if you are hiding something or just are not confident in yourself, then he will definitely notice it.

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When communicating with traffic police, try to follow some simple rules:

  • Keep calm and patience if you are sure that you did not break the rules and your documents are in perfect order. Do not be nervous, look the representative of power in the eye, talk to him confidently and firmly. Your running glance, coupled with shaking hands, the rhinestone will show the traffic cop that you may be guilty of something. Due to this, it will be much easier to get money from you.
  • A person who looks neat and rides in a clean car always causes less suspicion to a traffic cop;
  • If you know the rules on the road and other laws, then when talking with a traffic cop it will be a significant advantage for you;
  • Try to record your communication with the inspector on your phone, voice recorder or video camera. Turn on the device, name the date, time and your location, also ask the traffic cop to introduce yourself, show your ID and name the details of this document. Do not leave the interior of your car;
  • Communicate with the traffic police officer politely and correctly. Express your respect for the fact that he is at work and check the car - it is his immediate responsibility. Often having met a rude motorist, the inspector begins to behave as well to him in response. If you are as polite as possible, you will thereby get the traffic cop out of his usual rut;
  • A great way to establish communication is to imitate the gesticulation and manner of speech of a traffic cop. You will endear him to this. Keep calm. If you are accused of being drunk, ask for an alcohol test, if they say that you have exceeded your speed, ask for a video to show you the numbers of your car. And in any case, do not offer money to the traffic cop.
Stopping the car by a traffic police officer

It is always necessary to stop at the request of the traffic police officer.


We considered the question of how to properly behave with the traffic police officers so that your meeting would entail minimal losses for you. We will also discuss what documents you need to have with you so that, at the request of the inspector, you can always present them:

  • Driving license or temporary permission to drive;
  • Certificate of registration of the car;
  • Car insurance;
  • A voucher confirming the fact that you have passed the inspection;
  • Power of Attorney (for those cases if the person who drives the car is not its owner).
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In addition to all of the above, the traffic police inspector may ask you for a vehicle passport. In addition to these documents, you are not obliged to show him anything else. In this regard, exceptions are those drivers who carry out the carriage of goods on duty of their service. They must present the waybill to the inspector, as well as a license card and a document for the cargo being transported.

I would like to hope that the advice given in this article will help motorists to properly build their communication with the traffic police and avoid the unpleasant consequences of meeting with them. Good luck on the roads!