Koreans called the date when they will present the russian

Корейцы назвали дату, когда они представят российский вариант Hyundai Crete

A new car from the South Korean developers will appear in the current year on the Russian car market. New compact crossover called Hyundai Crete will be localized, most likely at one of St. Petersburg factories owned by Hyundai auto brand. The Koreans will officially begin to acquaint the Russian car enthusiast with the novelty adapted to our local conditions at the Moscow Motor Show, which starts at the end of next summer, or rather, on August 24. Somewhere immediately after this, the compact crossover will begin to massively assemble Hyundai Motors Manufacturing Rus in St. Petersburg facilities. Hendrix Crete will most likely be assembled on the same conveyor, on which they are producing extremely popular in Russia Solaris. компактный кроссовер Hyundai Crete Now all the preparatory work for the launch of the Kreta assembly line is in full swing. For example, in January, this line experienced a complete modernization. A special press has been installed in the stamping workshop, at which preliminary testing of the process of stamping new automotive panels and parts will take place. In the welding workshop, the "staff" of welded robots was expanded to fifty additional automatic machines. In total today the workshop has one hundred and seventy robots, and, in addition, the number of roll presses has been increased. All this modernization is aimed at creating a new, enhanced car body, which will add benefits to Russian models. Hende Creta. Besides того, за счет использования новейших технологий будет повышена эффективность всех выполняемых в цеху работ.

In total in the development of production lines under Hyundai Cretu Koreans have already invested about a hundred million dollars. компактный кроссовер Hyundai Crete It is worth recalling that компактный кроссовер Hyundai Crete "sketched" with the version of the SUV Hyundai ix25which is sold in China today. The model that will be sold on our car market will have under the hood 1.6 and 2.0-liter petrol aspirated. Drive promise both front and full. How much will Hyundai Crete cost, while the Koreans do not disclose, but most likely, it will not be more expensive than the one sold in Russia Hyundai Tucson, the price tags on which start from one million two hundred thousand rubles.

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Besides Hyundai Crete, this year we will have another premiere from the South Korean auto brand. This is the best-selling Korean car in Russia. Hyundai Solaris, but only a new generation. By the way, the prototype of the novelty is currently being actively tested on Russian roads: it has already been seen and photographed by photo spies.