How to pick up the acoustics in the car

When a car owner thinks about its improvement, the first thing he thinks about is the car speakers in the car. However, it is necessary to take into account a large number of car speakers in the market. Various factors influence the sound quality. It can be a place for the location of the speakers or radio, car noise reduction, used interior materials in the cabin. It is important not to forget that the speakers in the car play a leading role in the speaker system.


  • 1 How to pick up the acoustics in the car
  • 2 What to put the speakers in the car
  • 3 Top car speakers
  • 4 Product selection
  • 5 Consider several types of the best speakers for speakers.
    • 5.1 Coaxial speakers
      • 5.1.1 Morel Tempo Coax 6
      • 5.1.2 Pioneer TS-1339
      • 5.1.3 JBL GTO-938
    • 5.2 Top component speakers
      • 5.2.1 Morel Time 6
      • 5.2.2 Focal Performance PS 165
    • 5.3 Top car speakers in the case
      • 5.3.1 Mystery MJ 105 BX
  • 6 Which is better than 16 cm car columns
  • 7 Features installation of speakers in the car

Как подобрать акустику в автомобиль

The speaker system in the car can be divided according to some parameters:

  • external dimensions;
  • installation method;
  • the number of bands of sound reproduction.

The quality of playback is divided into the following types:

  • coaxial;
  • component;
  • body car speakers.

Choosing columns, consider the compliance of certain characteristics written in the instructions. No need to connect to the radio with weak dynamic resources with higher parameters. From this, the sound quality of the system will not be better.

Columns may vary in shape, design, radius (10 cm, 12 cm and 16 cm). As a rule, when preparing a car for speakers, the number of bore holes for embedding speakers is checked. It affects what kind of car you own.

how to pick up the acoustics in the car

If the car radio is connected to the GPS-navigator, the speakers are connected to the main audio control panel. By choosing the right speakers, you must adhere to the technical standards prescribed in the instructions, otherwise, the acquired speakers will lead to breakdown of the GPS navigator itself.

It is necessary to take into account the opinion of the consultants of the service center. It’s not worthwhile to choose low-quality speakers from cheap, little-known manufacturers, as this will lead to problematic signal reception. All elements of the speaker system should be selected by one manufacturer.

It is better to buy all the components of the speaker system in official trading services. Check that the service ticket is correctly filled. Install the system only in service centers licensed for maintenance. Otherwise, having done the work with your own hands, you will lose the service.

What to put the speakers in the car

There are several types of speakers:

  1. Broadband - are the speakers in which the signal of all frequency bands, both high and low, comes to the speaker, using a single band. It is one of the cheap and easy to install. But the sound is of low quality.
  2. Coaxial - consist of two or three speakers, but they are assembled into one design under one body. The inability to change the angle of placement of the tweeter affects the sounds in space. Because of what, there is a bad sound of sound. In this speaker there are separation filters (crossovers), for passing the voltage only the necessary frequencies. At the same time there is a ratio of price to quality in some models.
  3. Component - also consist of two or three speakers. Each speaker corresponds to a separate band, so the sound quality of music is higher than in a coaxial speaker system. Due to the larger number of speakers, it will be more difficult to install and higher price tag.
  4. Body - here the name speaks for itself. This speaker system, built into the body, it takes a lot of space in the cabin.
  5. Twitter - often consists of a component speaker systems. Have speakers with a high frequency of sound, they affect the formation of musical timbres in the car. The sound quality generated by Twitter is determined by the material from which the tweeter is created. Mostly it can be silk, it is he who makes the sound gentle and melodic to the ear.
  6. Mid-frequency - produces a range of medium frequencies. Used in conjunction with Twitter.
  7. A crossover is a device that separates sounds into high, low and mid frequencies.
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Top car speakers

For the selection of the speaker system, we shall examine which type of speakers is best to install, since this affects the sound quality. It is important to determine the size for installation. It is believed that those models that combine low cost with simplicity of design are popular. They are suitable for motorists who do not really listen to the sound quality. These parameters include coaxial speakers - inexpensive and simple to install.

what to put the speakers in the car

But if you are a fan of perfect sound, and you can easily distinguish the frequency of melodic sounds, then you should get high-quality component acoustics. However, you still have to spend money on noise insulation, otherwise the result will be the opposite. If the music is just a set of background sounds in the cabin, and you don’t like to fiddle with the installation, but mainly use radio waves, then the usual box speakers are suitable for you.

Product selection

How to put the speakers in the car so that they would be a pleasure? Consider the opinion of experts, they will prompt what you need to adhere to knowledge:

  1. Bands - are responsible for the frequency of music from the speakers of the system. In the standard, two lanes are enough for a device to play, but for better reproduction of music, four-lane speakers are created.
  2. The material of manufacture. The best are considered to be installations made of wood with silk twitter. It is better that the dome was titanium, there was a protective impregnation and a neodymium magnet, which will positively affect the service life.
  3. Power. There are concepts of fictitious and marginal standards of power. In the first case - this is a continuous version of the speakers, and in the second - connect the subwoofer and bass. The power standard is 50–150 W.
  4. Dimensions. The frame can be round, square and in the form of an oval. Different sizes from 13-16 cm. Sometimes, smaller players sound more powerful than large ones.
  5. Manufacturer. Try to acquire only proven manufacturers.
  6. Price. It can vary in the range from 2000 to 30000 rubles.

Consider several types of the best speakers for speakers.

Motorists have the right at any time to replace existing audio kits with more relevant ones. It is also allowed to install custom equipment instead of what the automaker has mounted in the factory.

where are the best speakers in the car

Coaxial speakers

Morel Tempo Coax 6

Two-way acoustics, soft dome and a low level of echoes, which, plays a musical recording in a wider frequency range. The advantage is:

  • clear musical sound;
  • great vocals;
  • good power factor;
  • pivot twitter;
  • there is no frequency distortion.

The disadvantage is only one: the unsatisfactory degree of velvet low frequencies.

Pioneer TS-1339

The acoustics, consisting of three bands, transfers the load up to 180 V. The membrane is made of high-quality polypropylene, the displayed frequency range is 40-26 thousand Hz.


  • clear sound speakers;
  • lack of frequency distortion;
  • хорошая цена и attractive design;


  • no safety trellis available;
  • a slight excess of bass and a lack of bass.


A three-way speaker strikes with the power of sound and a fixed power of 100 watts. A component such as carbon fiber used in a speaker system will improve its characteristics.


  • balance between low and high frequencies;
  • attractive design;
  • power and clarity of low frequencies;
  • accurate bass.


  • due to the resistance of 2 ohms is better to operate with an amplifier;
  • For the same reason, an amplifier may overheat.

Top component speakers

Morel Time 6

Two-way acoustics consists of two twitter, two crossovers, main speakers with a grid, and a headset for installation, measuring 16 cm. The speakers can withstand a maximum power of up to 280 watts. Planting depth - 62 cm.

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  • clear sound;
  • high susceptibility;
  • gentle bass;
  • clear, high frequencies.

Disadvantages: твиттеры требуют направления.

Focal Performance PS 165

Suitable as front speakers. The sound is saturated with dynamism and expressiveness, the balance of musical sounds, the balance of musical shades, high sensitivity and powerful reserve.


  • good price;
  • swivel twitter;
  • powerful magnet;
  • robust grilles;
  • external crossover.

Disadvantages: короткие провода для твиттеров.

Top car speakers in the case

Mystery MJ 105 BX

Three-way acoustics, characterized by good technical properties and affordable price, while the cost of the kit is affordable. The manufacturer indicated is characterized by the release of affordable acoustics.

For a music fan, of course, this model is not the best option, but in principle it is possible to achieve sound quality. The surface of the speakers is made of high quality plastic and stylish design. Due to practical connectors, it is installed in minutes.


  • cost;
  • ease of installation;
  • high sensitivity;
  • compactness.

Disadvantages: the level of low frequencies is not deep.

What are better car columns 16 cm

Extensive and good sound of music in the car depends on a few moments, this is the location of the speakers, and from the head unit, and from sound insulation cars. Speakers with a diameter of 16 cm allow you to hear distinct bass. We give the most priority 16-centimeter columns:

  • Audison Prima APK 165;
  • Challenger PWR 16.2;
  • Kicker CS674;
  • Polk Audio db651;
  • Alpine SPG-17CS;
  • Hertz ESK 165L.5;
  • Eton POW 172 Compression;
  • Helix E 62C Esprit;
  • JBL GT5-652;
  • Pioneer TS-G1731i.

how much are the speakers in the car

The number of speakers should be within a reasonable range, as a rule, one subwoofer is enough. When buying speakers, stick to certain features:

  • lack of muffled sound frequencies, an increased number of high frequencies on the device;
  • the right set - buy complete speakers, do not create them yourself;
  • the presence of one subwoofer or two massive speakers;
  • the ability to connect the entire system into one small amplifier;
  • economical power consumption, so as not to put the battery after the first track;
  • A fuse must be installed in each column.

Not everyone understands the electrics, but still try to connect the speakers themselves with their own hands, regardless of the type of connection. Do not forget that the entire speaker system must be connected via fuses to avoid overloads.

To do this, created audio systems with an integrated fuse in each speaker. This will enable you to simply and quickly connect the system, and get a high-quality sound of melodies. It takes a little time, and the result will please you.

Features installation of speakers in the car

How perfect and expensive your speakers are, you need to take into account the specificity of the connection. Even the most productive equipment will not work for you and will not provide opportunities for professional sound. Do not focus on the manufacturer attached memo.

They should be read, but the recommendations described will not allow you to experience the desired effect. Think through all the details before installing the system. There are common places to create high-quality playback of sounds, this is:

  • On the front torpedo you can embed up to three sound sources, directing them to the windshield;
  • in the lower part of the door trim can be built on one speaker;
  • small speakers work well in the upper part of the trim side rear doors or at the top between the door pillars;
  • in the luggage compartment is placed a subwoofer;
  • if you manage to, then four speakers can be placed under the seat.

Thus, placing all the speakers, you can achieve extensive phonation in the car. For certain types of vehicle such a number of speakers will look solid, and for some small cars it is simply inappropriate.

Finally, we want to emphasize that the illiterate arrangement of the speakers can minimize all the positive aspects of even the most efficient and expensive radio tape recorder. It is important to approach the installation of the speaker wisely.