The japanese will start selling the most expensive crossover

Японцы стартуют продажи Honda's most expensive crossover в Китае

Dearest coupe-shaped crossover Japanese company Honda Avancier began to sell in the Chinese car market. For the Chinese, this is the flagship car of the brand in its segment. The crossover is assembled at the Honda-GAC joint Japanese-Chinese venture. Cost of Honda Avancier varies from 270 to 330 thousand Chinese money, if you convert it into our wooden ones at the current rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, you will get about two and a half to three with pennies million rubles. It's almost the most expensive model of the Japanese auto brand, presented to the present day in the Chinese car market. Slightly more wealthy Chinese give away for the Honda CR-Z coupe, which is not assembled locally, but is delivered already assembled from abroad. But the production of this dvuhdverki stops, it will stop selling, and Honda Avancière will remain on the price throne the only such expensive crossover.

If you look at the appearance Honda Avancier crossover , there will be a great similarity with the conceptual version. Honda ConceptD, which the Japanese announced about a year ago. Under the hood of the new crossover is a two-liter gasoline turbo engine, capable of a peak load to give 272 horsepower. This "monster" is paired with a nine-band automatic transmission. The novelty has both front and all-wheel drive. In the spring of 2017, the motor line Honda Avansier will fill up the one and a half liter gasoline engine with a turbine. Японцы стартуют продажи Honda's most expensive crossover в Китае Knowing the price new crossover AvancierThere is no doubt that even its basic equipment is fully equipped. No one doubts the LED optics and three-zone climate control, there is a panoramic sunroof on the electric drive, the chairs have settings in all axes and directions, and the driver’s is equipped with a memory for these settings, set up for yourself - and forgot, even if he gave his wife a ride, their settings then it can be loaded only by pressing a single button. No need to re-configure. All seats are heated, front and sideways are waiting (God forbid!) Numerous airbags are hit, there is a circular camera that reduces the dead zones to a minimum, there is a projection display. Separately to this all the rich decoration you can buy Honda Sensing - This is a security package that includes a cruise control system with recognition of road markings, signs and pedestrians, is able to keep cars in the lane and monitor the "contents" of blind zones in an interactive mode. Японцы стартуют продажи Honda's most expensive crossover в Китае At the moment, the Japanese do not say anything about their future plans for their most expensive crossover. Will or not they sell it in other countries, will be known later.

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Известно, что в скором времени китайцы получат еще один coupe-shaped crossover от японского автобренда. Речь идет о кроссовере Honda Ur-V. It will produce a joint venture Honda-Dongfeng. Outwardly, it differs little from Honda's most expensive crossover in China, about the price tags on it yet nothing is known.