The chinese will create a competitor lade largus

Китайцы будут создавать конкурента Ладе Ларгус The Chinese automaker Chery decided to press the superiority of the "family" car Lada Largus in the Russian market by developing a direct competitor to it based on its sedan Chery Arrizo 7. The new car will have three rows of seats, a nearly 600-liter trunk, a more powerful engine with a CVT. It will be called Chery Arrizo M7. It is positioned as a family car for making trips on a daily basis. To equip Chery Arrizo M7 will be two engine models. The first - a volume of 1.8 liters, gives the power of one hundred and thirty horses, the second - a two-liter engine, develops the efforts of a herd of 137 heads. The first will receive a manual transmission, the second will be equipped with a continuously variable variator. The body length of the station wagon is 4 meters 73 cm, the wheelbase is 2 meters 80 cm. The width and height are 1823 and 1590 mm, respectively. The Chinese put two additional passenger seats in the cargo compartment. If they are folded, the net volume of the trunk will be almost six hundred liters, and if the owner decides to use his car as a van, he can fold the second row of seats, while the trunk expands to 2,240 liters.

Китайцы будут создавать конкурента Ладе Ларгус In China dealers sell 1.8-liter Chery Arrizo M7 for almost 80,000 yuan, this is equivalent to our seven hundred thousand rubles. A two-liter CVT version with luxurious upholstery on our money will pull on 960 kilorubles. It is significantly more expensive than seven-seat model of Lada Larguswhich is sold in Russia from 550 thousand rubles. However, the Largus engine is weaker and it has only a manual gearbox. Therefore, it is possible that  Arizzo M7 will cause a certain interest in the Russian motorist. Delivery start date Chery Arrizo M7 station wagon In the Russian dealer networks it is not called yet. The Chinese are actively working on this today.

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Китайцы будут создавать конкурента Ладе Ларгус For our part, let us doubt the commercial success competitor Lada Largus. Yes, his engine is more powerful and with a variator, but today the Russian consumer looks primarily at the price tag, and will most likely look in this direction for several more years until the crisis subsides and its consequences are not leveled. And in terms of price, Lada Largus has no competitors, and is unlikely to have in the foreseeable future.