Jeep liberty - high-quality classic suv from the usa

The world of large and brutal crossovers is not so full of bright representatives, so for the Jeep Liberty the competitive environment was quite simple. The American development reached 2015 without any significant changes from the very first release in 2006. The only thing that has changed a lot for the Russian buyer is the price of a large crossover. Many people confuse Jeep Liberty with another development company - Patriot. Indeed, the design features of cars strongly converge, but in the SUV there are fewer functions of a real jeep and more urban characteristics.

Jeep Liberty

Liberty was not just the development of the world famous off-roader corporation, this car founded a whole wave of brutal crossovers. But judging by the reviews of the owners, not every buyer was completely satisfied with his purchase. Good equipment, pleasant technical characteristics forced many potential customers of the concern to give preference to this particular car, but later its operation was not so simple and carefree. Let's look at the features of the jeep in more detail.


  • Features of the external part and interior of the crossover
  • Specifications - for active people
  • Prices and features of complete sets
  • Summing up

Features of the external part and interior of the crossover

On the external features of the differences in the versions of the American car is not so much. There is a variation of the Jeep Liberty Sport, which is not very successfully went on sale, having received not the most successful reviews of the owners. Beautiful photos of cars and ambiguous prices for the majority of complete sets for 2015-2016 made the car a definite object of desire, which not every potential buyer bought. The crossover, so similar to the Patriot jeep, offers the following features:

  • the car has a brutal brand grille;
  • Jeep Liberty headlights are very similar to the Wrangler and other flagships of the brand;
  • rough forms are not alien to this model, but Liberty looks authentic;
  • despite the repetition of many visual characteristics of fellows, the car is unique in its perception;
  • photos of the interior make it possible to understand that the car is at the level of the elite crossovers of 2015;
  • in the configuration Jeep Liberty Sport, the interior is better equipped for high-speed movements;
  • despite the status of the SUV, this car is ready to move and off-road;
  • the name Liberty means “freedom”, and in its appearance the car fully justifies such a status.

The freedom-loving appearance of a jeep is unique, it is difficult to compare it with competitors from other concerns and to say that an American is worse or better than other representatives of the segment. But the photo - this is only part of the assessment of the exterior of the car, you need to ride on the American stylish SUV to get the true feeling of freedom on the road. The interior in versions of 2015 is perfectly refined and ready to provide a very comfortable place for a trip for five people and a lot of luggage.

  • the manufacturer has not forgotten about the optional multimedia systems and interior additions.

In general, from the salon you are unlikely to go to a completely basic Liberty. Most likely, the seller will offer you some additions that are simply impossible to refuse. Given the attractiveness of the car and the rationality of each supplement, this investment looks quite reasonable.

Summing up

Relatively high prices and very attractive reviews of the owners of these cars are captivating, it becomes interesting to every potential buyer to find out exactly what the company offers so extraordinary. Jeep Liberty will surprise you with its layout, attitude to the most different types of roads and the environment. Subject to quality service, this machine will serve for years without any problems.

However, there are negative reviews that indicate faults in electrical wiring and other important parts of the car. Given the fact that such opinions are alone, it can be argued that there is no tendency to certain problems in Liberty. This car fully justifies its name, giving the buyer complete freedom of movement and a very comfortable ride in all conditions.