How to make the car interior lighting with your own hands?

One of the most common types of car modifications is the additional lighting. With its help, you can create a unique, completely individual image that will undoubtedly attract the attention of others.

Backlight installation options

Of course, you can choose a lot of ready-made options, or resort to the help of professionals. However, if there are certain skills, the independent creation of additional lighting in the car will cost considerably less, besides, this will allow you to do everything exactly as you want. Therefore, we will talk about creating lights in the car with their own hands.


  • Types of interior lighting
  • Planning interior lighting for cars
  • What you need to install the interior lights with your own hands?
  • Installing interior lights do it yourself

Types of interior lighting

Backlight in the car with your hands should begin with the choice of lamps. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages, but today LEDs are used more and more. And this is due to the following advantages:

  • Safer in comparison with neon lamps - can not cause a fire if damaged, stronger, do not contain mercury;
  • Spend less electricity;
  • Easier to install and use;
  • Light can be directed in the right direction.
  • In addition, diode tapes are becoming cheaper every year, which also contributes to their popularization.

Neon lights

Installing interior lights do it yourself

To begin with, it is necessary to measure the necessary amount of LED tape and cut it according to special labels. Next, you need to solder the diodes to the wires of the desired length, the resulting contacts need to be insulated and put the terminals on them. For additional protection of wires it makes sense to put them in flexible tubes.

The next step in creating polite interior lighting with your own hands will be the installation of LED strips in the right places. To do this, you first need to degrease the surface to which you will stick the diodes after applying the liquid for degreasing, you need to wait three to five minutes. Most LED strips have adhesive backing, but glue is best used additionally.

During the installation of LED strips it is extremely important to keep track of exactly where the light will be directed. The lighting should not hit the driver’s eyes, and the result will depend on the directivity of the light. Therefore, before sticking it, it makes sense to experiment with the location of the diode tapes.

LED installation

Wires should be laid under the floor of the car. You can connect to the standard wiring in different places, such a place can be a fuse box. In addition, the power for the LEDs can be laid using existing lanterns, etc. In addition to connecting to a car battery to provide power, you need to connect the backlight to the "ground", that is, solder one of the wires to the car body (but only to pure metal without dirt, rust, paint).

In any case, when installing the interior lighting of the car with your own hands, you must first take into account the features of the internal electrical wiring of your car.