New car up to 600,000 rubles: which one to choose?

In the presence of 600,000 rubles, it is possible to choose a car from a huge list of proposals from various automakers. Cars from the categories of new cars up to 500,000 rubles are also suitable here, and of course new cars up to 400,000 rubles will also work, they will be quite simple.

It should be noted that, as a rule, when buying a car, a person seeks to achieve some goal: to find the best option for family trips, buy a powerful (racing) version of performance for self-expression, find the best option for the whole family or get a practical car.

New cars up to 600,000 rubles

If you have 600,000 rubles, you can realize all your plans for purchasing a car, since cars belonging to crossovers, regular sedans or station wagons of the D-class, minivans are suitable for this price segment. 

You can also buy a tuned VAZ 2106, which will amaze with its engine power, doors opening up, a sports steering wheel and comfortable seats. But still, the new is new, so let's move on to the new car brands.

New cars up to 600,000 rubles have a huge number of similarities, since almost all automakers have come to the same conclusion that a good car for a reasonable amount should be comfortable, ergonomic and most importantly as safe as possible. What can not be said, for example, about new cars up to 300,000 rubles; there everything is not as good with safety as we would like. Yes, and new cars up to 350000 rubles also do not shine with something attractive, but still there is no friend to the taste and color.

At the same time, despite the fact that new cars up to 600,000 rubles flooded the market, there are only a few really good models. So, in order to make the choice, with certain skills and knowledge, some car dealers offer to take cars for a test drive to determine whether it is suitable by its parameters for your driving style.

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New car up to 600 thousand rubles - Opel Astra 1.4

Opel is not often found in various lists of top sellers. The new Opel Astra can be called a rather interesting version with a good bundle:

New car up to 600,000

1. Curtain type airbags (an additional option, the cost of which is 9,500 rubles); 2. The package “Essentia” includes air conditioning and heated front seats, fog lights (the cost of the kit is 20,000 rubles); 3. Four airbags, which greatly improves the reliability of the car; 4. ABS; 5. ESP; 6. Windows; 7. Electric and heated side mirrors; 8. Built-in audio system with 4 speakers; 9. The presence of a special attachment for child seats; 10. Alarm.

Why is this car from Germany put on the first place in the list? The answer is simple - despite the obvious lag of Opel from other German manufacturers, this car, a new generation of Astra, has a good security system for little money, if we compare the same options of other automakers and their cost.

Cars new to 600,000

At the same time, this foreign car up to 600 thousand rubles received a greater level of comfort of movement, which will allow her to move to another class, higher, cars in the near future. Among the features of the basic version can be noted that it is a way to boast excellent sound insulation, the presence of high-quality materials that are used in the interior trim, and the security level was rated at 5 stars. Therefore, Opel Astra can be called an excellent option if you need to buy a new car up to 600,000 rubles.

New car up to 600,000 rubles - Ford Focus (1.6 литров, 115 лошадиных сил)

Ford Focus has been modified many times and in the end we got a car that can be purchased for the amount of 596,000 rubles. For this money you can get the following:

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Cars new to 600,000

1. Side airbags, which is an additional option and costs 7,500 rubles; 2. Winter package; 3. Heated windshield, which has found wide application in operating conditions of winter weather in Russia; 4. Heated seats; 5. Heated washer nozzles; 6. The system of audio playback of CDs with a control unit on the steering wheel; 7. Air conditioning; 8. Two airbags; 9. ABS; 10. Fastening child seats.

After some transformation, Ford Focus began to gradually win over the market from the golf class, becoming the sales leader (some critics even suggested that the golf class should be renamed to the focus class). However, do not think that popular is the best.

New car up to 600,000 rubles

Thus, popularity could be based on low cost and affordability, rather than high quality, as exemplified by AvtoVAZ cars. A new car up to 600,000 may be the Ford Focus, which, when conducting safety tests in 2009, gained 4 stars. Not bad, as for the American car brand.

Considering this option of purchase, it is worth noting that this is the only car that can fit into the set price with this set of options and still have an automatic transmission. It is also possible to put a more powerful engine with 115 horsepower, or 100-horsepower. And of course, you can look at the more expensive new cars up to 700,000 rubles, as well as up to 750,000 rubles, there are also good cars there.

In conclusion, we note that when choosing a car for 600,000 rubles you should not stop your eyes solely on the representatives of the B-class, as some representatives of the A-class can be in the maximum configuration much more attractive. So for the same money we get a smaller car, but with a large set of options, which will significantly affect the process of driving.

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In addition, if a little more money is collected, then you can purchase a new car up to 800,000 rubles, in this category you can choose a great car, there are many different options. And it is best to count on a million, and even choose a new crossover to 1,000,000 rubles, or buy a sedan for this money, but in a very good configuration.

Test drive Opel Astra and Ford Focus: